I look southward and see the swirling Health Care debate in the United Stated and (still) marvel at the public system we have set up here in Canada.  Yet, the Alberta Tories seem to think that Health Care is a bad thing.  I quote from David Eggen’s Op-Ed from the Edmonton Journal:

[…] As it happens, health expenditures in relation to gross domestic product in Alberta have stayed at between five and seven per cent for the last 15 years. We continue to compare favourably to other jurisdictions. The Canadian average is about 10 per cent, France and Switzerland are at about 11 per cent and the United States is at 15 per cent. To me, this sounds pretty sustainable.

This helps to reveal the real agenda behind Liepert’s and Duckett’s draconian actions. It is not about “saving medicare” or responding to the recession. People don’t stop getting sick when the economy is weak.

The Alberta government’s real plan is to destabilize our health-care system so it can implement private, for-profit experiments to “fix” medicare. They are purposefully breaking the health-care system so they can hire private contractors to repair it at inflated prices. […]”

Eggen is right on the money when it comes to the model of first breaking the public system, and then rebuilding it with private contractors reaping the profits.  They tried that in Bolivia; it did not work out so well.

The problem here is the Zombie Electorate which would happily vote a frakking can of beans into office as long as it represented the Progressive Conservatives.

If you would like a non governmental view of what is going on with the Health Care system in Alberta check out the Friends of Medicare Web page.