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This is call to action by one parent who is very concerned about the pernicious effects of gender ideology on children.  Apparently, he lost his child to the transgender cult – because that is what cults do – insert a wedge between parents and their children to break the bonds of family and support networks to increase the likelihood of gaining a convert to the cause.

Visit his website to find out more.


As a Canadian teacher I won’t promote this ideology while I teach. It is corrosive and harmful to child development and a stable childhood identity – that in itself should give Educators pause.

This debate needs to happen in society.   Parents, teachers, and educational institutions must speak honestly and freely about what gender ideology is and what is being taught in schools.

From Christina Buttons’s  Substack:

Here’s why it’s wrong

The majority of the studies on the “transgender brain” have a fatal flaw: they didn’t control for confounding variables like cross-sex hormone use and, most importantly, sexual orientation. When a study doesn’t control for confounding variables, it means that the researchers did not take into account other factors that could have affected the results of the study, which make it difficult or impossible to determine whether the relationship between the two variables being studied is truly causal or a byproduct of other unrelated factors.

Cross-sex hormone use can have effects on the brain, including changes in brain structure and function. But more importantly, many trans-identifying individuals are same-sex attracted, so the research on the “transgender brain” claiming to find structural regions that resemble the opposite sex are essentially rediscovering findings on the “gay brain” and reinterpreting the results to fit their preferred conclusion.

In the early nineties, neuroscientist and author Simon LeVay made the breakthrough discovery that the brains of homosexuals had structural differences that resembled that of straight members of the opposite sex. So it seems that while undertaking the hunt for the “transgender brain,” researchers have forgotten all about the discoveries made about the brains of same-sex attracted people.

The first “brain sex” study that did take into account the participants’ sexual orientation found that the brains of transgender individuals were similar to those of people of the same birth sex rather than the opposite sex.

When researchers scan the brains of heterosexual people who identify as transgender, they also find they are typical for their natal sex. Samuel Stagg, a U.K.-based Ph.D. student of neuroimmunology, explains: “The homosexual sub-group show brains skewed along the male-female dimension. However, this is predominantly due to their co-occurring homosexuality. When we scan the brains of the heterosexual type, we find they are more typical for their natal sex.”

“Gender identity” not gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria, like other psychiatric conditions, may have some biological underpinnings. There are traits like neuroticism that can predispose people to psychiatric conditions and research suggests that neuroticism has a strong biological basis with both genetic and environmental factors contributing to its development.

But gender activists are not concerned with gender dysphoria, rather they aim to establish a biological basis for being transgender that ceases to categorize it as a mental illness. Activists have pushed for a more “inclusive” definition of what it means to be transgender that seeks to reduce stigma and perceived barriers to medical transition services.

After the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, civil rights and gay rights organizations that may have otherwise had to shutter their doors pivoted to championing “trans rights.” The success of the “born this way” campaign in promoting the idea that sexual orientation is an innate, immutable aspect of identity has prompted activists to also present being transgender as innate and immutable.

Manhattan Institute fellow Leor Sapir wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the rapid proliferation of the “transgender rights movement” and its efforts to obtain civil rights jurisprudence for “gender identity.” To this end, they have attempted to prove that “gender identity” is an innate, immutable trait called “neurological sex” or “brain sex,” which they say should override natal sex.

“In the American civil rights tradition, if you can convince a judge that being transgender is like being black, then you can tap into this entire body of judicial precedent and civil rights laws that immediately applies and gives you all the policies you want,” Sapir told me. Leor Sapir has written a number of important articles on this topic for City Journal, be sure to read them for further understanding.

Many homosexual males are waking up to the fact that Queer Theory enables homophobia under a faux-progressive patina.

“Soon, I learned about nonbinary identities, and that some people – many people – were literally arguing that sex, not gender, was a social construct. I met people who evangelised a denomination of transgenderism that I had never heard of, one that included people who had never been gender dysphoric and who had no desire to medically transition. I met straight people whose ‘trans / nonbinary’ identities seemed to be defined by their haircuts, outfits and inchoate politics. I met straight women with Grindr accounts, and listened to them complain about the ‘transphobic’ gay men who didn’t want to have sex with women.

All around me, it seemed, straight people were spontaneously identifying into my community and then policing our behaviours and customs. I began to think that this broadening of the ‘trans’ and ‘queer’ umbrella was giving a hell of a lot of people a free pass to express their homophobia.

At Columbia, I took classes on LGBT history, but much of that history was delivered through the lens of queer theory. Queer theorists appropriate French philosopher Michel Foucault’s ideas about the power of language in constructing reality. They argue that homosexuality didn’t exist prior to the late 19th century, when the word ‘homosexual’ first appeared in medical discourse. Queer theorists proselytise a liberation that supposedly results from challenging the concepts of empirical reality and ‘normativity’. But their converts instead often end up adrift in a sea of nihilism. Queer theory, which has become the predominant method of discussing and analysing gender and sexuality in universities, seemed to me to be more ideological than truthful.

In my classes on gender and sexuality in the Muslim world, however, I discovered something else, too. I learned about current medical practices in Iran, where gay sex is illegal and punishable by death, and where medical transition is subsidised by the state to ‘cure’ gays and lesbians who, the theocratic elite insists, are ‘normal’ people ‘trapped in the wrong bodies’. I privately drew parallels between the anti-gay laws and practices of Iran and what I saw developing in the West, but I convinced myself I was just being paranoid.

Then, I learned about what was happening to gender-nonconforming kids – that they were being prescribed off-label drugs to halt their natural development, so that they’d have time to decide if they were really transgender. If so, they would then be more successful at passing as the opposite sex in adulthood. Even worse, I learned that these practices were being touted by LGBT-rights organisations as ‘life-saving medical care’.

It felt like I was living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. How long were these kids supposed to remain on the blockers? And what happens in a few years, if they decide they’re not ‘truly trans’ after all, and all of their peers have surpassed them? Are they seriously supposed to commence puberty at 16 or 17 years of age? These questions rattled my brain for months, until I learned the actual statistics: nearly all children who are prescribed puberty blockers go on to receive cross-sex hormones. Blockers don’t give a kid time to think. They solidify him in a trans identity and sentence him to a lifetime of very expensive, experimental medicalisation.

I wondered how different these so-called trans kids were from the little boy I had been. Obviously, I grew up to be a gay man and not a transwoman. But how could gender clinicians tell the difference between a young boy expressing his homosexuality through gender nonconformity, and someone ‘born in the wrong body’? I decided to dig deeper into the real history of medical transition.”

Justdad7 is another important information source to follow in Canada about the issues surrounding the unwarranted sterilization of children in the name of transgender ideology.

A Different Model of Care – justdad7’s Substack.

The major difficulty with the application of the mature minor doctrine in gender medicine is that the case law assumes that the minor is making decisions under the guidance of a doctor who is following the conventional medical model with clear diagnostic criteria and treatment goals. Practice in gender clinics is very different.

In the case of a disease like cancer, the diagnosis is usually confirmed by multiple objective tests including diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests and tissue biopsies. There are also objective measures of the effectiveness of treatments, such as shrinkage of the tumour. A doctor will recommend a treatment that is likely to cause sterility or other serious side effects only after making a firm diagnosis and concluding that the benefit of the treatment outweighs the risks.

In gender medicine, there is no known biological marker for transgender identity. The diagnosis of gender dysphoria under the DSM-5 depends entirely on self-reported symptoms which are largely tied to conformity to social stereotypes of male and female.

Furthermore, while a DSM-5 diagnosis may still be required in some places for insurance purposes, the WPATH SOC8 recommends relying in the ICD-11 diagnosis of Gender Incongruence. The definition of gender incongruence of childhood is similar to the DSM-5 diagnosis of gender dysphoria, but does not require the presence of distress. For older patients, the definition reads:

Gender incongruence of adolescence and adulthood is characterized by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual´s experienced gender and the assigned sex, which often leads to a desire to ‘transition’, in order to live and be accepted as a person of the experienced gender, through hormonal treatment, surgery or other health care services to make the individual´s body align, as much as desired and to the extent possible, with the experienced gender. The diagnosis cannot be assigned prior the onset of puberty. Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnosis.

The concept of ‘experienced gender’ is entirely subjective, with no possible test other than self-declaration. In other words, if a teenagers claim to have a transgender identity and wants medical transition badly enough, they should have it.

It is also difficult for a doctor to inform a patient of the prospects of success of a gender affirming treatment because there are no clear criteria for measuring success. The goal of transforming a body into one of the opposite sex is unobtainable but success might be measured in how close an approximation the treatment achieves.

However, patients seek to transform their bodies in the hope of relieving their mental distress. A good cosmetic result from a treatment is pointless if the patient still feels miserable and distressed by their body. The evidence that gender transition helps to improve mental health is low quality. Ultimately, the conventional measures of success are irrelevant to the new model of gender medicine where the “goals have shifted from reducing suffering to achieving personal ‘embodiment goals.’”

Informed consent in gender medicine therefore raises different issues from the conventional medical model. In conventional treatment, the minor’s decision making is being guided by a doctor who has made a diagnosis and determined that a treatment is in the patient’s best interest. In gender medicine, it is necessary to ask whether a minor should be entitled to proceed with risky and irreversible treatments based on a sense of personal identity which is unfalsifiable but may prove to be transitory.

The CBC seems utterly transfixed (ha!) on erasing women from the public sphere. The CBC news headline from

“YWCA Regina stands by trans woman giving keynote speech at [a Woman’s] award event amid backlash”

We are going to go through the article and highlight what the YWCA aka the Young Women’s Christian Association is saying in an attempt to normalize the notion that males who ‘identify’ as women are actually women as per the definition of women: Adult Human Females. Spoiler: The YWCA’s rationalization will go poorly if you happen to value truth and reality. Let’s dig in and enjoy what happens when organizations become ideologically captured by the cult of gender.

“YWCA says feminist movement cannot evolve without inclusion of trans women”

Well, well, well.
It is nice they start off with the bullshit right off the top. What they have said here is that the feminist movement cannot evolve with the inclusion of adult human males. Isn’t obvious by now that females simply cannot have or run a movement without including men? It’s about time we evolved feminism by including and centring males within it. Nothing could go wrong…

“YWCA Regina is doubling down on its support of the transgender woman it chose to give the keynote speech at the 2023 Nutrien Women of Distinction Awards on May 6.
This comes after the speaker, Fae Johnstone, received significant backlash, transphobic remarks and threats after her attendance at the event was announced on April 21.”

Well of course they are ‘doubling down’. Dealing with recalcitrant females that object to a male colonizing and thus erasing females from society is definitely a clarion call to strengthen your resolve. For the benefit of the casual reader “transphobic remarks” encompass anything a gender ideologue doesn’t agree with.

“The announcement even resulted in calls from far right media to fire Johnstone, who is a high-profile trans activist and a YWCA Canada board member.”

According to most transactivists these days the far right includes anyone who doesn’t believe in their mystical beliefs. A quick quiz – can humans change their sex? If you answer “No”, the answer that comports with material reality we all share – welcome to the far right, you bigot.

But Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen, CEO of YWCA Regina, said the organization supports Johnstone wholeheartedly.
“She’s an incredible community leader in our country [and] has done a huge amount of work with the federal government on gender and sexually diverse policy and framework,” Coomber-Bendsten said.
“YWCA Regina chose Fae as our keynote speaker because I think that given the current climate that we’re under, it was so important to have the perspective of trans women be given and be shared with our community and Regina.”

The gender cult makes the inroads it does because it manages to manipulate women into somehow believing that men who call themselves women actually are women. Usually the angle used is ‘gosh these poor gender confused males are obviously the most marginalized people to have ever existed, let’s shit on all feminism and centre these poor men in our movement’. It is a fucking sad state of affairs when it becomes okay to erase females and their accomplishments in society in the name of a ‘diverse and shared’ community.

“Johnstone said she wasn’t surprised by the attacks she received, but is still saddened”.

Good. Get used to it buddy. Women are fighting back against transgender ideology and female erasure in our society.

“The far right will zero in on us. They’ll talk about how we’re a threat to women and children. But feminist organizations all across Canada, every major feminist organization in this country, recognizes that there is no gender equity without trans women,” Johnstone said.”

No. People who comport with reality and respect female rights, boundaries, and safety will oppose what you are doing and what you support. People like WRN Canada.

Yeah, so again, its the guilt association. Disagreeing with male gender fantasy pretty much automatically makes you “far right”. By this definition, most of Canada is ‘far right’.
Also, I’m not really sure how including gender-confused men in female spaces, services, and sports leads to “gender equity”. What it actually leads to is males taking female spots in society and making actual females feel unsafe in formally single sex spaces. So no, lets take a large pass on any notion of ‘gender equity’ from this individual.

“Coomber-Bendsten said the transphobic reaction to Johnstone giving the keynote speech originally came from outside Regina, but was quickly picked up inside the community through social media, phone calls, emails and even people delivering handwritten letters to the YWCA.”

Women speaking about how inappropriate it is to have a man giving the keynote address at a female awards show is apparently ‘transphobic’. People calling you on your bullshit is what happens in a free society, and let me assure you, the bullshit is flowing hard and fast at the YWCA.

“She said many far right organizations believe trans women are detrimental to the feminist movement. But the YWCA and Johnstone disagree.”

The far right are certainly a powerful entity in Canadian society… (do keep in mind if you like to comport with reality and science this makes you irrecoverably ‘far right-wing’) or maybe just a fantastical construction designed to frighten people into silence about the gender cult. Because the gender cultists do not have arguments. Instead they have to threaten, bully, and intimidate those who would dare question their toxic ideology.

“Trans women experience significant gender inequity. We are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to experience hate, harassment and violence in our lives,” Johnstone said.”

Those with serious mental issues when it comes to dealing with reality and clinging delusions about themselves almost always have serious issues with state of and their place in society. We as a society should seek to get people with gender delusions the rational evidence based therapeutic help they need.

“So a feminist movement that is truly imagining a better world for everybody, one in which we have eradicated gender norms … it has to include transgender, diverse people because we often bear the brunt or significant volume of the hate.”

The misuse of feminist critique is off the charts here. Gender norms (aka gender) are a sets of ‘expected’ behaviours and norms that members of the respective sexes are supposed to follow to be a ‘normal’ male or female in society. These sex stereotypes hurt both women and men in society and their role in society should be diminished. Males and females should not face strictures for operating outside of the perceived gender norms.
Transgender ideology is the polar opposite of this notion. If your male child plays with dolls and is nurturing then by this ideology he needs to be ‘transitioned (put on off-label puberty blockers/cross-sex hormones/surgically mutilated and rendered infertile)’ into a woman. Transgender ideology and the cult of gender is actually reactionary as it seeks to codify the gender stereotypes of what being a male or female is.
Whereas, second wave feminists and many rational people would say people should adopt whichever stereotypes/behaviours they are comfortable with and be done with it. For example, if you are male and want to rock a dress or skirt, that all good. You are a male who likes wearing typically female clothing. All good. You be you, bro! What dress wearing doesn’t do, in any tangible way, is make you female.

“YWCA Regina serves two-spirit peoples, trans women, gender diverse and sexually diverse women in its shelters, programs, outreach and harm reduction work. Coomber-Bendsten said the staff is also diverse and includes transgender women.”

It’s okay to help other people out. It isn’t okay if you get sucked into their reality denying cult.

“We feel a big responsibility to make sure that we are answering that call to action to create an inclusive space in a more safe space. We’ve done a lot of work but, you know, acknowledging that we still have lots of work to do,” said Coomber-Bendtsen.

Bullshit. This is how Woke-Speak works. I will bet millions of dollars that their ‘inclusive space” does not include gender critical women (aka TERFS). The inclusion and safety comes to abrupt halt when you disagree with their gender magic and want to deal with material reality and evidence based arguments. Be aware of the double meanings when activists speak, because what they say and what they mean are almost always two different things.

“Johnstone said there is no way to advance feminism without recognizing that there is not just one definition of a woman and that women won’t always share the same experiences.”

Feminism has been doing just fine with centring females in its movements and actions in society. The only definition needed is this one: Woman = Adult human female.

“”I don’t have everything in common with women who aren’t trans, just like I, as a white woman, have a different experience of womanhood than a Black or Indigenous woman might. It’s not about a universal understanding of womanhood, it’s about dismantling the structures of violence and inequity that harm all of us,” said Johnstone.”

You have nothing in common with adult human females, as you are a man. Socialized as a man and raised as one. You can’t know what its like to be a woman because you are not one.

“While Johnstone is excited to give the keynote speech at the awards, she said she’s tired of the transphobic hate she receives. She said she has been targeted seven times in seven months by far right groups. Johnstone has received death threats and been encouraged to end her life.
“Trans people aren’t asking for much. We’re asking for human rights, dignity and equality,” said Johnstone.”

Trans human rights, dignity and equality is code for this:

A little more on Johnstone’s activism. His words speak for themselves –

Why not fund the Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter? It is exclusively a single sex shelter. Sorry raped women, your sanctuary just isn’t “inclusive” enough for Johnstone.

Johnstone’s “inclusivity” ends quite abruptly when when women start speaking about their rights, boundaries, and safety.

“Coomber-Bendtsen said many people believe that when people focus on including trans women and other marginalized communities, it takes away from their own needs.
“That couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said.
Coomber-Bendsten said that a lack of knowledge or understanding in the country does lead to a lack of empathy.
“It is that collective move forward with empathy and knowledge that is really going to bring change in our community.”
While there was vitriol and online attacks following the keynote announcement, YWCA Regina said it also received calls from people that wanted tickets to the event so they could understand more about trans women.”

What is actually stunning is the complete ideological capture of the YMCA. There is a stunning lack of empathy for women whose rights, boundaries, and safety have all been jeopardized and put at risk because of the inane desire to put males into female spaces. Empathy is not required in this situation. Just a large dose of commonsense and a return to respecting females in Canadian society.
Look at how the international YWCA versus the Canadian Branch defines itself. Guess which one retains the focus on females and their needs and which one has been corrupted by gender ideology.

– The Young Women’s Christian Association ( YWCA) is a nonprofit organization with a focus on empowerment, leadership, and rights of women, young women, and girls in more than 100 countries. The World office is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, and the nonprofit is headquartered in Washington, DC.
– YWCA (Canada) – Canada is a leading voice for women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people. For 150 years, we’ve been at the forefront of a movement: to fight gender-based violence, build affordable housing and advocate for workplace equity.

I digress, but it is hard to miss when it is out in plain sight. Let’s finish the article.

“The 2023 Nutrien Women of Distinction Award will be held on May 6 at the GT Lounge. For the first time, this year’s event sold out within two days.
The YWCA said since receiving transphobic backlash, sponsors of the awards event have voiced their continued support.”

The 2023 Nutrien Women of Distinction Award will be distinct for a entirely different set of reasons than those intended. The distinction is highlighting the colonization of female spaces in society by gender confused males and erasure of females in Canadian society.

People need to rethink their positions on those claiming to be on the ‘right side of history’. The “Be Kind” transgender activists have proven repeatedly they are nothing of the sort.

My daughter was always a good kid. Thoughtful, quiet, and artistic, she attended a public Montessori school. She had a close group of girlfriends, and an outspoken disdain for boys, who she found to be annoying and gross. Her favorite game was stuffed animals, all of whom were female, all with complex personalities and backstories. She had trouble paying attention in school, but got good grades anyway. She liked wearing dresses, but could not tolerate stiff fabric or scratchy seams. Art and music came easily to her, and she always participated in children’s choirs and school orchestras.

As for me, I was a progressive mom who purposefully avoided pushing traditional gender roles on my child. I didn’t know her sex until she was born. I didn’t care—I only wanted a healthy baby. I bought her comfortable, fairly gender-neutral clothes, and I adamantly avoided anything related to Barbie. I had grown up immersed in the unrealistic feminine beauty standards of the 80s, and I wanted my child to have the best chance possible of feeling whole and complete in her natural female body, however she chose to express it. As she grew up, I let her choose her clothes and hairstyles, as well as the toys she played with. I considered myself progressive, feminist, open-minded, and very much an LGBT+ ally. Her friends thought I was a pretty fun mom.

My child was 13 when she told me she thought she was trans. She had already been experimenting with male names and pronouns with her friends and therapist, who had advised her not to tell me until she was ready to fully come out of the trans closet. She was among the last of her small group of biologically female friends to socially transition. It was mid-pandemic, and she spent most of her time with her best friend, who had, unbeknownst to me, shown her hours upon end of transgender entertainment on You Tube and TikTok.
By 8th grade, here’s what her friends (and their TikTok feeds) were saying about me:
“Your mom is transphobic”. “She doesn’t want a son. She wants a daughter.” “She won’t let you be who you are.” “MY mom is so progressive, she buys my binders from a BIPOC trans company.” “Your mom doesn’t really know you.”

And even worse, a succession of therapists:
“You may not know your child as well as you think you do.” “Your son just needs your support.” “Your child doesn’t share your values.” “Your child is at risk of suicide if you don’t affirm.” “You just need some education on having a transgender child.”

So much for being the fun mom.

This child. I had nursed her, read to her, fed her healthfully, sang her to sleep, held her when she cried, played with her. I taught her to read, to count, to make brownies, to brush her own teeth, and to be kind to animals and elders. I had read parenting books and joined library play groups, studied her learning styles and tailored her education to them. My Christmas gift was always her favorite, because I knew exactly what toy she wanted the most. When she was little and woke up feeling sick, I had already woken moments in advance knowing something was wrong.
And now, expert strangers were telling me I didn’t really know her.

I affirmed her change in gender identity, at first. I thought it was an antipatriarchal movement, a rebellious play on artificial standards of attractiveness, a principled game of pronouns, clothing and hairstyles. I was an out-of-the-box, feminist Gen X-er. I was cool with that.
But I quickly learned this wasn’t about self-empowerment. It was about self -rejection. Self-loathing. Self-erasure.
Her friends considered natural breasts disgusting, so binding became a rite of passage. The whole body became a thing of shame, covered by thick, baggy clothes that would betray no feminine curves. A swimsuit was unthinkable, even to swim in the ocean, which we traveled thousands of miles to visit. The new trans-boi posture was rounded forward, with the attitude of a sad thug, black COVID mask firmly in place under a black beanie, so only the eyes were visible. Their given names – many chosen with great care and meaning by thoughtful parents – were proclaimed “dead” and replaced with the names of fandom and cartoon characters.

My daughter’s best friend (now an ftm trans child with two gender affirming parents) started calling her mother by her first name, and demanded the removal of all childhood photos from their home—to escape her past as a girl. Soon thereafter, she was admitted to a treatment program for suicidal ideation. My daughter started cutting her forearms, and her demeanor became dark and secretive. Her beautiful art became morbid and even cruel.

I drew the line at breast binding and said no. I could not rationalize the compression of a child’s developing breast tissue and rib cage. It made no medical sense to encourage a practice that would restrict the respiratory, circulatory, and lymphatic systems during a crucial physical development stage.
And, of course, the experts told me I was wrong. They said if I didn’t buy her a proper binder, she would use duct tape and ace bandages, which would be even worse. They said she would harm herself more. They said she would be at risk of suicide.
I cried for days. I meditated, I prayed, I consulted wise friends who knew my child well. I told her dad everything I knew, and spoke with her stepmom, who works as a child therapist. Everyone who ACTUALLY knew my child confirmed what I knew all along—this didn’t make any sense. And being trans wasn’t making her better. It was making her worse.

I still wanted my child to have the best chance possible of feeling whole and complete in her natural female body, however she chose to express it. If gender exploration necessitated my complicity in her self hatred, I wouldn’t participate.

So I stopped listening to the experts and took back my authority as my child’s first and primary parent.

I set new boundaries. I profoundly restricted online access, took long breaks from overzealous trans friends, checked daily to make sure she wasn’t binding. Her dad, stepmom, and my partner all concurred, and she was pretty mad at all of us for awhile.

So perhaps even more importantly, I added a lot of things that I realized were missing during the pandemic. I facilitated friendships with healthier teens, and had frank conversations with their parents to ensure we were all on the same page. I enrolled her in a music performance program and aerial silks classes. Over the summer, she went to camp and volunteered at a nature center. We took interesting trips, went to live music shows, and watched diverse movies about all kinds of people. We planted raspberries and went camping and brewed herbal moon tea to ease her menstrual cramps. I wanted to show her that the world was much bigger than her friend group.

It’s now been a year since she first announced her new identity. My work seems to have paid off. She has developed an identity outside of trans—she’s an aerialist, a musician, a good writer, an artist, a traveler, and she believes in a spiritual side to life. Consistent aerial silks practice has made her physically strong and flexible, and she likes what her body can do and how it looks. She’s phased out of the ultra-baggy clothes, and regularly shows her arms and collarbones. Sometimes she wears dresses or braids her hair. She doesn’t appear to have engaged in self-harm in months, and her art is brighter and even humorous. She stands taller, laughs easily, and speaks confidently with adults. She has new friends with similarly unique interests. She’s still quirky, artistic, and alternative in her style. She may be bisexual, and that’s fine by me.

I really do want my daughter to be her authentic self, and I know that she has to find that path on her own eventually. I will always support her in all her ups and downs. I’ll even love and support her if she decides, as an adult, to identify as a boy. But until she is actually an adult, I’m still the parent. I am a mature, educated, mentally healthy adult woman with many life experiences and learning under my belt. Many of my interactions with the mental health community undermined my legitimate questions, my knowledge of my child, the wisdom I’ve gained over nearly 48 years on planet Earth. I didn’t go to psychology school, but I do know many things. And I do, actually, know my kid. I’m reclaiming that.

I’m a much better parent for it.

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