But gosh and wow, all at once.  There is a sociology paper to be written about this phenomena, the great mystery of why… oh why… ‘nice guys’ cannot get with women.  Actually wait, it needs to be feminist paper…or actually a feminist sentence.

If women aren’t into you it is because they see something they don’t like about you.

There is nothing after that.  No friend zone BS, no nice guys finish last BS, no projecting of insecurities BS.  If you’re having problems with forming a relationship with women it is most likely because you are a douche-cake and have not taken steps to rectify the situation.   The Tumblr called “nice guys of Okcupid” [ed. The tumblr was shutdown, I have no idea when or if it will back up// Online with new ownership] provides evidence of this phenomena.  Pay special attention to the misogyny, racism and homophobia (no idea why these gems of people are not being snapped up, gals lets get in there!).

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