Why yes, yes they can.  Someone (Why Oh why Stella?) went and designed a high-heeled version of the sandal and it retails for $625 dollars.

“Designer Stella McCartney‘s new shoe features a Birkenstock-esque buckled strap and the signature comfortable cork sole.

But unlike the functional sandal, which retails for around $70, this shoe has a spindly 5-inch heel – and costs a whopping $625.”

“The original Birkenstocks provide an incredible amount of foot support in four different places, according to the companys’ Web site. It’s unclear how much support the stilettos will offer.”

You don’t say.

I’ll be sticking with my comfy Birks, thank you very much. I’m just getting used to the toe-thong in my most recent pair.  :)

Footwear, when necessary, should be comfortable.