Oh, and stay out of the way of other peoples' shots.

It has been a long time since I’ve played racquetball.  We stopped playing last year late November as regular bouts of sickness began hitting my racquetball partner and I.  However, this last Friday we convened, along with my future brother-in-law to be to play a little cutthroat at the University courts.

The game results were not pretty for me as it seemed my goto play was hitting the ball out of the court with amazing speed and accuracy.  For the uninitiated in racquetball, the general rule is the lower you hit the ball on the wall, the better.  I also managed to forget about my knee pad until I left a few patches of my epidermis on the court floor.  *sigh*

On the upside, it was fun while we were playing and I had a wonderful time.  The next morning, as I write this blog post my body is telling me a distinctly different story.  I know first time back is always hell, but I don’t seem to remember it being this bad.  Waaaa!

I have to keep the focus on this exercise thing being good for me, and things will be fine.   (sounds good, no?)