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The RPOJ comes for thee “Nicky”.

Counterpunch needs to rein in the crazy, or at least find an editor that will actually edit for truth and veracity as opposed to the shout festival screed titled “The Time for Queer Revolution is Now” by Nicky Reid.  How this ‘article’ got published is quite beyond me as it is rife with abject lies and hyperbole.

What the article and “Nicky” are though are prime examples of what passes for activism on the so called woke activist left.  Notice there is never a positive solution offered only a ever growing grievance list that can only be satisfied by tearing down the society and norms that have given people like Nicky the opportunity to endlessly indulge in their specious narcissism in public.

This RPOJ (Red Pen of Justice) episode may run long as the bullshit runs deep and wide in almost every sentence.

The text in brown will be the quoted essay from “Nicky Reid”.

My commentary will be in red italics.

Outside (non fatuous) sources and quotes will be in purple.

So.  Here… we… go!

““Why don’t you guys do something?” Those were the eternal words of Storme DeLarverie as the pigs hauled her away in shackles, bloodied but unbowed, after she threw the first punch of the Stonewall Uprising. “

  Historical revisionism is one of the features of transgender ideology.  Surprisingly(!) gender ideologues are fond of placing themselves at the centre of past events in order to gin up the baffle-gab narratives they use to hoodwink the public.  Let’s get the actual history on the Stonewall riots – 

“My research for this history demonstrates that if we wish to name the group most responsible for the success of the riots, it is the young, homeless homosexuals, and, contrary to the usual characterizations of those on the rebellion’s front lines, most were Caucasian; few were Latino; almost none were transvestites or transsexuals,” concludes David Carter in Stonewall, the definitive account of the uprising, for which he conducted hundreds of interviews. Carter quotes one of the bar’s owners stating that its clientele was “98 percent male.” As for the presence of transgender people, the Stonewall was “not a generally welcoming place for drag queens,” Eric Marcus, editor of an oral history of the gay rights movement, wrote in 1999. “The majority of the hundreds of people who crowded onto Christopher Street and jammed Sheridan Square were young gay men.” In his 1996 book American Gay, the sociologist and anthropologist Stephen O. Murray writes that “men familiar with the milieu then insist that the Stonewall clientele was middle-class white men and that very few drag queens or dykes or nonwhites were ever allowed admittance.”

Be very aware that someone who treats the historically record so maliciously will have no qualms about presenting lies and falsehoods about the present.  This is one of the founding lies of transgender ideological narrative with the goals of painting themselves as the most oppressed group in the history of humankind.  We’re only one sentence in folks…

“I feel like I’m screaming this to my people all the time lately and I still can’t seem to inspire the riot necessary for our collective survival.”

  Ah yes, because the evil society does nothing but oppress you.  Ever more the reason to burn it all down and remake the rules strictly based on your abject narcissism; sounds like a win for EVERYONE (this is how woke ‘inclusion‘ works btw). 

    I’m guessing this particular whinge is because parts of society (women who care about their rights, boundaries, and safety) have woken up to the bullshite that is being peddled by gender ideologues.  Saying ‘no’ to the gender-cult is very distressing for them.

“We live in dangerous times. We have lived in them before but genderqueer people like me have never faced a creature quite like this.”

It is very important to establish how dangerous and oppressed you are (by your own metrics of course, we certainly cannot have empirical data muddying the waters.   It is important to note that being transgender places you in one of the *safest* demographics in the US) .- especially in countries that, historically speaking, are the most free and most tolerant ones to exist.  I’d like to see ‘Nicky’ spout this in China, or Cuba, or Iran.  Then a few actual lessons about free speech and minority rights might be learned.

“As we reach an era when we have never stood farther outside of the closet, we face an open and brazen campaign to extinguish us from public existence.”

Umm.  Reality is calling to you.  Do you hear it?  It’s the faint siren song of the truth trying desperately to breach your practiced ideological allergy to reality.  A simple picture refutes yet another false transgender ideological construction (as does most of reality, to be honest).

Literally Extinguished…

” While popular right-wing ideologues proudly call for our annihilation, state governments across the nation are dutifully carrying out their dictates.”

I had to look up what ‘Nicky’ was talking about.  I’m going to assume it was something to do with this clip.

Clearly, Michael Knowles is referring the ideology, and not the people.  Accuracy in reporting, as Nicky keeps demonstrating, is clearly not their forte.

“Genocide is an ugly word, but I can’t think of a more appropriate description for the GOP’s war on “transgenderism.”

I am not particularly surprised that you can’t think of a more ‘appropriate description’ – because appropriate also usually entails the notion of comporting with reality.  There is no trans genocide happening in the world outside of the unhinged ravings of transactivists hopped up on narcissism and fatuous ideology. 

To see this risible claim of ‘transgender genocide’ demolished, please see Talia Nava’s full essay which I have quoted below on “There is No Trans Genocide”.  

“For one, there is no clear intent to commit genocide against trans people, but additionally the trans comm unity is not of any particular nationality, ethnicity, race, or official religion (although one could argue that transgender ideology is a religion, it is not a recognized religious group). […] It appears the group that is most harmful to trans identifying individuals are the activists who claim to be protecting them.”

Confabulating again.  Shocking. 

“At a time when violence and suicide have never been higher in the transgender community, we are drowning in a deluge of openly bigoted legislation.”

I think ‘openly bigoted’ means in the real world legislation that comports with the material reality we all share.  This from the Substack Parents With Inconvenient Truths About Trans:

Advocates of ‘gender affirming’ healthcare cite high suicide rates as evidence that medical and surgical intervention is “life-saving and medically necessary.” It goes without saying that every suicide is tragic, but there is no high-quality evidence to suggest that the often quoted overall attempted suicide rate of youth who identify as transgender is 41%. Dr. Laura Edwards-Leeper who is the Chair of the Child and Adolescent Committee for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health has stated, “As far as I know there are no studies that say that if we don’t start these kids immediately on hormones when they say they want them that they are going to commit suicide.. So that is misguided… in terms of needing to intervene medically to prevent suicide and doing it quickly. I know of no studies that have shown that.There is also no evidence that medical transition decreases suicidality. In fact, one study showed that post transition adults were 4.9 times more likely to have made a suicide attempt and 19.1 times more likely to have died from suicide than the general population. No one is born in the wrong body. Our sex is written into the DNA of every cell of our body. People cannot change sex. It’s a serious thing to insinuate to someone that their healthy body is somehow wrong and might require extreme, irreversible cosmetic interventions to relieve mental distress. There is no right or wrong way to be a boy or a girl, a man or a woman.

I just want to pause here and draw attention to the two very different styles of writing going on.  Nicky relies almost exclusively on personal narrative, raw emotions, and well…outright fabrications/delusions about how the world is.  I (and other rational beings) present evidence and arguments based on said evidence for the reader to evaluate.  ‘Nicky’ should try this ‘weird new methodology’ at some point in time.

“2023 is already the fourth consecutive record-breaking year for anti-trans bills in this country, with 498 hate laws in counting proposed in 49 states. 43 have already passed. This includes 12 states pushing laws that violate the rights of minors to seek what has been clinically proven to be lifesaving care, as well as three who have also expanded those bans to reach well into adulthood, banning the use of puberty blockers up to the age of 26.”

Nicky once again mischaracterizes legislation meant to protect children as ‘anti-trans’.  We here at DWR like to classify this legislation as “pro-reality”.  Children cannot consent to being sterilized, based on a self diagnosis of gender identity.  It is a clown-school level of idiocy that certain medical ‘professionals’ have embraced the notion that young children can actively consent to make life affecting decisions.  Justdad7 a Canadian Lawyer, characterizes and summarizes what is going on

“The more controversial question is whether puberty blockers, which can be started as early as age 9, will result in sterility. Critics of medical transition have long argued that puberty suppression, which is almost invariably followed by cross sex hormones, will result in sterility. Gender clinicians generally reassure parents that puberty blockers will not necessarily result in sterility. They refer to research on cases of precocious puberty which have found that puberty will resume once the drugs have stopped. However, in treatment or precocious puberty the drugs are stopped at the beginning of the normal window for puberty. This is when they are started in gender affirming care. There is no reliable research on the effects of puberty blockers during the normal window for puberty on fertility. In private sessions, they do acknowledge that sterility is a serious risk.

Yeah, so Nicky steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the other side of the story and hopes that his emotive language and hyperbole will win you over.  (As opposed to facts and evidence.)

“This hideous campaign also includes a growing rash of so-called anti-drag bills the likes of which have already passed in Tennessee and Florida and are effectively written to police public gender non-conformity in a blatant violation of free speech and expression. In Nashville, a second attempt at “male or female impersonation” is a felony that could lead to over half a decade in prison. That is six years upstate for the crime of having a dick beneath your dress.”

The transgender piggy back is in play here and you will see many instances of this phenomena in Nicky’s essay.  Trans ideology and transactivists will latch onto any other groups problems and use it to amplify their own concerns.  Another favourite piggy-back target are individuals with chromosomal disorders or DSD’s or intersex people.  They will regularly point to intersex people as some sort third sex which makes their specious argument that sex is spectrum “truthier”.  While in reality, people with DSD’s do not constitute a third sex and almost all are unambiguously male or female.  Anything to promote the transgender cause though, it really doesn’t matter how big the lie or who they have to toss under the bus.  See the transgender denial of sex in action, and of course dismantled by fact in the video below.


“And these lawmakers aren’t shy about their intentions either. They have made it painfully clear that they consider the entire transgender tribe to be little more than an ideology that they fully intend to censor out of existence by any means necessary and they are targeting our children first, using the public school system for its original intended purpose to kill the Queer and save the child so as to protect the sanctity of their idealized concept of purified cisgender youth.”

The blurring boundaries and destabilizing children is being fought against.  The original purpose was of the public school system was/is to educate them.  This is not the goal of DQSH and similar operations as pointed out by James Lindsay on the New Discourses.

“It bears pointing out that so far we have heard that Drag Queen Story Hour exists to be generative for the following purposes: (1) to lead children to “livequeerly,” (2) to question sex and gender and their stability, (3) to break rules and want to break rules, (4) to see their usual teachers and school authority figures and potentially by extension their parents as boring by comparison to drag queens and “living queerly,” (5) to turn toward pleasure and desire, and (6) to let go of control, all in the presence of an adult man who thinks it is a good idea to dress and perform as a highly sexualized woman in the presence of children he hopes to influence. As we will see, we can add to this list (7) tempting them into “alternative modes of kinship” in the sense of the “queer ‘family’” one leaves their real family for and chooses “on the street.” (Calling this program “grooming,” it must be warned, will get you unceremoniously kicked off the largest social media platforms, by the way.)

At this point, it is legitimately a question as to why any adult would possibly consider Drag Queen Story Hour a good idea. DQSH surmounts this obvious challenge by selling itself deliberately as what it is not, both a necessary tool for increasing “LGBT empathy” and “family friendly.” Both of these designations are deliberate misdirections by the purveyors of Drag Queen Story Hour, who want to use it as a generative tool to lead (but not groom) young children into “queer culture” and “alternate modes of kinship” and desire.”

I’d highly recommend you spend some time at the New Discourses, there are many insightful and provocative essays to peruse.

“My people aren’t clueless to these facts. The word genocide is popping up like daisies in every support group and Queer bar across my little slice of rustbelt Americana, but I still can’t seem to inspire a single goddamn faggot to throw a fucking punch.”

 I wonder why?  Certainly not because your unhinged ranting is disconnected from reality.

“The stormtroopers are returning to Stonewall and every time I say revolution, my own fucking people stare at me like some kind of crazed heretic, telling me to simmer down and that this isn’t the appropriate time for such radicalism. Really? Then when? There is an open plot to erase us here. If this isn’t an appropriate time to arm ourselves to the teeth and batten down the hatches, then when is? I seriously want to know so I don’t miss the signal. Do we wait for the train cars to arrive at the gayborhoods? Or maybe we should just sing “We Shall Overcome” as they march us all into the fucking showers?”

I bet it is because they are tired.  Tired of the cognitive dissonance.  Tired of the constant ordering and reordering of who is “most oppressed” and what they can an not say based on some risible oppression matrix.  Tired of meeting every objection with hyperbole (see Holocaust references above) and coercive tactics.  It takes significant energy to be mad at everything all the time.

““Vote, march, be peaceful, repeat, vote, march, be peaceful, repeat…” this what they tell me over and over again. Hell, even the so-called radical Queers are simply peacefully marching to their local state capitols to demand that other powerful cis-gender people in Washington come to our rescue with the miracle of more useless legislation that no country sheriff or small-town principal is ever actually going to follow through on.

And they keep quoting Martin Luther King at me like braying birds, promising me with almost embarrassing sincerity that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but bends toward justice.” How do I politely break it to them that this is total fucking bullshit? First of all, King was quoting a 19th-century clergyman named Theodore Parker who was actually trying to console his fellow white abolitionists with the hollow promise that at least there would be justice in the sweet hereafter. Second, there exists no single clearer case that peaceful liberal democracy achieves exactly nothing than the endless struggle for anything that even remotely resembles civil rights in this country.”

  Living in the country with the most freedom and rights the world has ever seen and makes the claim that system that has brought all these rights to fruition JUST DOESN’T WORK(?).  We’ve gone full circle here and have returned to the constant negative complaining shtick.

[…] Skipping redundant ahistorical whinging.

“So, what happened to our precious liberal democracy? Motherfucker, this is your precious liberal democracy. I’ll let you in on one more dirty little secret. This liberalism gig is nothing but a bourgeoise drag show. The Age of Enlightenment occurred among the intellectual elites in the dark heart of Babylon during the height of colonialism, slavery and imperial genocide. From this same swamp of powdered wigs and pompous twats came the twin inventions of race and liberalism and both were devised for the exact same reason, to rationalize psychotic behavior.”

Trenchant class analysis with the solid argumentative support of “because I said so”. 

   “Like any other serial killer, the state desperately needs to believe in the benevolence of its own cruel existence in order not to crash like an idle shark. So, it replaced monarchies with congresses that hand out “rights” like gangsters hand out turkeys at Christmastime and it replaced puritanical crusades with the new secular religion of racial science, all in the name of the endless march of civilized progress.”

I wonder which editor at Counterpunch reviewed this copy and said, “Oh hey, this isn’t completely off the rails bat-shit crazy town speak.  Let’s print it.  I’d like to meet them and their purveyor of psychedelics.

“The gender binary was an invention of these same enlightened creeps too. More puritanical social conditioning masquerading as science. But the savages didn’t need to be fucking enlightened. Our pagan tribes were doing just fine before civilization came to brain us with the bludgeon of their historical arch. Pre-liberal societies from Africa to Atzlan existed for centuries without rigid gender boundaries, hierarchical racial caste systems and enlightened academic sociopaths. They also existed without prisons or monsters with badges to pack them full of broken children.

Searching for the Utopian vision that *obviously* existed in the past, and now *obviously* we have to burn down the current society to pave the way to return to the Utopian promised land…  It’s obvious “Nicky” has no plan on how to organize society after the glorious revolution, only that – somehow – it will be better.  Riiiiiiiiiiight. 

“The few major achievements in social progress that have ever been made in this country weren’t made by Washington or Harvard. They were made by wild unassimilated savages in the streets when they finally stopped singing and started swinging. The Civil Rights Act of 1968 was only signed into law under the duress of massive nationwide riots that came after Doctor King was assassinated, and a year later proud faggots like Storme DeLarverie and Marsha P. Johnson followed their lead by beating the police state stupid like a rented mule at Stonewall. The only reason that we didn’t achieve more is because we stopped short of the revolution that we needed to be free and the only reason that we stopped is because the state paid us to behave with temporary privileges that they call rights.

As long as the state stands, marginalized people will remain at the mercy of its enlightened aristocracy who will only ever give us just enough rights to behave and then replace them with more violence once we let our guards down. I don’t believe in coincidences because I don’t have the agency to afford them. Queer people became targets for genocide again the moment we began to assimilate into the same breeder state that Storme begged us to smash.”

*Yawn* – I hope that screaming into the Void is therapeutic for you.  For the rest of adult society it looks like a ill conceived temper tantrum, but go ahead an vehemently soil your diapers.  Keep doing you, you magnificent queer agitator.

“So, I’m going to ask you, people, one more time, as nicely as a bloodied but unbowed genderfuck bitch like me knows how to ask.”

All I’m getting from this is unbalanced and unwell man in dress vibes.  But as with all activist leftist bullshit one must always consult the oppression matrix to ‘prove’ the worth of your insights and commentary.  Never-you-mind those small details like comporting with the reality and history we all share…

“Why don’t you guys’ fucking do something? Justice doesn’t come from civilization, it comes from pissed-off freaks like you and me in the streets, and the arc of the moral universe doesn’t bend unless we grab it with both hands and wrap around the throats of the powerful.

When the state gets violent, reform becomes an act of mass suicide and I’m done with drinking that cult’s punch. It’s time to get fierce and it’s time to get organized. It’s time to finish the Stonewall Uprising and overthrow the government once and for all, side by side with every other tribe that refuses to conform to the institutional violence of liberal reform.”

You know that process… the incremental progress toward a more just and human society?  Fuck that shit.  Instead lets go full Tribalism and destroy that system that has made the US the most prosperous and most free nation on Earth.  I’m sure that a polity based on group identity and oppression will be just as good.  Somehow….

   This is the problem with the marxist/maoist bullshit.  They never lay out the plan for what success looks like.  It’s always in a process of becoming so no metrics can apply because really, when is the revolution ever finished. 

   “The revolution” certainly never leads to dictatorial authoritarian states that devalue human life and liberty.  That almost never happens…

“Queer revolution now!”

Not on my watch, or anyone else’s who happens to  values rationality, liberty, and democracy.  Come back to us when your utopian vision doesn’t end with an authoritarian nightmare.      




The CBC seems utterly transfixed (ha!) on erasing women from the public sphere. The CBC news headline from

“YWCA Regina stands by trans woman giving keynote speech at [a Woman’s] award event amid backlash”

We are going to go through the article and highlight what the YWCA aka the Young Women’s Christian Association is saying in an attempt to normalize the notion that males who ‘identify’ as women are actually women as per the definition of women: Adult Human Females. Spoiler: The YWCA’s rationalization will go poorly if you happen to value truth and reality. Let’s dig in and enjoy what happens when organizations become ideologically captured by the cult of gender.

“YWCA says feminist movement cannot evolve without inclusion of trans women”

Well, well, well.
It is nice they start off with the bullshit right off the top. What they have said here is that the feminist movement cannot evolve with the inclusion of adult human males. Isn’t obvious by now that females simply cannot have or run a movement without including men? It’s about time we evolved feminism by including and centring males within it. Nothing could go wrong…

“YWCA Regina is doubling down on its support of the transgender woman it chose to give the keynote speech at the 2023 Nutrien Women of Distinction Awards on May 6.
This comes after the speaker, Fae Johnstone, received significant backlash, transphobic remarks and threats after her attendance at the event was announced on April 21.”

Well of course they are ‘doubling down’. Dealing with recalcitrant females that object to a male colonizing and thus erasing females from society is definitely a clarion call to strengthen your resolve. For the benefit of the casual reader “transphobic remarks” encompass anything a gender ideologue doesn’t agree with.

“The announcement even resulted in calls from far right media to fire Johnstone, who is a high-profile trans activist and a YWCA Canada board member.”

According to most transactivists these days the far right includes anyone who doesn’t believe in their mystical beliefs. A quick quiz – can humans change their sex? If you answer “No”, the answer that comports with material reality we all share – welcome to the far right, you bigot.

But Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen, CEO of YWCA Regina, said the organization supports Johnstone wholeheartedly.
“She’s an incredible community leader in our country [and] has done a huge amount of work with the federal government on gender and sexually diverse policy and framework,” Coomber-Bendsten said.
“YWCA Regina chose Fae as our keynote speaker because I think that given the current climate that we’re under, it was so important to have the perspective of trans women be given and be shared with our community and Regina.”

The gender cult makes the inroads it does because it manages to manipulate women into somehow believing that men who call themselves women actually are women. Usually the angle used is ‘gosh these poor gender confused males are obviously the most marginalized people to have ever existed, let’s shit on all feminism and centre these poor men in our movement’. It is a fucking sad state of affairs when it becomes okay to erase females and their accomplishments in society in the name of a ‘diverse and shared’ community.

“Johnstone said she wasn’t surprised by the attacks she received, but is still saddened”.

Good. Get used to it buddy. Women are fighting back against transgender ideology and female erasure in our society.

“The far right will zero in on us. They’ll talk about how we’re a threat to women and children. But feminist organizations all across Canada, every major feminist organization in this country, recognizes that there is no gender equity without trans women,” Johnstone said.”

No. People who comport with reality and respect female rights, boundaries, and safety will oppose what you are doing and what you support. People like WRN Canada.

Yeah, so again, its the guilt association. Disagreeing with male gender fantasy pretty much automatically makes you “far right”. By this definition, most of Canada is ‘far right’.
Also, I’m not really sure how including gender-confused men in female spaces, services, and sports leads to “gender equity”. What it actually leads to is males taking female spots in society and making actual females feel unsafe in formally single sex spaces. So no, lets take a large pass on any notion of ‘gender equity’ from this individual.

“Coomber-Bendsten said the transphobic reaction to Johnstone giving the keynote speech originally came from outside Regina, but was quickly picked up inside the community through social media, phone calls, emails and even people delivering handwritten letters to the YWCA.”

Women speaking about how inappropriate it is to have a man giving the keynote address at a female awards show is apparently ‘transphobic’. People calling you on your bullshit is what happens in a free society, and let me assure you, the bullshit is flowing hard and fast at the YWCA.

“She said many far right organizations believe trans women are detrimental to the feminist movement. But the YWCA and Johnstone disagree.”

The far right are certainly a powerful entity in Canadian society… (do keep in mind if you like to comport with reality and science this makes you irrecoverably ‘far right-wing’) or maybe just a fantastical construction designed to frighten people into silence about the gender cult. Because the gender cultists do not have arguments. Instead they have to threaten, bully, and intimidate those who would dare question their toxic ideology.

“Trans women experience significant gender inequity. We are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to experience hate, harassment and violence in our lives,” Johnstone said.”

Those with serious mental issues when it comes to dealing with reality and clinging delusions about themselves almost always have serious issues with state of and their place in society. We as a society should seek to get people with gender delusions the rational evidence based therapeutic help they need.

“So a feminist movement that is truly imagining a better world for everybody, one in which we have eradicated gender norms … it has to include transgender, diverse people because we often bear the brunt or significant volume of the hate.”

The misuse of feminist critique is off the charts here. Gender norms (aka gender) are a sets of ‘expected’ behaviours and norms that members of the respective sexes are supposed to follow to be a ‘normal’ male or female in society. These sex stereotypes hurt both women and men in society and their role in society should be diminished. Males and females should not face strictures for operating outside of the perceived gender norms.
Transgender ideology is the polar opposite of this notion. If your male child plays with dolls and is nurturing then by this ideology he needs to be ‘transitioned (put on off-label puberty blockers/cross-sex hormones/surgically mutilated and rendered infertile)’ into a woman. Transgender ideology and the cult of gender is actually reactionary as it seeks to codify the gender stereotypes of what being a male or female is.
Whereas, second wave feminists and many rational people would say people should adopt whichever stereotypes/behaviours they are comfortable with and be done with it. For example, if you are male and want to rock a dress or skirt, that all good. You are a male who likes wearing typically female clothing. All good. You be you, bro! What dress wearing doesn’t do, in any tangible way, is make you female.

“YWCA Regina serves two-spirit peoples, trans women, gender diverse and sexually diverse women in its shelters, programs, outreach and harm reduction work. Coomber-Bendsten said the staff is also diverse and includes transgender women.”

It’s okay to help other people out. It isn’t okay if you get sucked into their reality denying cult.

“We feel a big responsibility to make sure that we are answering that call to action to create an inclusive space in a more safe space. We’ve done a lot of work but, you know, acknowledging that we still have lots of work to do,” said Coomber-Bendtsen.

Bullshit. This is how Woke-Speak works. I will bet millions of dollars that their ‘inclusive space” does not include gender critical women (aka TERFS). The inclusion and safety comes to abrupt halt when you disagree with their gender magic and want to deal with material reality and evidence based arguments. Be aware of the double meanings when activists speak, because what they say and what they mean are almost always two different things.

“Johnstone said there is no way to advance feminism without recognizing that there is not just one definition of a woman and that women won’t always share the same experiences.”

Feminism has been doing just fine with centring females in its movements and actions in society. The only definition needed is this one: Woman = Adult human female.

“”I don’t have everything in common with women who aren’t trans, just like I, as a white woman, have a different experience of womanhood than a Black or Indigenous woman might. It’s not about a universal understanding of womanhood, it’s about dismantling the structures of violence and inequity that harm all of us,” said Johnstone.”

You have nothing in common with adult human females, as you are a man. Socialized as a man and raised as one. You can’t know what its like to be a woman because you are not one.

“While Johnstone is excited to give the keynote speech at the awards, she said she’s tired of the transphobic hate she receives. She said she has been targeted seven times in seven months by far right groups. Johnstone has received death threats and been encouraged to end her life.
“Trans people aren’t asking for much. We’re asking for human rights, dignity and equality,” said Johnstone.”

Trans human rights, dignity and equality is code for this:

A little more on Johnstone’s activism. His words speak for themselves –

Why not fund the Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter? It is exclusively a single sex shelter. Sorry raped women, your sanctuary just isn’t “inclusive” enough for Johnstone.

Johnstone’s “inclusivity” ends quite abruptly when when women start speaking about their rights, boundaries, and safety.

“Coomber-Bendtsen said many people believe that when people focus on including trans women and other marginalized communities, it takes away from their own needs.
“That couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said.
Coomber-Bendsten said that a lack of knowledge or understanding in the country does lead to a lack of empathy.
“It is that collective move forward with empathy and knowledge that is really going to bring change in our community.”
While there was vitriol and online attacks following the keynote announcement, YWCA Regina said it also received calls from people that wanted tickets to the event so they could understand more about trans women.”

What is actually stunning is the complete ideological capture of the YMCA. There is a stunning lack of empathy for women whose rights, boundaries, and safety have all been jeopardized and put at risk because of the inane desire to put males into female spaces. Empathy is not required in this situation. Just a large dose of commonsense and a return to respecting females in Canadian society.
Look at how the international YWCA versus the Canadian Branch defines itself. Guess which one retains the focus on females and their needs and which one has been corrupted by gender ideology.

– The Young Women’s Christian Association ( YWCA) is a nonprofit organization with a focus on empowerment, leadership, and rights of women, young women, and girls in more than 100 countries. The World office is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, and the nonprofit is headquartered in Washington, DC.
– YWCA (Canada) – Canada is a leading voice for women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people. For 150 years, we’ve been at the forefront of a movement: to fight gender-based violence, build affordable housing and advocate for workplace equity.

I digress, but it is hard to miss when it is out in plain sight. Let’s finish the article.

“The 2023 Nutrien Women of Distinction Award will be held on May 6 at the GT Lounge. For the first time, this year’s event sold out within two days.
The YWCA said since receiving transphobic backlash, sponsors of the awards event have voiced their continued support.”

The 2023 Nutrien Women of Distinction Award will be distinct for a entirely different set of reasons than those intended. The distinction is highlighting the colonization of female spaces in society by gender confused males and erasure of females in Canadian society.

Well here we be in 2022 and for some reason the news media seems to have forgotten some very basic facts about the human species.  Humans are exclusively a sexually dimorphic species – that is males produce small motile gametes and have their physiology arranged around that aspect of reproduction while females produce large immobile games and also have their physiology arranged around that same biological aspect.

Jessica Robb, the author of this propaganda piece on the CTV website either does not know the differences between the sexes or is unwilling to state them.  We certainly cannot have factual information intruding on a news article – heavens, that might just incur critical thought, and we all know that’s not encouraged these days.

So instead of presenting the situation with arguments from both sides of the issue we have to suffer through a woe soaked piece that entails how hard it is coerce the rest of society conform to the dictates of mental illness and what hardship this ‘struggle’ happens to be.  The amount of bullshit per square centimeter in this article has sent the Red Pen of Justice a-quivering in anticipation of a thorough Fisking of gender identity and the vortex of bullshite that surrounds it.

And here… we… go.

“Advocates are calling an email sent by United Conservative Party leadership candidate Brian Jean as transphobic and dangerous for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.”

  Ah, jebus lord on a cracker! Bringing out the big bullshite right out of the gate.  Apparently sending an email containing truthful statements about the reality we all share is both “transphobic” and “dangerous“.  One of the fun games to play when you see the word “transphobic” being sprinkled into a conversation is to get the individual to define exactly what transphobia is and how it applies in the context of the situation.  Because more often than not something being “transphobic” simply means that argument /situation/context “X” is something the person in question doesn’t agree with, but has no cogent argument to tell you persuasively why statement “X” is wrong.

“Jean’s campaign sent an email Friday morning to supporters that challenged letting transgender and non-binary athletes compete in sports using their preferred identity.

“There should be two categories in sport,” the email read. “One for biological men, and one for biological women. Going through puberty as a male makes changes to your body that are permanent and cannot be denied.

“This should not be a controversial thing for a common sense person to say,” it added.”

Men should compete with men and women should compete with women.  This is the commonest of senses dictated by the reality we all share.  Nothing controversial to see here unless you under the auspices that human beings can somehow change their sex category because they “feel” like it.


  “Anna Murphy, a community advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ and women’s issues, said his transphobic comments were not only “unacceptable” themselves, but disappointing to be used as a way to fundraise.”

Parse this sentence.  The statement that men should compete against men and women versus women has been deemed “transphobic”.  Here we see how the gender-religious work their word games – denouncing anything their religion doesn’t like automatically is transphobic.

“We are not just going to talk about it, but we are going to fundraise off of rolling back your protection,” Murphy said. “What Mr. Jean is doing is dehumanizing and completely coming at this from the base of complete intolerance and ignorance. It is hurtful.”

Rolling back protections?  What?  How can stating basic biological facts be ‘rolling back’ protections?  Furthermore correctly stating that categorization in sports is necessary in the interests of fairness and safety for its participants is neither dehumanizing nor intolerant – rather it is an *entirely sensical and ethical* notion.

And of course it is ‘hurtful’.  Because when you behave like a vulnerable narcissist everything is an attack.  It also a ploy to play on your empathy which allows them to maintain their bullshit point of view while you have to change yours in a attempt to ‘be kind’ and ‘show compassion’.  It just one ploy among many deployed by the gender religious to avoid critique and discussion.

  “You have to imagine that you are getting an email that your identity, that your existence is invalid,” Murphy added.

Welcome to the next ploy.  Validation and Existence.  This ploy is on page one of the gender religious handbook.  It is (yet) another rhetorical subterfuge to avoid honest discussion and debate. 

  Here is how to avoid being invalidated by a nasty fact based email from Brian Jean.

   1.  Scroll down to email in your email client.

   2.  Use your mouse to find the trashcan icon.

   3.  Press the trashcan icon.

   4.  Celebrate the fact you’ve dealt with a statement you disagree with like a normal well adjusted adult. 

These people… 

   No one is obligated to validate you or any of your bullshit queer identities.  Making others responsible for your feelings is recipe for a mental health disaster.  The rest of society seems mostly quite able to handle life without being held by the hand and given validation cookies whenever they have a sad.  If you are this mentally broke – seek qualified professional help – because the problem is most likely *you* and not the people around you (see vulnerable narcissism).

“April Friesen, Trans Equality Society of Alberta president, told CTV News Edmonton that the email showed he doesn’t care about vulnerable trans youth and adults who already face barriers to acceptance.”

Imagine actually believing that human beings can change their sex.  It is up there with the Flat-Earthers.  The belief in gender-magic SHOULD be a barrier to acceptance in greater society.  We need public policy grounded in factual, objective reality, not the subjective gender-whims of small minority whose voice is currently being unreasonably amplified in society.  Please, in your private life, do what you will, identify how you would like.  No one cares.  The expectations of others to take on the tenets of your gender religion are unrealistic and unacceptable.  So no, Mr.Man your gender feelings do not make you female, not ever.  Stating that opinion is neither hateful nor is it bigoted – it comports with the material reality we all share. 

“He’s not having real empathy here for the people who are affected by it, and he’s showing that he doesn’t understand the science because the science is not with him on what he is saying,” Friesen said.”

Disagreement (or stating facts for that matter) does not preclude empathy.  See what is going on here – ‘If you disagree with my feelings on this matter the problem is *you* and you being *mean*; regardless of the objective truth status of the claim being made.  Facts really do not matter to the gender-religious, especially ones that contradict their gender edicts.

This emotional ploy is followed up with a straight lie.  The science is indeed in and it demonstrates the need for distinct categories in sports to keep it fair and safe for all participants. So, we know objectively, that April Friesen is lying or horribly misinformed.

“He’s engaged in all this disinformation and arming all these people with all this stuff that isn’t true, and they’re now going out into the world and acting on it.”

  James Lindsey created a Law for this –  The Iron Law of Woke Projection.  And indeed, it never misses.  Gender acolytes are notorious for their poor grasp of what the actual science is on relevant matters and for muddling the waters in the name of their ideology.  There is no reputable scientific paper stating that humans can change sex – yet the transactivists (aka the gender religious) just keep doing what they do (confabulating on a grand-scale and cry-bullying their way into positions of institutional power).

Kristopher Wells, Canada Research Chair for the public understanding of sexual and gender minority youth, said that Jean of all people should know that gender identity and expression have been protected by the province’s human rights legislation for nearly a decade.

  Kristopher Wells should know that gender identity runs headlong into problems when faced with the realities of the biological implications of sex.  Gender is mostly a social construct and its dictates change with the context and society it happens to exist in.  Sex is firmly rooted in objective reality and *must* be deferred to when making important decisions in society.

“(He is) making an issue where there is no issue,” Wells added. “Trans young people have been able to participate in sports in this province and in this country for many years without the kinds of incidents or hysteria that Brian Jean’s email claims will happen.”

“Brain Jean is just really opening an issue that has long been settled in Canada through policy and the governing bodies of sport.”

Calling Bullshit on this Kristopher.  Children have always been welcome to fairly compete in the correct sex category.  There has been no public discussion on whether children can participate in the sex category they feel they are as opposed to what they are in reality.  That sort of debate would bring with it public inquiry and force discussion about the bullshit that is gender identity and the fatuous claims it makes.   There has been no discussion and you know that Kristopher because if exposed to the light of day and actual critical analysis your ‘case’ would fall apart like the rotten house of cards it is.

“Wells, also an associate professor at MacEwan University, says Jean’s remarks can help legitimize harmful rhetoric and reintroduce stereotypes.”

Woke Projection never misses.  At the very core of the gender ideology religion is the notion that there exists the notion of “Feeling Like a Woman” or “Feeling Like A Man”.  How they characterize these “feelings” is to reiterate the gender stereotypes (you know the ones actual Feminists have been fighting against) and say because I emulate these gender stereotypes that – in reality – makes (insert magical gender-wizardering sounds here) me that gender.

   Transgender ideologythe woke religion – is hair on fire super-crazy-regressive nonsense.  You are not a woman because you like cooking, wearing dresses, and nurturing.  Just like you are not a man because you like sports, wearing suits, and being emotionally distant.  These are just arbitrary features we’ve assigned to people who happen to be female or male.  All it takes to be a woman is to be an adult human female the same with being a man, all it takes is being an adult human male.  No gender-anything required.  Let’s represent what I just said in picture format.


“This is about trying to score cheap political points at the expense of vulnerable people,” Wells said. “It has real consequences because it legitimizes discrimination and, in some cases, violence.”

No, this is about stating objective facts about the reality we all share.  If certain people do not like or want to share that reality, then indeed it is their problem and thus, the rest of society should not have to reorder itself around a fatuous set of ideas that do not comport with material reality.

   Acknowledging objective categories for the sake of fair play and safety isn’t “discrimination”.  Again, witness the ‘if you don’t agree with me you are causing violence’ ploy.  It is exhausting having to deal with hyperbolic emotional coercion.

“It’s blatantly false. It’s disingenuous,” the professor added. “These kinds of comments are harmful and have no place in Alberta politics.”

The good professor here demonstrates that even with a degree it is entirely possible to have your head up your ass and make erroneous straight faced statements like this one – stating that categorizing sports via biological sex is a false and disingenuous notion. 

     That degree you have shows that you once maybe had use of intellectual rigour and standards – try and find those things again try again soon.

“For Murphy, who identifies as a transgender woman, the real consequences are on kids who are growing up and learning about or questioning their gender identity.

“I remember what it is like to be them,” Murphy said. “I’ve got the scars to prove it.”

Childhood and growing up isn’t easy for everyone in society.  We all are shaped by our experiences.  What makes childhood more difficult is having adults trying to take advantage of your insecurities and groom you into a regressive way of thinking and dealing with the world.

“It’s important that we challenge that ignorance,” she added. “So ultimately, we can become better neighbours with one another in the community that we all have to inhabit.”

Bullshit.  If coexistence and integration were the actual goals of the trandgender/queer movement we would not be having this discussion.  When the mottos of your movement include “No Debate” and “Acceptance without Exception” it becomes very clear that you do NOT want to be part of existing society, but rather you to burn down the present society and then cobble together a ‘better’ one it with your values centred in it.

  Not. Going. To. Happen.

  The transgender religion and its denial of reality (of sex and of categories), the policing of others thoughts, and the erasure of women as a class in society will not be tolerated.

When you are ready to actually integrate into our liberal society that values freedom of thought and free speech and the exchange (and critique) of ideas I’ll be the first to warmly welcome you into the fold.

  Until then, not so much.



The Arbourist – brought to you by the RPOJ.






It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Red Pen of Justice post.  The lack of the world revolving around this individual required the treatment.  Enjoy.


This from a ‘article’ on the Huffpost.


Lately, I’ve been embroiled in what feels like constant conversations about pronouns. The wrong ones. The right ones. The preferred ones. Hint: That third category is defunct.

Oh I agree.  Pronouns being a neutral part of speech are descriptors that relate to either males, females, or a group of people. 

As a nonbinary trans person who uses they/them/theirs pronouns as my terms of address, I suppose I should be celebrating this influx of discourse on the proper usage of pronouns. Truthfully, I’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted just by you listing how you intend to gather wounds and whinge about the world not thinking that you are the most special snowflake on the block.

In the six years since I have “come out,” I’ve witnessed the concept of pronoun inclusivity shift from fundamentally Martian to hotly contested.

On the macro level, pronouns have become a cultural battlefield, an email-signature garnish, a token signifier of righteousness for organizations who want to rebrand themselves as politically savvy and inclusive. Personally, within several of my closest relationships, the fact that I require ungendered pronouns when referring to me in the third person has become the source of deep strain and disappointment.

Yes because rational members of adult society are not really big on compelled speech.  Especially speech that requires us to lie about reality.

I have lived a relatively transient life, undertaking several cross-country moves, and my friends and family hail from and are currently situated within a diverse range of locales ― large cities, suburban landscapes and small rural towns ― with varying political orientations. I have always felt fortunate to have found love and support in so many different places.

But I feel duped by some of the positive reactions from my friends and loved ones when I initially came out as transmasc/nonbinary. In retrospect, that was the easy part. I was the only one changing.

For the gender magic unintiated transmasc is defined as follows: is a term used to describe transgender people who generally were assigned female at birth and identify with a masculine gender identity to a greater extent than with a feminine gender identity.  Basically a substitute for anything resembling an interesting personality.

In the years since, I have come to find that I am in constant competition with my past. For a while, I flinched when I was misgendered but said nothing. Then, I began giving gentle reminders, followed by long-winded overtures of understanding. I felt guilty and embarrassed, and made sure to emphasize that effort was all that mattered to me.

Recently, though, I’ve begun pushing back: “You’ll have to do better” is my new refrain.

”It’s not that easy,” folks say. “I’ve known you for so long. I can’t just shift overnight.”

   Funny that, people having to lie about what their eyes are seeing and what their brain is telling them, take awhile to become normalizied (if ever).  Imagine that someone demanded that every time you were around them you would have to call the colour red “blue” because they had decided that is how they wished to perceive the world.

I am bitterly resentful of my resilient former self. Like a ghost, the memory of prior me looms overhead, my family and friends gazing upward longingly, seemingly desperate for a reprieve from my militant current iteration — the me who demands to be termed accurately.

“‘They’ is plural,” some argue. “It’s ‘incorrect’ English.” Or “What about the facts of human biology?” Or “Shouldn’t you also be concerned with my comfort?”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you,” they assert. And yet, they insist: “I mean no disrespect. I love you. I accept you. I’m trying. I need more time.“

Yeah, the people that care for you see the gender bullshite you’ve swallowed hook line and sinker and hope that maybe you can untangle yourself from the gender identity cult madness that you’re neck deep into now.

I struggle to articulate what it feels like to be misgendered. There are dozens of relevant metaphors. A million tiny paper cuts, I decide upon. Individually, they sting. En masse, they can overwhelm the nervous system. Become infected.

People accurately noting your sex and using the correct pronouns.  Quelle horreur!  

However, it isn’t for lack of care, I’m reassured.

I recently shared a story with a close family member of having been misgendered by a friend’s partner. My friend had defended me, and a falling-out between the couple had ensued. I was genuinely crestfallen when my relative responded with, “You realize that you ruined their relationship, right?” I bit my lip and looked away, opting to change the subject.

While the interaction was hurtful, it also underscored to me that these interactions do not simply constitute slips of the mind or squabbles regarding semantics. What is central to these moments is an interrogation of personhood, not pronouns.

Seek professional help if your personal well being and identity resolve around the application of pronouns in your presence. 

Sure, my friends and family might espouse progressive political ideologies; they might even intellectually support the idea of my authenticity. But in practice, they fail to see that these are the critical moments in which my identities are ultimately affirmed or nullified.

As I think more critically about these conversations, I feel regret about the moments wherein I have avoided asking the hard questions that cut clear through the façade of language: Do you believe I have the right to demand respect regarding my trans identity? Is defending me, my personhood, worth losing a relationship? Do you care about me, beyond the ways in which my presence enhances your life?

The obligation of others to affirm your subjective gender identity is precisely zero.  Basing your self esteem entirely on external validation is a recipe for social and mental disaster. 

“I struggle to articulate what it feels like to be misgendered. There are dozens of relevant metaphors. A million tiny paper cuts, I decide upon. Individually, they sting. En masse, they can overwhelm the nervous system.”

The resulting friction from these interactions has had negative consequences in my relationships. I feel myself withdrawing from people I love — avoiding interactions that might lead to misgendering and shrinking in conversations that once felt safe and enjoyable.

This very much seems like a *you* problem.

Inversely, I’ve been told that spending time with me feels more cumbersome now. I sense the unease that some of my most cherished counterparts feel regarding the necessary intentionality that goes into rewiring their perceptions of me.

In addition to longstanding relationships, new connections are often marked with a similar tension regarding my pronouns. Recently, a friend recounted a conversation she had with a friend of hers in anticipation of our upcoming first meeting.

Though I don’t recall ever explicitly articulating a maximum quota on misgenderings per new acquaintance, she forewarned her friend with surprising accuracy, “You have about 2 or 3 hangouts with Kels where they will be fairly understanding of that mistake. Beyond that, they’re pretty unlikely to pursue a friendship with you.”

   Yeah, dealing with people’s gender-magic is awkward.  Just like being forced to take part in another culture’s religious ceremonies, it usually doesn’t end well.

Aghast, the friend responded, “Wait, you mean to tell me that if we’ve spent time together on five separate occasions, gotten along otherwise, and I misgender them, they won’t want to see me again?”

“Correct,” my friend replied.

“That’s ridiculous,” her friend countered. “If that’s true, Kels is going to live one lonely life.”

I took a moment to contemplate her prediction.

Without a doubt, the idea of dwindled community triggers the fear of loneliness within me. So much so that year after year, I’ve accepted half-hearted apologies and nebulous reassurance from folks who claim to have a deep investment in my happiness but have been unwilling to work toward improvement in understanding my identities and experience.

It wasn’t until recently that I even allowed the idea of severance to pervade my mind. I am a person who needs people. This current emotional arrangement, however — the perpetual promise of future change — no longer feels tenable.

So to you, the newly emergent grammar evangelists, nascent physiologists, and free speech activists in my life, I say this: I will no longer fight you on your truth. You do, in fact, have the right to reject my pleas for change. Your requests for unmonitored, unfettered time and space to prepare for ambiguous future growth will be honored. I, however, will be increasingly absent.

Thank god.  No one has this much time to deal with pernicious narcissism of this caliber.

The idea of having to lose some of the people closest to me, the folks who have helped to shape me into the person I am, is devastating. However, I consider having access to me, my time and my company to be a gift, not a given, for anyone in my sphere. I’m clear on my inherent worth as a person, despite all of the ways in which society at large devalues me.

See above statement in red.

To be frank, this process of change requires concerted effort. To be franker, I think that trans and nonbinary people are worth the effort.

To also be frank – playing word-games in your bullshit gender religion makes pissing up a rope look like a worthwhile endeavor.

The RPOJ comes for thee RPF.

Wow.  Do any of you remember the first Indiana Jones film?  Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Remember the beginning the tense action sequence when Indy switches the statue for a holy satchel of sand and then all hell breaks loose, Indy has to run for his life, avoiding darts, boulders, and irate local inhabitants. It was a tense and glorious romp.

What we are about to partake in, isn’t like that at all.

Imagine if you will, that very Indy-esque moment happening here in the blogosphere, but instead of a golden statue, a freshly polished intellectual turd, a veritable extruded husk of bullshit argumentation.  And the satchel, instead, a thread bare mouldy hassock filled with a funky-spunky hash of whingy-cringy manspination.  The switch is made, the anticipation rises… then falls limp in its sublimely uninteresting putrescence.  There is no heroic dash to safety, no hairsbreadth escape,  only the grim realization that there is no where to go, but down.

This article is from a genuine RED PILL FATHER (see also Reactionary Pile of Fuckery).  He has taken the path of seeing feminism, as only a man can see it, and since it is how a man sees it, it MUST BE true.  What is fascinating is the asymptotic nature (he comes close to having a clue on at least one occasion) of his knowledge of feminism being put on display – this RPF, has read things… things on the internet no less, that describe what feminism is, but evidently information written by people who know sweet fuck all about what feminism is.

Let us begin.

“As a Red Pill Father, one of my main goals in life, beyond making my life, and as a consequence of that, my marriage better, is ensuring that I prevent, to the best of my ability, the tainting of my young daughter’s minds with modern day Feminism.”

Because a base level of narcissism is required to be a douche, thus I will make it a requirement, perhaps even to the level of necessary ‘background douche-radiation’ (see male socialization),  for ‘being successful at life’.  And apparently allowing your daughter access to the philosophy/praxis that seeks to ground her humanity into the fabric of society is a compete and utter non-starter.  Sorry hunny, no human being status for you.

“This is part one of a three part series of posts I’ll do depicting how Feminism is lying to both men and women”

It’s kinda creepy, yet edifying to see RPF mistakenly categorize feminism as monolithic singular totality.  One might surmise that RPF is a fan of morally simplistic binary thinking and all of the sound and fury that emanates from such etymologically denuded intellectual black holes.  Because fuck nuance and attention to detail; it makes wrapping the tinfoil around one’s head so much more difficult.

” and how fathers today can combat it so their sons and daughters don’t end up buying into the modern Feminist lie at their own expense.”

Ah, RPF is a tinfoil wrapped holy crusader of man-justice, ready to dispense wisdom and shield his property children from the great evil feminist satan.

“Classical vs Modern Feminism

Not everyone will agree with me on this but Feminism, in it’s earliest iterations (I’m talking late 1800s suffragists), started out as a movement with honorable intentions, back when actual inequality of opportunity between the sexes existed.”
   Oh thanks RPF dude.  I’m glad you approve of women striving to be recognized as human in society.  You’re not going to qualify your approval of women’s struggle are you?  That would be a dick move…
“However, […]”
“However, even with that goal, the feminist narrative of equal rights and suffrage was tainted as it didn’t come with “equal responsibility” for women.  For example, women were not subject to the military draft, even to this day, but were granted the right to vote. It wasn’t until the promise was made that women wouldn’t be drafted that more women got on board with the suffrage movement.”
   Ah, the vernerable draft chestnut.  If you can’t serve the military-machine then its completely obvious and follows that you should have no say in how the county is run.  All aboard the shit-boat of stupidity.  RPF is also no longer subject to the draft circa 2019 thus he also qualifies as lacking in ‘responsibility’ and therefore by his criteria, have no voting rights.
   “So from the start, even though the intentions were good, the stated intention of true “equality” is a lie.”
   I suspect that RPF would not know equality if bit him firmly on the ass, but we should let his assertions demonstrate, rather than me, your humble host tell you particular fact.
“They wanted all of the authority given to men with none of the responsibilities, and they got it.”
   Ah yes, I can recall that golden age, where women could work where they pleased, in any profession, open a bank account, hell… even marry and divorce whomever they saw fit back during the days of first wave feminism.
   Actually, no.  Women could do none of the above and the fact the RPF glosses over these inconvenient truths is proof positive he is filled to the brim with his own bullshit.  Feminism is the female struggle for liberation from patriarchy, and in the case of First Wave, struggle for base acknowledgement as human beings.  This talk of ‘authority’ and ‘responsibilities’ is but mere projection of your twisted view of society through your (a)historic lens.
“And it’s this quite unequal dynamic that persists into today and is causing the feminists to want more and more authority for less responsibility. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”
   One of the key features of the MRA/Redpill dynamic is the reversal of the dominant/subordinate roles.  You see, we still live in a patriarchy, where men’s hands hold the levers of power and circumscribe how society functions.  There has been no historical reversal of the power roles.  No, what makes the MRA cabal’s fevered minds twist and spin is the mere notion that they cannot be the sole arbiters of power in society anymore.  The gall of women to assert that they should have *any* say in society is a evil for them that does not sleep.
“I believe that women’s suffrage can coexist with women who vote in the best interests of our culture and society, but those interests have to be informed and framed by the masculine and with the requisite amount of actual authority given to those who carry the lion’s share of responsibility.”
   You can vote Sweety, but only how I see fit.  RPF is stupid as he is condescending.  Nothing *needs* to be framed by the masculine.  Most of the bat shit crazy that exists in the world today is precisely because we continue to frame issues in terms of the masculine.  So no, you don’t get to dispense with the basic female rights to human being status, because of your misguided notion of responsibility (which so far is the right to be drafted into male initiated slaughter – I’m still trying to square how ‘responsible behaviour’ jives with participating in mass slaughter).
“Just as you will be the best father for your children by fulfilling your role as a masculine role model and wielding your authority for the good of your family.”
   Have you missed out on the last 30 years so of sociological research that points to negative outcomes for children of parents that adapt stereotypical gender roles?  Apparently so.  Families thrive when there is trust, compassion, and empathy.  Your notions of masculine authority are shit.
“It wasn’t the female vote that got us here today, it was the continued onslaught of overzealous Feminism in its false crusade for the elusive, and already achieved, “equality” sans the commensurate responsibility for women that got us here.”
   Its good to know that men are responsible for the violent culture we live in, responsible for the desecration of the earth and responsible for the wars and senseless bloodletting that continue on, even as this article is penned.
“Classical vs Modern Feminism:
  • Equal pay for the “same” work.
    • Right to vote,
  • Pursuit of happiness and liberty.

VS Modern

    • [1] Women are to be celebrated and advantaged above all else, at the expense of men.
  • [2] These expectations reign even over the right of an unborn child to live.
  • [3] Believe all women all the time without verifying.  What happened to Trust but Verify?”

Wow.  So much bullshit condensed down into handy bullet points.

  1.  Examples?  Because women now dominate every facet of society.  Women in key political office, captains of industry, they are everywhere.  In fact they are the defacto status quo – all of literature is about women and their achievements.  Pop culture is chock full of positive female role models that demonstrate talent and ability and determined effort are all societal sanctioned keys to female success (nay dominance, to believe RPF’s hokum).
  2.   What?  You mean women have a right to say what goes on in their own bodies and determine their productive futures as they see fit – like real human beings with rights and everything?  You have no idea what pregnancy does to the female body, if you did, you’d stop saying fatuous bullshit like this.
  3. The fuck?  What does this even mean?  Women’s inferior status in society comes with a bevy of problems when accessing the political and legal systems within our society.  Women are still fighting to be heard and working toward reducing the bias against them for reporting the sexual violence against them, because shockingly in a patriarchy, women are not encouraged to hold men accountable for their shitty behaviour.


“Feminism originally started out to correct actual injustices in society but has gone so far that it is now making both men and women miserable.”

Feminism has always been antagonistic toward male power and privilege, this fact makes you sad.

Feminism today is not about equality, it’s about disempowering and emasculating men.”

As stated earlier, (effective) Feminism is about the liberation of women from the structures of society that oppress them.  So, if by correcting male excess in society is ’emasculating’; so be it.

“Children are very sensitive to what is “fair.”  Whether it’s the size of the piece of cake they get compared to their friends, how much time they or their siblings get to play with Daddy. They know and they keep score.  One day this past year my young daughter became aware of “International Girls Day.”  She asked what it’s about and her very next question was, “Is there a Boy’s Day?”  Young minds, untainted by the Feminist supremacy agenda, can detect inequality.”

Probably the same reason there isn’t a white history month you slack-jawed oxygen thief.

“Take advantage of that now. Reinforce this. Feminists of today would say, “Who cares about Boys Day… they’ve had their turn.””

Well that and every other day happens to be ‘boys day’.  Funny how that works when you happen to be in the class that is accorded personhood by default.

“Which is the other side is the “It’s HER turn” coin. It’s just reverse sexism or “Also Sexism.” Not a child. A child knows better and so do Red Pill aware men.”

Reverse sexism.  Wow, those slaves sure could oppress their masters couldn’t they.  Just like the people of colour regularly practice reverse racism against white people.  *sigh*.  Trying to make the playing field even when it intrinsically isn’t is the second play in the (‘oppressed’) white dude play book.   Minorities can most certainly discriminate, but their prejudices are not reinforced and normalized by the rest of society.  Apples and oranges my dear whingy faux-oppressed RPF.

“I’ll take Tolpin’s point a step farther and assert that Feminism, in it’s modern form, not only tells women they don’t need men but continues to assure that men are made into ATM-Betas through the family court system.”

The court system remains in favour of men.  I know the notion that being responsible for children is tough (kinda funny that you state earlier your anti-abortion ‘ethic’, and yet here are decidedly anti-family-responsibility) and quite unpalatable for RPF like yourself.

“Our femcentric culture ensures that women still have full access to the resources and money that men possess, even if men choose not to play by their rules. So of course women don’t need men nowadays, the State has ensured, through the establishment of Feminist legislation, they get that support either way.”

I’d like to know when it because femcentric culture, because I think that it doesn’t exist outside RPF’s fevered dreams.  Do note his keen yearings for the golden age where women had no rights and their survival depended upon the largess of men.

The notion that women share the same status as men must be truly horrifying to RPF.  You mean women are not merely objects to be possessed and collected – the hatred of women must be intense to conjure up this opposite world fantasy the RPF spouts.  I don’t see any other reason for it.

“I truly believe, and the social evidence supports this*, that Feminism is not only detrimental to men, it’s disparaging to family, marriage and is even doing women a disservice.”

*Citation needed

  Also, how would full human being status for females damage society?  The only artifact that looks threatened with female liberation is patriarchy.

“The lie has hurt many women who prioritized “moving up the corporate ladder,” while putting off having a family until they’re 40 only to find that at that age, attracting a quality man is difficult and their prospects for conceiving a baby naturally are severely diminished. “

Because baby making is the ultimate expression of female achievement.  Fuck off with your misogynistic, antediluvian   attitudes dude.

“This is not the future I want for my daughters.”

The mindfuck you are subjecting them to is darkening their future as you speak.



Thanks folks, and thanks(?) to the manosphere for providing such a bountiful harvest of stupidity.

The ‘inclusivity’ stupid train just keeps on chugging along over at ShoutoutJMU.  Not an argument or even a shade of nuance is to be found there.  Just dull eyed listless opprobrium meant to keep people in line and critical analysis at bay.

It is an insipid shit show, and we all know by now that the RPOJ is a vehicle build specifically for shit-shows.  But let us not tarry further – let’s see what this “feminist” resource has to offer on the subject of the intersection between radical feminism and queer politics.


“Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists are one of the worst kinds of people out there. You’re not a feminist, so you’ve been canceled.”

Wow.  Such insight, much praxis, good enlightening…  Starting your thoughts off with insults and slander always sets the stage for a charitable, honest, and productive discussion. 

   The only aspect missing is a strawman caricature of your opponents position to savagely beat and make your fellow besotted acolytes feel powerful….

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. These are “feminists” who consistently choose to leave trans folks OUT of the conversation.”

Radical feminism, or effective feminism, is the project to liberate women (Adult human females) from the patriarchal constructs of society.  Generally speaking radical feminist theory and praxis revolves around identifying social structures in society that are oppressing women, raising the consciousness of women being affected by said structures, then analyzing and deconstructing said oppressive edifices with the goal of the emancipation of women from patriarchy. 

   A helpful insight provided free of charge – One of the primary axis of oppression women experience is based on their sex.  The means of this oppression is the construct of gender which dictates and imposes the inferior role for women in society.

   The radical feminist solution is working toward the abolition of gender in society, because the of the harmful nature of the construct for both women and men. 

   Radical Feminists are therefore about the liberation of women in society, and centring women in that struggle.  The activist world is big, if you’re not feeling like you’re the primary concern in Feminism (the struggle for female liberation) then start your own damn movement and stop co-opting feminism proper for goals that do not focus on the female struggle against patriarchy.

  Also since trans identified females (Tif’s) are in fact, female, they are subject to the same sex based oppression all females face and indeed are included under the aegis of effective female-centric feminism. 

“Why? Because, well they suck.”

Queer theorists and the SJW ilk are just full of profoundly deep explanations for their assertions.  To be fair though, they are gangbusters at circular arguments, but that’s still coming; so hold on to your hats folks, the circus ride of abjectly plaintive idiocy has yet to crest.

“The idea is that “transwomen” aren’t really women because they “grew up men” and still “receive all the benefits of the patriarchy”.

Trans women, or trans identified males (Tim’s) are not women.  Male socialization is unavoidable for natal males born into our society.  You’ll have about as much success as renouncing your white privilege if you happen to be born white.  In other words – your personal subjective solution to the dominant ethos of society is fucking irrelevant.

“In turn, they use the same rhetoric with transmen “who grew up women” and are now “trying to receive the benefits of the patriarchy”

They actually don’t.  It is risible enough to deny the potency and ubiquitous nature of male socialization, but to gloss over the fact that much of radical feminism is built on material, factual, reality, is really quite egregious.  Furthermore since TiF’s are female they are indeed most welcome in effective feminism. 

“Either way, someway, all transpeople contribute to the patriarchy and therefore, do not deserve feminism.”

Said no radical feminist ever.  But its damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead when beating the the crap out of the straw feminist bogywoman you’ve created. 

That was honestly hard to write.”

It must have been hard to write considering the sheer magnitude of bullshit per square centimetre demonstrated.

Transwomen are women.

Transmen are men.”

It wouldn’t be a ‘woke’ SJW article without at least one thought terminating cliche, combined of course, with a circular definition of what a woman is. (i.e. What is a woman, a woman is anyone who says they are woman [but what is a woman…??]. – You can’t define a term by itself.)

     Sorry, not sorry, but the above statements are not arguments, they are strictures meant to discriminate between the ideologically sound and the unwashed.  They are endpoints meant to discourage questioning and silence dissent.  You many fuck off now with your thinly veiled ‘woke’ misogyny at your earliest convenience.

“They aren’t “men who grew up to be women and women who grew up to be men”. They’re people who sometimes grew up in the wrong bodies.”

Wrong bodies or not, biological sex is immutable. 

“Don’t even get me started with NB people. OOMPH. The DISRESPECT.”

  So we’ll combat the evil of the gender binary by creating another false binary?  Seems to be layering another layer of oppression into a already terribly oppressive system.  Woo, the progress…

“Rhetoric from TERFs has been used for years to silence people. But right now, me and everyone else in the gendery and queer community are amused…”

  Wow, winning the oppression Olympics must feel soooo fucking good.  

You and the ‘gendery-queery’ community continue to avoid speaking and acting on the elephant in the room: the epidemic of patriarchally endorsed male violence.  Violent males continue to kill women and trans people at alarming rate, pretty much without repercussion and you’re banging on about experiencing repression at the hands of the Radical Feminists? 

   Get back to me when you start tackling the root of the problem instead of whinging on about a small collection of females who are rightly calling bullshit your inconsistent, misogynistic, and female erasing ideology. 

“Some folks are discussing… […]”

  Skipping tangential meanderings/virtue signalling.

TERFs are exclusive, and demand their turf space. But, people like me aren’t going to let them have it.”

The struggle against male power is age old, and the misogyny exhibited here is nothing new.  Women will rise, women will struggle, and women will prevail against patriarchy in whatever form it happens to take.  Thankyouverymuch. 

“Even when TERFs include race or ability, their sole goal to deconstruct the patriarchy and battle gender stereotypes and fight for equality of gender….is counter intuitive. They’re not fighting for all women.

Radical feminists are struggling for female liberation.  Gender is a toxic hierarchy by definition, and thus, no semblance of “equality” can be struck within the system. 

    The only counterintuitive aspect of your statement is attempting to lump males into a movement that strives for female liberation.  It makes about as much sense as asking for management’s opinions on how to run a union strike.  

“Why should I contribute to feminist conversations… […]”

I’m solidly with you on that one, because other than creating a writable RPOJ-moment, the value of your contributions (at least to the feminist movement) approaches zero.  














The piece is jam-packed with stupid, so we’ll just hit the highlights here and dissect the inanity RPOJ style.  :)  Check out the original post here.

“Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first: TERFs are about as feminist as Jim Davidson. They’re also very comfortable with forming political alliances with conservative men, and indeed prefer to date conservative men as they have more in common with them politically.”

Can you see the fallacy here? I know I sure can.  Rhymes with Fad Pomulem.  Oh those dastardly radical feminists how could they even consider dating conservative men?!?!?  Sounds like some serious shaming going on by ‘liberal feminist’ (NB: Shaming is what lib-fems do to shut people up when their faux-empowerment is shown to be a lie within the context of society: prostitution for example has been shown irrefutably to harm women, naming this problem for women as class angers the choosy-choice feminists to no end, as it illustrates that choices offered within a patriarchal context are quite the opposite of empowering)    The irony along with the crappy argumentation is quite thick already.

   “So it’s hardly a shock that they’ve been parroting patriarchal talking points.”

  Which talking points exactly are you referring to?  You don’t bother to mention it, so I guess we’ll have to take your word about radical feminists parroting patriarchal talking points.  *rollseyes*  Those radfems talk about how men should own up and take responsibility for their shitty behaviour – nothing but patriarchal talking points after all…  

“Then we have the media transmisogynists like to pretend that trans women pose a problem for reproductive rights activism, which is a deliberately disingenuous misrepresentation of the fairly uncontroversial demand that when we talk about reproductive organs and human bodies, we’re gender-neutral about it, because that’s more precise. “

Read this fucking paragraph twice.  First, the claim that ‘the media’ is transmisogynistic?  Really?  Transactivism is the new misogyny and finds near universal support in the mainstream media as it is not a threat to male power, or male preeminence in society.  Transactivism is patriarchally  approved, through and through and is treated a such.

    Let’s look at the next nugget of  wisdom.  Trans identified Males (TiM’s) do not pose a problem to reproductive rights activism.  Quite frankly, TiM’s don’t give a shit about reproductive rights activism because it doesn’t involve them because men (*trigger alert for those who don’t ‘do’ biological facts*) can’t get pregnant. 

    What I have seen the trans-activists push for is the removal of the mention of females regarding their biological processes – “Chestfeeding” “Birth Parent” and other female erasing poppy-cock.  

   So if your activism is includes erasing females and their biological processes from the public sphere it goddamn well is ‘a problem’ for reproductive rights activism.

    Uncontroversial demands?  That we separate the idea that reproductive organs (which generally determine biological sex) from the sex that they are associated from?  How can disassociating male – has penis, and female – has vagina be fucking uncontroversial.  The last time I checked I didn’t see any free floating vagina’s hanging around with a without a person of the matching biological sex attached to it.  

    You can fuck right off with your free form facts and redefintions of material reality.  Your ideology is bunk, and you do not get to take me with you on your baseless twisted flights of fancy. 

“It simply isn’t true that trans women are a block to reproductive rights. In fact, they’re doing more than any media transphobe ever has.”

Men are a barrier to reproductive rights.  Whether or not they happen to believe they are women is irrelevant

  “How do we know this? One of the places to look is Ireland, where there is a huge struggle for access to abortion. I follow this activism keenly, and do what I can to support and boost their work,”

Handmaiden status achieved!  You are so much closer to being regarded as fully human, just keep on supporting men and putting down females fighting for liberation from patriarchy – you will be granted human status soon…really soon, just around the corner… 

” so I’m aware that there are a lot of trans women deeply involved in this crucial action. I’ve met many Irish trans feminists who participate in reproductive freedom work. And likewise, Irish feminists don’t want these UK TERFs anywhere near their work, having recently produced a widely-signed open letter telling TERFs exactly where to fuck off to.”

Yep, because chastising females for daring to speak against legislation that has negative effects on them is a completely feminist thing to do.  Telling women to ‘fuck off’ and shut-up about their problems just resonates with empowerful female affirming action.  Yeah, no. 

   “If you actually care about reproductive rights, you’d know this, and that’s how it becomes abundantly clear that your transmisogynistic bigots are simply using abortion access as a dogwhistle for “women are defined by reproductive organs and only that.”

Wow.  It’s so nice to see the trans-rhetoric so powerfully restated with all relevant distortions intact.  Radical feminists are not arguing that women are just vaginas, they are saying that the female class of people that happen to have vaginas are oppressed by patriarchal society *because* they possess these organs.   One of the main axis of oppression for females in society is their biological sex.  Funny how intersectionality when properly used never comes up when dealing with transactivist crowd. 

“To me, feminism is always and has always involved liberating women from our biology. A refusal to define us by whether or not we can bear children. I’ve written before about how this biological essentialism promulgated by transmisogynistic bigot feminists is identical to that promulgated by misogynists. I’ve also defined my stance as pro-trans and pro-choice.”

Nice.  Liberating does not mean erasing female biology from the public sphere.  Acknowledging that biological sex is real and is a foundational source of oppression for women might be a start.

“But I want to say it once more, loudly, for the people at the back: trans rights and reproductive rights are intimately linked. You cannot have one without the other. It all boils down to bodily autonomy.”

Reproductive rights and right to self identify are not linked in any way.  Females should have the right to determine what is best for themselves in terms of their reproductive choices.  How the male ‘right’ to call themselves something they are not – even if they really really really really …really… feel it – isn’t even in the same fucking ballpark.  It’s quite insulting to equate one of the most important  struggles for female liberation with the insipidly desultory gender ‘self-identifications’ of men.

“Our struggles are the same, and scratch a transmisogynist, and it’ll bleed womb-botherer in the end. Don’t let them win, and let’s continue to stand shoulder to shoulder against these attacks.”

Just shaking my head. This is what happens when you let men centre themselves in feminism.  This is why Feminism needs to centre females in their struggles to gain liberation in society, because once men get in, it becomes all about men and their problems. 

  Standing shoulder to shoulder with your oppressors!  FML.  This shambolic, inclusivity laced, Orwellian bafflegab that is masquerading as feminism needs to stop.  









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