A slightly different tone from the usual DWR Sunday Disservice, but an important insight into the value of a change of contextual frame for those still mired in religion.


Woman sneeringDecent people don’t jeer at others who are functioning poorly in some part of life.

With religious belief holding such an outsized influence on our society, it is reasonable that atheists, humanists and other freethinkers push back against religious superstitions, outdated social scripts and archaic rules. But one way we often do this is by ridiculing believers themselves, which is less reasonable.

We give ourselves permission to sneer because we tend to think of religious belief as voluntary and lazy, irresponsible, and harmful. We often see believers as people who have chosen not to do the work of examining their faith and asking the hard questions that could show them wrong. Their sloppy thinking frustrates us, but what really gets us going is this: Having not done their homework, they seek to impose iron age beliefs and scripts on not only themselves and their families but on the rest…

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