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I have watched men who gender as women repeatedly gain political power and establish themselves as a Patriarchy, which should be called a Transarchy. Transgender activism is really lead by men who gender as women. The other Transgender activists who are non-binary or who are women that gender as men are minor political players. Women’s […]

via Transgender Politics and its dismissive racism to Female Genital Mutilation —

Want to learn more?  Witness more male transactivist progressive action that, quelle suprise, targets women.   While attending a meeting to discuss legislation that will effect females, Rebecca Lush speaks to her experience with ‘progressive transactivism’ quoted from the Morning Star:

 ” I had also seen footage of aggressive, masked trans activists blocking a stairwell to a separate meeting in Bristol organised by a different campaign group called We Need to Talk the week before the WPUK Oxford meeting.

I was aware that the venues that host these kinds of meetings are each time subjected to a barrage of harassment and misinformation, misrepresenting WPUK as a “hate group,” which is designed to scare them into cancelling.

However I was determined that I would not be intimidated from attending a public meeting by bullies in balaclavas. […]

We arrived late and thankfully most people were already inside the venue. Suddenly a group of approximately 50 students descended and immediately blocked the door to the meeting house to deter anyone from entering. They started chanting very loudly and aggressively. What happened next was utterly shameful. […]

The very few [demonstrators] who actually talked to me demonstrated quite clearly that they had absolutely no idea what the meeting was about or what the aims of WPUK are.

Not one could tell me just one of its five demands, for instance, which are clearly available in WPUK publicity material.

One said: “You think trans people don’t exist.” When I pointed to my two trans friends who’d attended the meeting and begged to differ, she went back to the cult-like chanting in my face. There was little critical thinking on display, just an unnerving groupthink, coupled with a chilling sense of misplaced righteousness.

I found it very sad that a group of young people would attempt to block a meeting without actually bothering to find out anything about the group they were protesting about, apart from what they’d been told.

My overall impression was that it all seemed extremely cult-like and not at all thoughtful. No-platforming tactics, reserved for preventing violent, street-level fascist organising, clearly have no place in preventing women from trade unions and Mumsnet meeting to discuss legislative proposals and women’s existing legal rights.

However, the violent and intolerant extremist trans activism we are witnessing isn’t a progressive movement, but bears all the hallmarks of an authoritarian cult where people are not allowed to think for themselves or have their ideas challenged.

Women’s rights have been hard-won over centuries, yet we are still nowhere close to equality, with sexism and misogyny rife, including on the left. Women have every right to meet and discuss how to challenge sexism and uphold our few hard-won rights.

WPUK works with trans people who wish to see legislation that protects both the rights of trans people and women’s sex-based rights. Violence, threats and intimidation have no place in democratic and progressive movements and we will not be deterred from speaking out.”

It is nice to see a publication that actually stands for females and socialist principles.

A handy guide to prepare yourself for the onerous task of handling the inevitable arguments that crop up when men and their blue-haired handmaidens make their bullshit arguments.



  • Narcissism is prevalent here. Same rules as always with narcissists. Do not get embroiled in discussion of their identity, their identity is not relevant to you and outside making clear you do not see yourself reflected in their identity it serves no function but to prevent discussion.
  • All accusations are admissions. This is a very reliable compass. They will attribute their own motivations and actions to you because their identity is the only thing they can see and they can only see you as a reflection or threat to it. They are accusing themselves. Let them. Loudly.
  • Take every word at face value. Do not get dragged into debating it. They say women’s consent doesn’t matter? Take it at face value. They say they have the right to redefine lesbian to include them and they have pushed women to assert their sexual boundaries by misgendering? They are telling you they cannot recognise consent, boundaries, or female sexuality. This is an admission. Not a debate.
  • Do not treat a boundary as a negotiation. It is not/. You set the boundary and when they breach it, gaslighting, coercion, threats, you are receiving an admission of how far they will go to cross your boundaries. Take this at face value.
  • Do not be derailed from key points or boundaries, and use all admissions made. They will try to derail from the thing that injures them. Usually the reality of their identity and the threat you pose to it. Stick to their behaviour. The words they have used. Do not get embroiled in discussion of their identity. A narcissists identity is always the hill they will die. Accept when they tell you they cannot separate their identity from your reality.
  • You do not have to debate being a woman. You are one. Your biology, the inequality you lived, the knowledge you have that came from this. You do not need to debate whether you are a woman. Or their definition of woman. Outside being clear you do not see yourself reflected in them, you do not need to debate this. They do.
  • When you are discussing systems and laws that evolved over 70 years to protect women and girls you do not need to centre their identity in that discussion. It is irrelevant to that discussion. Those systems were fought for and created by women you don’t know, they did that so you don’t have to. You do not need to have arguments that are already done and are reflected in equality legislation.
  • Do not have arguments you don’t need to have. It is ridiculous to use failure to validate males as an insult. It is ridiculous to treat ‘you didn’t think of males when you thought about inequality so you are a TERF’ as valid. You don’t need to defend the right of women to self assembly without male supervision, it is yours already, they need to explain why they think it should end. If hearing about their male biology is offensive, that is not your fault. They are male. That cannot be altered. You are not required to repeat things you know to be untrue because of the threat of violence and coercion. You are not required to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘nice’ at a cost of your own safety and rights. EVER.
  • Do not defend yourself from accusations which are not accusations. It is not an accusation or a crime to refuse to ignore abusive behaviour, it is not an accusation that you didn’t orbit a males identity and validate him.
  • Misgendering and transphobia are insults designed to give men the right to abuse women and claim they are being oppressed. Nonsense. Stick to literal meanings, neither of this things is violent, neither metaphorical or literal and neither of these things warrant a violent response.
  • Remember what you are responsible for. You are not responsible for managing their well being, not responsible for their threats of violence, not responsible for harm they do themselves or threaten to do themselves to control a situation. You are entitled to boundaries, to define yourself, and anyone threatened by this is telling you something.
  • Remember abusive behaviour is well understood. It is always a problem. It is legally and socially unacceptable to subordinate women with abusive behaviour. Nothing in the word trans changes this and any trans women suggesting it does is telling you ‘she’ is an abusive male.



    I’m going through my drafts and cleaning out the backlog of issues and items that, in the past, I’ve deemed worthy to create a post about.  This comment, gleaned from Meghan Murphy’s website The Feminism Current is a great response to the bullying, fear-mongering, and testerical reactions women have to deal with when confronted with the hostilely, fragile transactivist community. 

There cannot be much common ground between feminists and trans rights activists as long as you insist that it is “hateful” to call a spade a spade. A woman is an adult human female, and a female human is a person of the sex that produces large gametes (eggs). A man is an adult human male, and a male human is a person of the sex that produces small gametes (sperm). Transwomen by definition are male, meaning that adult transwomen are men. It’s the literal truth. There is no other concrete definition of the word woman which is not rooted in misogyny. “A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman” is a circular definition (what is one identifying as exactly?), basing it on gender presentation is sexist stereotyping and says that butch and GNC women are no longer women, and basing it on having a “female brain” is sexist and wrong because there is no such thing.

Here is an article about brain sex you can read:…

Here are some points of agreement that you will find with most radical feminists: trans people do not deserve to be treated as less than human in any way, including discrimination on the basis of being trans. (That does not include forcing women to pretend that trans women are women — you can note that men are still people.) Also, gender expression should not be tied to one’s biological sex. Boys regardless of identity are allowed to wear dresses and hair barettes and like princess things.

The vast majority of feminists who are accused of hating trans people, are being abused for reasons as petty as this woman is. If you don’t understand why she says trans ideology is misogyny, think about what I said about the definition of a woman, think about what actually motivates institutional misogyny (Engels is a good start), and think about what would happen to feminism if we were operating off a definition of the word woman that was itself rooted in misogyny. If you don’t understand why she calls it homophobic, go read about the cotton ceiling and how lesbians are being increasingly expected to have sexual contact with a penis, and how this is considered an acceptable demand as long as it’s a “woman’s penis”. There is (part of) your misogyny and homophobia respectively.

“Cis” is being resisted here because, now that dysphoria is no longer needed to be trans, the implication of the word “cis” has necessarily narrowed quite a lot. Now instead of meaning “untransitioned and not seeking transition” it means “identifies with her gender role”. I am a woman and I was born female but I do not “identify as” a woman and I do not “identify with” the collection of stereotypes and social pressures that come with my gender. My gender is not innate nor was it chosen; it was imposed on me from birth because of my sex. To say I am “cis”, then, is deeply offensive as it implies that my oppression as a woman is somehow innate or self-imposed. You talk big about validating people’s identities but you don’t seem to have actually followed through because when this woman said, I don’t identify as cis, you completely flipped out.

You started a witch hunt on this poor woman because she has critical thinking skills and an opinion you either didn’t understand or found intolerable, and while your bar for calling transphobia is so low it’s on the floor, your bar for calling out sexism doesn’t seem to exist at all. There are a ton of misogynistic comments and calls for violence against women in these screencaps and it doesn’t look like you called out a single one. Is that really what you are calling feminism these days?

Women are calling out the bullshit arguments.  Thank god for that.  However, they are still women in a patriarchal society and therefore, getting their arguments even heard, not to mention taken seriously, is still problematic.

We need to continue to foster resistance toward any ideology that demands one to believe in notions that are patently false and incongruent with biological material reality.

The hunger for effective gay liberation movement is real.  It would seem at least Mr.Thorstad is tired of rearranging the gender-identity deckchairs on the good-ship “Oppression Titanic”.

“By the twenty-fifth anniversary of Stonewall in 1994, I regarded the gay movement as already mostly dead, although the commemorations did include some radical venues, such as the large “Spirit of Stonewall” alternate march. By then the gay movement had been taken over by marketing and corporate interests. Repeal of sodomy laws—the movement’s most important demand—had long been put on a back burner because it focused—uncomfortably for some—on sex acts instead of identity and liberal “rights” and because it challenged religious superstition and the oppressive Judeo-Christian tradition that underpinned the laws. Instead, the “LGBT movement” was pushing for marriage, hate-crimes laws, and the right of gays to serve openly in the imperialist military. The Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling throwing out sodomy laws was the most important victory for the gay and lesbian movement. Since then, the other demands have also been won, none of which advance the cause of sexual liberation. The former liberation movement is now mired in genderism and assimilationism.

By 1994, the hateful, antigay word “queer” was increasingly being used to describe same-sex love. Things have only gotten worse since then, with “queer” widely used, even by the straight media, despite its being a vile, self-hating term that threatens violence. The struggle for sexual liberation has been diluted by a focus on dozens of fanciful and questionable genders and has resulted in a virtual erasure of gay males and lesbians. Sex is not even part of the alphabet-soup vocabulary. Highlighting victimhood is in. Instead of fighting social injustice, the LGBT goal is to assimilate into a heterodominant capitalist system, aping its failed institution of marriage, promoting monogamy (a bit player in the mammalian heritage), and espousing patriotism, militarism, and conventionality. Gay Inc. has swallowed up the original “liberation day” marches and turned them into billboards for the profit motive. Even the main U.S. spy agency, the NSA, commemorates “pride” by lighting up its headquarters in the rainbow flag colors. The LGBT movement has jettisoned the goal of liberating the repressed sexuality of everyone, including heterosexuals, in favor of seeking mere “equality.” Equality is a low common denominator that does not challenge heterosupremacy. It is the goal of a movement that has been tamed and lost its spirit of radical struggle.

In the 1970s, one could hear a gay youth contingent in a gay pride march chant this playful provocation: “2, 4, 6, 8, How do you know your husband’s straight? 3, 5, 7, 9, Hey, lady, your husband’s mine!” Today, such a chant would be unimaginable.

This degeneration is widely recognized by older activists, less so by the younger set. As a result, this year another alternative march is planned for New York City to the official Heritage of Pride corporate sponsor. The Reclaim Pride Coalition (RPC), organizer of the alternate event, condemns the inclusion of floats and is marching “against the exploitation of our communities for profit and against corporate and state pinkwashing,” and in “resistance against police, state, and societal oppression.” OK so far.

But RPC has a serious flaw: astonishingly, it is calling its “alternative” event a “queer liberation march.” That’s an insult to gay men especially and belies its claim to inclusivity. Nothing could drag me to a march that bills itself as “queer.” That is antithetical to the “spirit of Stonewall” and to gay pride. It is viscerally offensive.

RPC criticizes HOP for not addressing the “urgent continuing needs” not of gay men and lesbians, but, in a reordering of myriad oppressed categories, presumably by order of importance, of the “Trans, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Intersex, Two-Spirit, Asexual, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming and related communities.” What a mouthful!

And it promotes a mind-numbing collection of politically correct causes: “We March in opposition to transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry based on religious affiliation, classism, ableism, audism, ageism, all other forms of oppression, and the violence that accompanies them in the U.S. and globally.”



On 21st January Judith Butler, Queen of the Queer Theorists, penned a spectacularly whiny article for the New Statesman, that was rather ironically titled “The backlash against gender ideology must stop”.

It’s ironic because ideology is exactly what it is and a bonkers, batshit ideology at that.

Butler of course, can be considered the grand dame of current gender ideology and is an enthusiastic proponent of the frankly ludicrous idea that biology is a social construct.

In Butler’s Orwellian world, where up most certainly is down, and wrong is right, it’s radical feminists that have got things backwards, since gender, is you know, innate.

Yes that’s right, Jude thinks we’re all born with a predestined gender, which is inherent, and cannot be questioned. One is a man or woman merely if one says so. And in her idiotic diatribe in the New Statesman, she even managed to bastardize Simone De Beauvoir’s famous quote “One is not born a woman but one becomes one” in order to prove that you know, sex is assigned at birth not empirically observed.

Using Butler’s rationale, it’s easy to see why all this batshit gender bonkers is causing so much mayhem in political parties, schools, universities, and women’s groups up and down the country.

In fact it’s not just the UK that’s affected by Butler mania and the queer as fuckery ideas she and her ilk birthed. Queer Theory, and it’s bastard child, trans activism is now the dominant ideology among progressives in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and much, much further afield.

Is it fair to place all the blame on Butler?

Not all of it certainly, but consider this. Back in the 90’s where actual feminism was still trying to batter down the patriarchy’s door, Butler’s texts such as Gender Trouble were hugely influential.

Her Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Program of Critical Theory post at the University of California, Berkely meant her work picked up an enthusiastic following among the progressive crowd, and her ideas spread like wildfire through the academy, slowly eating away at the hard work Second Wave feminists had done like a virus.

Back then of course, it was hard to imagine it would come to this, a world where, men are considered more woman than women.

It wasn’t just Butler. In fact, she didn’t even start it, Michael Foucault did back in the Seventies, with his “progressive” lectures at Berkley that formed the basis of much of Butler and her crew’s “Queer Theory.”

Eve Sedgwick, the original fag hag, also deserves a fair portion of blame, with her lesbian omitting “seminal” tome Epistemology Of the Closet lauded by Gay men everywhere.

There are others too, but Butler’s unique position, privileged platform, and the fact she’s still writing shit articles in the New Statesmen complaining about actual feminists, make her particularly loathsome.

I don’t typically loathe women, but I might have to make a special exception for Butler. Or, at least I would, if I didn’t feel a tiny bit sorry for her.

Did I just say I felt sorry for Judith Butler?

Well, yeah I do, and here’s why.

I know she’s gender non-conforming but Butler’s always struggled with a rather hefty dose of internalised misogyny. Being of the female SEX she’s also probably aware she’s been palmed a raw deal, under patriarchy.

One’s personal issues tend to inform one’s work, and poor ole Judy’s clearly spent her whole life trying to get away from her biology.

What better way than doing away with sex altogether? Brilliant right?

Err, no.

Because as much as it would genuinely be great if we treated female people with as much respect as male people, much as it would be wonderful if we had always given female people the freedom we have always given male people the fact is, women, the XX kind have been stigmatized for centuries because of their biology.

And that still continues. If you’ve got XX chromosomes, people just look at you, and assign you second class status. Here’s news, Judy, they do it to you too!

The only way you might, might escape it is by going trans but then you’d have to volunteer your body as a veritable guinea pig for all those cross sex hormones and surgeries.

And even then, don’t imagine for one minute that trans guys AS A GROUP get treated with the same respect trans women do. Oh sure, one or two trans “guys”, who’ve been through the magical gender machine completely might be able to fool enough people into escaping second class status, but for the most part, trans guys are treated by much of the progressive left as if they’re merely there to cheer on the main attraction, trans women.

Oh I wonder why…

Clue, it begins with P and ends in atriarchy.

To be honest, Judy must know her little project is completely unworkable. But just in case her senses have taken leave of her, I’ll spell out why.

Self Id assumes that people aren’t going to see sex. And it also assumes that when they do, they aren’t going to assign any kind of meaning to it.

This is obviously bogus.

In fact it’s worse than bogus because in our still patriarchal society, when people see sex, they don’t just assign it meaning, they also assign it bullshit gender roles, and they negatively discriminate against the female sex to boot.


If Butler really wants the kind of world where anyone can express anyway they want without being negatively judged, if she really wants the kind of world where “trans” women don’t cause actual women in rape shelters to be traumatized all over again, and so fear those with male bodied entering their spaces, well Butlerface better start doing something right now to tackle the very REAL issues the female sex has to face.

The progressive woke brigade like to sling insults like bigot and terf at radical feminists who are working hard to dismantle the pillars of patriarchy that keep that gender caste system rolling on.

Butler and her crew like to call us biological essentialists and genitally obsessed.

Look, the female sex, you know, the class we’re fighting to liberate, didn’t ask for all this bloody emphasis on biology. We didn’t ask to be disbarred from education and the professions for centuries, we didn’t ask to be disproportionately sexually assualted, prostituted, beaten, trafficked, misogynised, forced into marriage, raped, groped, catcalled, body shamed, mutilated, and exploited in dehumanising, abusive, violent porn.

We didn’t ask for it. Men didn’t do a survey when this whole patriarchy jig started up asking the female sex if we wanted all that. And all that is what the patriarchy has deemed perfectly okay for the female “gender” role and that bullshit role has been handed out to the female sex for centuries, whether we wanted it or not.

And I don’t think too many of us wanted it did we? But we never got the choice.

So Butler and co can fuck right off with telling women they are cis. The label (insult) Cis woman means that you are a female with XX chromosomes and that you identify with the female gender role, that you are comfortable and totally hunky dory with second class status.

No, no we’re bloody not.

Yes, only this week a TRA on Twitter claimed that because “trans” women had to work to become a women, and “cis” women never had to think about their gender, “trans” women were more “real” than real women.

The female sex aka “cis women” have apparently never had to think about rape, about male violence, about being forced to perform hyper-femininity, about being groped, harrassment etc…etc…ad nauseum.

Fuck. Right. Off.

I quote gender resister Andreas Sofocleous’s succinctly sarcastic Twitter response to that lunatic claim;

“Males are the real women now folks.”

Straight out of Monty Python isn’t it?

And St Judy and her merry band of Genderists, inured from the downright damaging effects of all this lunacy, continue to push gender ideology on all of us.

So yes, Butler’s to blame for quite a bit. But it didn’t start with Butler and it won’t stop with her either, because the ideas gender ideology posits are hugely attractive to some, particularly some rather malignant groups.

Like misogynists who’ve been itching for years to strike back at all those nasty feminists who dared to posit the idea that you know, women are people and should be treated as such. In the workplace, in society, and in the home.

I’ve lost count of the number of Men’s Rights Activists I’ve met who enthusiastically support the idea that trans women ARE women, except of course when it comes to matters sexual.

Ah yes, that’s right, the sickos still remember who real women are when they want to abuse or exploit.

Speaking of which, where are all the woke heterosexual dudes screaming for more trans women to be included in the porn the porn sick little dears all watch. Intact trans women with penises that is.

Don’t want to watch them spreading their “womanly thighs” and waggling their lady sticks in your face wokey bro?

No? Thought not… It’s funny because lesbians feel that way about penis too.

Other groups/ orgs/ bodies that are balls deep (literally) in gender ideology are the paedophile lobby, who are rubbing their hands with glee as they watch child safeguarding policy go to hell in a handcart with the current rush to usher kids into gender clinics, child catcher style.

On the internet, tiny “packers” are being sold to kids as young as 2, that are the basic equivalent of putting a sex toy (dildo?) in a child’’s underwear.

Yeah. Think about that.

And let’s not forget in the rush to embrace all things gender fabulous, the swathe of child drag queens we’re expected to cheer on as great symbols of progress. As they pose caked in make-up and sexualised, right next to adult drag queens wearing next to nothing.

Oh yes, that actually happened. Look up Lactactia the child drag queen. On second thoughts, please don’t.

Capitalist industry’s another major beneficiary of transgender activism and ideology, from the hormones and blockers the clinics peddle, to the costly cosmetic surgeries so many trans people shell out for.

The pornographers, in their unceasing quest to create fresh categories of porn they can spin a profit from, benefit massively from gender ideology too.

Transgender porn has been steadily growing for years, and several fairly high profile “trans” women such as Paris Lee’s are or have been involved in the pornography industry and/ or the sex trade. Like Lees, many are enthusiastic proponents of both.


As for Butler, will she ever get it? Despite having XX chromosomes she seems to think she can escape the caste system through writing reams of tosh about how biology is irrelevant. Yeah Judy? Really?

Biology shouldn’t come with a stigma eh?

Well at least I can agree with Butler on that. Pity her ideology enshrines the stigma that actual women, of the cunty kind, must face.

So I call on Butler to make it so then. I want to see this world that doesn’t look at someone with XX chromosomes and treat them like less than those with XY.

You’ve done the damage Judy. Under the banner of progressiveness you and your posse of Queer theorist nutjobs have done a real hatchet job on radical feminism.

Do you hate women Judith Butler? Even though you are one? Or are you just so privileged you don’t get how this is playing out in the very real world. The world where other gender non-conforming women aren’t as lucky as you in your ivory tower.

I’m talking about a world where lesbians are attacked, hated and bullied for being same sex attracted. Is that the kind of expression that causes you to get so enraged it makes you want to sit down and pen another pretentious article in the New Statesmen?

I’m talking about a world where masculine women are still hated, where many on the so-called progressive left would rather a girl became a boy than let her run about a football pitch with short hair, as a girl.

I implore you Judith Butler, woman up if you have a conscience.

You want a world where anyone can “express” themselves anyway they like without stigma?

Radical Feminists beat you to it. We’ve wanted that forever.

So stand with radical feminists while we actually make a world where biology really doesn’t matter, at least, not in a negative way.

But you won’t will you Butler. The patriarchy has taught you well. And just like all the misogynists, you hate women too.

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