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Sometimes one doesn’t have time to cut through the academicese to right proper call out the bullshite, the Legal Feminist had the energy and time to do so.  A million thanks to her.  Here are her words.


[JB]  …[W]e can see that a domain of fantasy is at work, one which reflects more about the feminist who has such a fear than any actually existing situation in trans life. The feminist who holds such a view presumes that the penis does define the person, and that anyone with a penis would identify as a woman for the purposes of entering such changing rooms and posing a threat to the women inside. It assumes that the penis is the threat, or that any person who has a penis who identifies as a woman is engaging in a base, deceitful, and harmful form of disguise. This is a rich fantasy, and one that comes from powerful fears, but it does not describe a social reality…

   “In other words, anyone who thinks that it is dangerous to let male-bodied people self-identify into women-only spaces is guilty of a transphobic assumption that all trans women are sex-offending ‘cis’ males in disguise, and their only purpose in entering women’s spaces is to offend. This is a familiar move in the debate: “If you won’t let me into the ladies’ it means you think that because I’m trans I must be a perv! Transphobe!”

But that misses the point.   Sorry, I’m going to rant a bit here.

The point is male violence, especially but not exclusively male sexual violence. We don’t want to exclude trans women from the spaces where we are undressed and vulnerable because they are trans, but because they are biologically male. They are members of the half of humanity that poses a far greater threat to women than the other half.

We want to exclude males because we are afraid of them. And we are right to be afraid of them. We don’t want to exclude trans women because we think they are more likely than any other male-bodied person to be violent offenders; but because there is no reason to think they are any less likely to be violent offenders. Men are unwelcome in women-only spaces not because we think all men are sex offenders, but because we know that almost all sex offenders are men.  

And remember that we are not just spontaneously afraid! We are taught from early childhood that men are a source of danger. We are told it is our responsibility to keep ourselves safe from the ever-present risk of male violence; with the barely-concealed message that it’s our fault if we fail. We learn to limit our freedoms. We try not to be out alone late at night. We learn to be alert to the possibility of being followed; not to make eye contact; to shut down drunken attempts to chat us up without provoking male rage; to walk in the middle of the road so that it’s harder to ambush us from the shadows; to conduct a lightning risk assessment of every other passenger on the night bus; to clutch our keys in one hand in case we need a weapon; to carry a pepper spray, or a personal alarm. And we learn the hard way that these fears that have been deliberately inculcated in us are justified. We are followed, leered at, flashed, groped, cat-called; and that’s those of us who get off lightly. Every woman has stories of male abuse.

We are systematically trained in fear

And then we are told that we must lay aside, at a moment’s notice, the fears we have so obediently learned as soon as a person with a male body asserts a female identity.

Does this give you any insight into why we are so angry?

Let me make it even plainer. There is an attempt to force male bodies into female spaces where they are not welcome; and when we say “no,” that is met with rage, entitlement, abuse and threats of violence  – attempts to overbear our consent by force. There are unmistakable echoes of rape. When it comes to attempts to force women who have asked for a female health care provider to accept a trans woman to undertake an intimate procedure, the echoes become deafening.”

When you see the misogyny being spread and brought to bear on a public figure like Jk Rowling an ardent supporter of female and trans individual’s rights. It would seem that most of the gender cult seems to think that their set of views exists in a societal vacuum as if their declarations are formed with nothing but the purest intent…

Of course, as with all male power projects, the woman hating is off the scale as woman who dare try to defend female rights and boundaries are immediately targeted with the most vile and misogynistic abuse.

Yep, no male entitlement or bigotry (n.The character or mode of thought of a bigot; obstinate and unreasonable attachment to a particular creed, opinion, practice, ritual, or party organization; excessive zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect, or opinion; intolerance of the opinions of others.) to be found here. The abuse women receive because they will not bend the knee to the gender delusions of men illustrate how profoundly misogynistic gender ideology is.

See Glinner’s full post here.

Are women’s protections and free expression at risk in Canada?


A billboard expressing support for JK Rowling was removed after only one day



Chris Elston and Amy Hamm did something bold in Vancouver on the weekend.

Inspired by the recent “I (heart) JK Rowling” poster action launched by Kellie-Jay Keen (aka Posie Parker) in an Edinburgh train station, the Vancouver duo arranged for a similar billboard to be hoisted at the busy intersection of Hastings and Glen.

Since last year, JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series, has been famously supporting sex-based rights and protections for women and children by tweeting and writing about her personal experiences of domestic violence and sexual assault.

After Kellie-Jay’s Edinburgh poster was removed by the rail company, stating as its reason that it was “political” in nature, Chris got the idea that maybe such a billboard was needed in his hometown. So he self-funded the ad buy and enlisted Amy, co-founder of the GIDYVR speaker series and caWsbar, to help him organize the action.

The idea came to fruition in Vancouver on the morning of September 11. And as soon as Amy and Chris began tweeting photos of the billboard, Twitter lit up. Gender critical women and men around the globe knew exactly what this message of solidarity meant — the movement in Canada had just entered a new phase.


Right on cue, local gender ideology activists began immediately tweeting their protestations. Vancouver city councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung got in on the action tweeting that the billboard was meant to stoke “hate, division and exclusion.”

But anyone who’s read Rowling’s tweets and essays on the issue of gender identity ideology knows that the author has been entirely respectful of trans-identifying people. Her candid essay is about her own struggles and highlights how women and children are affected by a harmful ideology which seeks to dismiss and override our rights and protections.

Despite Amy and Chris sending a letter to the billboard company to re-assure them that their message was pro-woman and not hateful in any way, within 24 hours, Pattison Outdoor arrived to cover over the billboard, which had already been vandalized with paint balls. Almost as if by magic (or divine intervention?), however, the company’s scissor lift malfunctioned leaving the unfortunate operator aloft for over an hour before being able to complete his task.

In the end, the billboard may have been removed but this action received significant coverage both in the mainstream and alternative media — which is a major victory.

CTV News Vancouver’s coverage, however, caught our eye as it was particularly biased and unbalanced. In the news item, Tessa Vikander wrote that Rowling ‘has been outspoken about her criticisms of transgender people.” In reality, however, Rowling has never once criticized transgender people. She has expressed solidarity with anyone who is the victim of violence.

At the time of writing, Amy and Chris, along with receiving many messages of appreciation for their courage, have already received thousands of abusive comments online.

Amy tweets:

“So, Chris Elston and I could have anonymously put up a billboard in Vancouver. But we didn’t. The threats & abuse are still coming: more than 12,000 comments on my Facebook. Hundreds of abusive and threatening DMs.

My hope was to shed light on and start a conversation about the trans activist movement. Please let uninformed people in your lives know what happens to those who are *absolutely not* hateful but challenge the mainstream gender narrative. This is not normal.”

Will you stand up for women and children?

Let Vancouver City Council
and CTV know what you think.

Scroll down for sample letters.


Amy Hamm in Vancouver, September 11, 2020.

LIVESTREAM TONIGHT at 7 Pacific / 10 Eastern, Meghan chats with Amy Hamm about the I (heart) JK Rowling billboard action.

Who loves J K Rowling? Kellie-Jay Keen talks to Chris Elston about the Vancouver billboard.


Write to Vancouver City Council
and CTV News Vancouver


Sample letter to Vancouver Mayor Stewart and City Council:


Subject: I support JK Rowling and women’s sex-based rights and protections

Dear Mayor Stewart and Vancouver City Council,

I’m writing to express my disapproval at the JK Rowling billboard being censored by Councillor Kirby-Yung. Ms. Rowling is an important advocate for women and children, and her message is in no way hateful.

Women’s sex-based rights and protections are guaranteed by the Canadian Charter, as is freedom of expression. It’s alarming to see that a major Canadian city is attempting to suppress these fundamental rights and freedoms.

I urge you to cease violating the Charter rights of your constituents through authoritarian measures such as censorship.


Sample letter to CTV News Vancouver:


Subject: CTV News Vancouver coverage of J.K. Rowling billboard

Dear CTV News Vancouver,

I’m writing to express my disapproval of your September 12 article “J.K. Rowling billboard condemned as transphobic and removed as advocates speak out” by Tessa Vikander.

The story does not meet your journalistic standards in that it is inaccurate, unbalanced and biased.

Specifically, Vikander writes: “Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, has been outspoken about her criticisms of transgender people and even went so far as to write an essay about her views on the topic.”

This is a completely scurrilous claim with no basis in reality.

J.K. Rowling has never spoken out against trans people and, in fact, has expressed solidarity with them and anyone who’s experienced violence. Had Vikander linked directly to Rowling’s essay your readers would have been able to learn for themselves that Rowling’s message is one of caring concern for women and children, and not a message of criticism.

I urge you to take the steps required to rectify this inaccurate, unbalanced and biased reporting.





Help us get the word out about sex-based rights and protections.

Please forward this email to trusted friends, family and colleagues who care about the health and well-being of women and children.


Who We Are
Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights – caWsbar – is a cross-Canada, non-partisan coalition of women and male allies working together to preserve the rights and protections of women and girls, as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 15).
These sex-based Charter rights and protections are currently at risk in Canadian public policy, due to confusion between sex and “gender identity or expression.”
We call on all Canadians, regardless of political or religious affiliation, to join us in standing up for women’s and girls’ fundamental sex-based rights to bodily privacy, dignity, fairness and security.

Make a donation

caWsbar is an all-volunteer, all-women led grassroots organization. We receive no public funding or corporate sponsorship whatsoever.
100% of donor contributions go to our basic administrative costs such as website and email hosting fees, as well as any events or initiatives we undertake. We thank you for your generous support as we work to educate the public and advocate for women and girls.

You hate to see it, but again male entitlement and fragility win out over the concerns of women.  Apparently, this billboard is considered offensive and not allowed in the public sphere.

Of course women who continue to fight for their rights within Canadian society, are no strangers to small setbacks.  I sense this is only the beginning, as I imagine this billboard will be going up across Canada to raise awareness of how totalitarian the gender identity crowd is becoming.


This from Rugby Canada

“Rugby Canada CEO Allen Vansen stated, “Our trans inclusion policy was written and developed by Sport, Law & Strategy Group, and is aligned with the guidance document ‘Creating Inclusive Environments for Trans Participants in Canadian Sport.’ Participation in community rugby in Canada is encouraged based on the gender in which a participant identifies and is not to be subjected to requirements for disclosure of personal information beyond those required of cisgender athletes.”

Physical reality does not magically melt away because we wish it so.  Men cannot ever be women and the very notion that ‘woman’ is an idea inside a man’s head is completely sexist and offensive.


This policy against female safety and the sex segregation of support is completely out of touch with reality and needs to be fixed ASAP.

We won’t back down in defending Women’s rights here at DWR.  If commenting on Sasha White’s thread is enough to get one in hotwater, so be it.  There is too much at stake to sit down and shut up over this issue.  Women (adult human females) are currently being unfairly ostracized, doxxed, and harassed for defending their rights, boundaries, and safety in society.  We will not bend the knee to TRA demands here.  Not ever.


This from describing the situation.


“An assistant literary agent made international headlines this week when she was fired from her job at Tobias Literary Agency in New York. Sasha White, a feminist who had started her career at Tobias as an intern, announced that she had been fired from the agency on Monday for expressing her “feminist stance” on Twitter.

White maintained two Twitter accounts—one professional, and one personal. Her professional account, @SashaSemyonovna, stated her role at Tobias while her personal account, @iamGrushenka, was largely anonymous until recently and states no connection to her former employer. In a statement to reporter Jesse Singal, President of Tobias Literary Agency, Lane Heymont, claimed that White was fired because she “did not specify her views were her own in her Twitter bio, thus suggesting and it was perceived she was speaking on behalf of the agency and those views are not in line with our beliefs. Therefore we had to part ways.”

When asked by Singal specifically what tweet violated their policies, Heymont pointed to a retweet White had made on her personal account of a post explaining the difference between how women and trans-women experience male violence.

Tweet that Heymont claims violated Tobias policies (source)

In an official statement, Tobias Literacy Agency claimed, “We do not have any room for anti-trans sentiments at TLA. Period. Thus, we have parted ways with Sasha.” TLA did not clarify what part of Sasha’s violating tweets, specifically, included anti-trans sentiment.

In response, feminists began tweeting in support of White, trending #IStandWithSashaWhite, a riff on a previous hashtag in support of another fired feminist, Maya Forstater. Forstater was fired in 2019 from her job at a UK think tank, The Center for Global Development, for similar tweets in support of a feminist analysis of gender. Forstater’s case gained global attention in December of 2019 when Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling tweeted in her defense.”



Women are a distinct exclusive category of human beings. Simply they are adult human females. This is the sort of shit that results when males think that through magical gender thinking they can be women too.

They are not.

The misogyny always comes through.

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