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Critical Theory exists only in law schools…

Just look at the absolute state of this.

For reference this is what a non-full-of-bullshite curricular document looks like:

You know what the first document is missing with regards to teaching Math? Anything to do with the actual teaching of math concepts to children.

Parents, you have the right to know what is being taught to your children, ask to see the Program of Studies that the teachers should be following in the classroom.  Make sure it looks like the second example and not the first.

Find out exactly what SOGI is and how (if) it is being taught to your children.   Huge red flag right off the bat when you visit the website.  It states – “Everyone has a sexual orientation and gender identity.”  Gender identity is the risible bullshit that the activist Left is attempting to enforce and codify into our society.  Gender, simply, are the stereotypes associated with the sexes.  Most sex stereotypes (gender) are inaccurate and harmful for those forced to live within their bounds.  Get rid of gender and the toxic stereotypes that hurt people.  SOGI embraces the exact opposite of this.

From the Substack Woke Watch – Parents Push Back Hard in Western Canada:

“According to Executive Director Reg Krake, SOGI 123 is “a set of tools and resources to help create safer and more inclusive schools for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. They include policies and procedures, inclusive learning environments, and age-appropriate teaching resources that are aligned to BC’s K-12 curriculum to help educators create a school environment where students feel safe, accepted, respected and welcome.” 

From the SOGI resource website the “three essentials for SOGI-Inclusive schools” are laid out:

  1. Policies & Procedures that explicitly reference SOGI have been proven to reduce discrimination, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts for all students.
  2. Inclusive Environments. Inclusive learning environments—including SOGI-inclusive signage, word choices, and extra-curricular opportunities—create a positive and welcoming space for all students.
  3. Teaching Resources. Lesson plans that teach diversity and respect and include examples of SOGI topics and 2SLGBTQ+ community members reflect the SOGI diversity in students’ lives and society. 

The red flags become apparent when you consider that SOGI 123 is designed for K-12 students. The first question I have is why is sexual orientation, sexuality in any form and gender identity something children in grades K-6 are being taught about or exposed to? Why are SOGI 123 approved books which contain age inappropriate sexual content made available to this cohort via school libraries?  There are also many questions concerning the appropriateness of material taught or made accessible to students in grades 7-12 as well.”

Find out what is going on in your school with your children.  See if the person you have entrusted your children with for 5 hours a day is using age inappropriate materials to adversely affect their cognitive and social development.

How about that?  A sane and rational approach to use in the classroom.  Thank you!


“Wording from the UK Education Department guidance document directs schools and educators as follows: 

“We are aware that topics involving gender and biological sex can be complex and sensitive matters to navigate. You should not reinforce harmful stereotypes, for instance by suggesting that children might be a different gender based on their personality and interests or the clothes they prefer to wear. Resources used in teaching about this topic must always be age-appropriate and evidence based. Materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used and you should not work with external agencies or organisations that produce such material. While teachers should not suggest to a child that their non-compliance with gender stereotypes means that either their personality or their body is wrong and in need of changing, teachers should always seek to treat individual students with sympathy and support.”

The second excellent resource for schools is Genspect’s Guidance for Schools package. You can find it here:”

Educators, particularly the activist set, seem to have forgotten that they are part of team when it comes to children.  The child-parent-teacher team only works if there is transparency and a set of common values shared.

Activist teachers and the systems that support them often destroy families, as is the case here.  The ‘professionals’ involved should all be facing at minimum professional censure for their irresponsible actions that have led the harming of a child.

The loonery that is going on in the United States is really getting out of hand.  This article does contain some good news as a Professor of Education has managed to keep her job despite stating the ‘heretical’ fact that human beings are sexually dimorphic species.

Let that one sink in a bit as you contemplate your stance on ‘woke politics’.  Especially if you happen to believe that the woke agenda is harmless or an overblown threat to society as you know it.

“University of Southern Maine officials announced Monday they would not replace a professor who allegedly told her class that only two biological sexes exist, despite demands for her removal from the majority of her class, Bangor Daily News reported Monday.

Education professor Christy Hammer and a single student allegedly said “they believed only male and female biological sexes exist”  during a September 7 required class in the university’s Portland campus’ Extended Teacher Education Program for public teacher certification, according to the news outlet.”

Yes, this actual occurrence.  You can get in trouble with the faux-progressive set for stating the basic facts of the reality we all share.

     “A free-for-all discussion erupted over both social gender and biological sex identifications…the rest of the class maintained both biological sexes and social genders are on a spectrum,” according to the paper. The discussion continued to the next class on September 14, during which “nearly two dozen students walked out in protest,” according to a September 29 article in the Bangor Daily News.”

Pretty much par for the course when dealing with gender ideologues because their arguments are mostly fatuous hyperbolic emotive bafflegab and therefore they can’t debate – instead they activate their inner activist and PROTEST.  That is one of the best parts of this ideology – actions are much more important that any sort of grounding in the material reality we all share.

     “Following that episode, a “majority of the class” sent a letter to the Department of Education and Human Development “asking for a restorative justice meeting with Hammer,” according to the October 3 article.

During the meeting, the student who had maintained the two-sex distinction repeatedly apologized. But Hammer stayed firm, “saying non-binary biological sex designations are merely variations on male and female,” according to the September 29 article.

Students declared Hammer’s remarks “inaccurate and transphobic,” according to the news outlet.”

With no arguments moored in reality, the only option is to silence the heretic, in this case an Education Prof for her crime of stating biological fact.  Thought crime is officially a thing, especially in Universities apparently.

Take a second and reflect on this if you are moored to reality and a free thinker you will eventually be in this situation.  The faux-progressive mob will call for your excommunication – what will you do?  To maintain your integrity, the very minimum you can do is not replicate the lie.

“You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“We don’t want to go back to the classroom with Christy Hammer,” student Michael Lombardi told the paper.

The school responded this week by declaring that it will not replace Hammer, but will make an “alternative, identical class available,” according to the Oct. 3 story.

“We have developed an alternative plan for this class and will be opening a new section of this course for those students who would like to move,” university spokesperson Gina Marie Guadagnino told the Bangor Daily News. “The original section taught by professor Hammer will continue for any student who wishes to remain in that class.”

Can you imagine this?  Making a whole new section with a professor that won’t challenge the beliefs of students?  What are Universities for if not for challenging ones beliefs?  What kind of funhouse reality are we in right now?  Student feelings are not more important the facts of the matter, especially when it comes to education.  Do we really want ideologues who crumble and cry and then burn the heretic at the first sign of opposition teaching our children?

This is just one example of the faux-progressive movement tearing at the fabric of our society.  Actual progressive people and those who care about the next generation have duty to speak out against this pernicious ideology.

What the fuck is going on in Ontario education?  Where are the professional standards and common sense?

How is this even a thing?

Score one for the kids on this one, they can tell that something abnormal is going on here.  This is deviant behaviour has no fucking place in a school.  Where is the Administration on this one?


The Admin are standing behind the teacher who thinks its okay to be around students presenting like that.  All it takes, apparently, to do perverse shit in the Ontario Public school system is to declare they are transgender and no rules apply to you anymore.  Do you think that for one second a real woman, in similar attire, would be allowed to teach class?


Send them email and ask how exactly is a man parading around in hypersexualized womanface/body is good for the education of children.

This tearing down of normalcy and the values of the majority of Canadians hold must stop.  Pandering to mental illness and abdicating child safety in the name of what exactly?  Inclusivity?

Newsflash – Some behaviours/lifestyle choices should *NOT* be included in public education milieu.

In Alberta our current government is off the rails.  They are enacting austerity programs that are targeting the public sectors of our society during a pandemic.  The quarrel with Alberta doctors over their working conditions during this exceptional time exemplifies the negligence of this UCP government.

This same radical right United Conservative government laid off thousands of Educational Assistants and support staff during the pandemic as well.  The pattern is clear.  The UCP are starving each of the public sectors of our society of the funds and people necessary for them to function efficiently.  The next round of bullshit will be point out how these same gutted public sectors are not doing a good job and therefore must be replaced with private, more efficient, systems of delivery.

The UCP of Alberta are taking plays from the very first page Disaster Capitalism’s playbook.  They are pushing through reactionary anti-education, anti-worker, anti-public health, reforms in the legislator at a marathon rate with essentially no debate.  Albertan’s will be waking up to a very different set of ground rules in society, and most of said rules will be making their lives marginally worse.

Speaking of marginally worse, the contract for Alberta Teachers is up on August 30th.  There will be no joy at the negotiating table this year, let me assure you.  Austerity will be the only option – while we generously fund pipelines to nowhere – for Alberta Teachers.

Plastic shields for students? Netherlands is doing it.  Alberta is not.

Concomitantly, Teachers will be asked to perform their duties under conditions that are directly hazardous to not only their students’ health, but theirs and their families as well.  No additional funding for pandemic measures is on the table for the opening of the school year.  No PPE, no classroom caps of 15, no additional cleaning personal or cleaning routines will be available.  Teachers will be expected to take up the pandemic slack, as do ‘the best they can’ with the dangerous circumstances mandated by the UCP government.

This is unacceptable.  Teachers should not have to unreasonably risk their lives and the lives of their families working in unsafe conditions.  Is it just to expect teachers to be responsible for the death of their aging parents, or young children because of the government’s mandated unsafe working conditions in the schools?

Alberta teachers will not get, as in the previous agreements, another cent more in wages.  Cost of living be damned.  We expect that, especially with this government that is so completely beholden to private sector; especially Oil and Gas.  The continued existence of the white elephant Energy War Room more than proves this egregious bias, the fact that it continues to exist during the pandemic will be one of the darker stains on this government’s legacy.

Wages aside, it is not reasonable for Alberta Teachers to risk their lives (and their families) to perform their duties.  We are being set up to be the at the very nexus of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The situation, as currently mandated, is a untenable situation.

We must seriously consider a strike because our government seems unwilling or unable to adequately protect the students and teachers of this province.  We should also consider coordinating with healthcare professionals because this government is serious about dismantling our public systems, and we need to present a united front that is too big to fail and cannot be punitively,and in piecemeal, legislated back to work (which will happen).

We let this happen at the ballot box, and now the grave consequences of voting in a American style government with a unhealthy privatization fetish, are here.  We cannot sit back throw up our hands and somehow think that students and teachers dying at school because of the malfeasance of the government is in anyway okay.  We are better than that as a teachers and as Albertans.




A very concerned Alberta School Teacher.








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