Find out exactly what SOGI is and how (if) it is being taught to your children.   Huge red flag right off the bat when you visit the website.  It states – “Everyone has a sexual orientation and gender identity.”  Gender identity is the risible bullshit that the activist Left is attempting to enforce and codify into our society.  Gender, simply, are the stereotypes associated with the sexes.  Most sex stereotypes (gender) are inaccurate and harmful for those forced to live within their bounds.  Get rid of gender and the toxic stereotypes that hurt people.  SOGI embraces the exact opposite of this.

From the Substack Woke Watch – Parents Push Back Hard in Western Canada:

“According to Executive Director Reg Krake, SOGI 123 is “a set of tools and resources to help create safer and more inclusive schools for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. They include policies and procedures, inclusive learning environments, and age-appropriate teaching resources that are aligned to BC’s K-12 curriculum to help educators create a school environment where students feel safe, accepted, respected and welcome.” 

From the SOGI resource website the “three essentials for SOGI-Inclusive schools” are laid out:

  1. Policies & Procedures that explicitly reference SOGI have been proven to reduce discrimination, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts for all students.
  2. Inclusive Environments. Inclusive learning environments—including SOGI-inclusive signage, word choices, and extra-curricular opportunities—create a positive and welcoming space for all students.
  3. Teaching Resources. Lesson plans that teach diversity and respect and include examples of SOGI topics and 2SLGBTQ+ community members reflect the SOGI diversity in students’ lives and society. 

The red flags become apparent when you consider that SOGI 123 is designed for K-12 students. The first question I have is why is sexual orientation, sexuality in any form and gender identity something children in grades K-6 are being taught about or exposed to? Why are SOGI 123 approved books which contain age inappropriate sexual content made available to this cohort via school libraries?  There are also many questions concerning the appropriateness of material taught or made accessible to students in grades 7-12 as well.”

Find out what is going on in your school with your children.  See if the person you have entrusted your children with for 5 hours a day is using age inappropriate materials to adversely affect their cognitive and social development.