It has been a bit of dry spell here at DWR, I’ve been busy exploring my career options as of late and have not had the time nor the impetus to post anything useful as of late.  Still feeling a little bloggers-block I scanned CBC for headlines and found a few potential starters, but being at work today, I had access to the best source of them all: the newspaper known as the Sun, specifically its comment section.  With the likes of Michael Coren and Salim Mansur to engage with, how can one NOT be energized into blog-action?

popechildpornPriestly Porn Scars” by Coren – Catholic apologetics at its best, condemning this ‘new age of tolerance’ in which the Church somehow is held to a special standard that just isn’t fair.   The other point is that a few bad apples should not tar the reputation of the Church in all of its godbaggery glory.

Oh pity the poor catholic church hmmm… perhaps when they stop buggering boys and consuming child pornography we will get on with not holding the church to such ‘strict standards’.  One can always count on Coren to defend the Catholic church, I’m sure if they found a baby sacrificing death cult within the church’s confines it would be the fault of the vile New Atheists and the mainstream media.