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It’s sad watching the CBC gleefully leap down the risible gender identity rabbit hole.  Although, it would seem, they do so with a reckless certitude heedless of their duty to reporting important credible news for the nation.

“Social media is full of posts this month by Canadian airlines celebrating pride. There’s aWestJet TikTok video showing a plane flying over a rainbow,Sunwing andAir Transat tweets promoting LGBTQ vacation hot spots and, on Instagram,Flair Airlines is wishing everyone “Happy Pride.”

But non-binary Canadians with travel plans feel excluded from those Pride celebrations. 

That’s because the airlines still don’t offer passengers a gender-neutral X option when booking flights online. Instead, they must choose male or female. The airlines are promising change, but some transgender advocates, including Gemma Hickey of St. John’s, N.L., say they’re getting fed up with the wait. 

“It’s very hypocritical for these airlines to be promoting inclusivity and celebrating pride when they’re marginalizing a group of us within that community who, for a long time, have existed on the fringes,” said Hickey.”

Why should airlines have to provide options that cater to people with erroneous views of the physical reality we all share?  We are all either male or female.  This is been a fact since the inception of the species of human beings.

Is your identity that fucking fragile that a drop down box is marginalizing you?  Apparently so.

As a non-binary person, Hickey uses the pronoun they and doesn’t identify exclusively as male or female. 

Gemma Hickey of St. John’s, N.L., received a Canadian passport with an X gender designation in 2018. They’re still waiting for many airlines to adopt the gender category. (Submitted by Gemma Hickey)

In 2017, the federal government introduced a third, X gender designation for passports. Hickeyreceived one the following year and immediately began lobbying Canada’s major airlines to adopt the X option as well. 

“They’ve had time to make the changes,” said Hickey. “It feels like I’m not part of society. I’m not represented.”

Yes.  People with delusions about reality shouldn’t be validated.  Yet the Nothing-Burger whinging continues…

That’s how Iz Lloyd felt when flying with WestJet last month from Calgary to Halifax. Lloyd, who is non-binary, said theywere forced to identify as male or female to book their flight and check in online. 

Lloyd, who has an X gender designation on their passport, said they learned at the airport that people who identify as non-binary must show up in person to check in. 

“If men had to check in at the gate and they couldn’t check in online, people would lose their mind … but the trans community is expected to put up with it.”

Iz Lloyd of Halifax, who is non-binary, asked WestJet to remove its posts on social media about pride month after Lloyd was forced to choose a male or female designation to board a flight. (Dave Laughlin/CBC)

The following week, Lloyd asked WestJet to pull its social media posts about pride. The posts, however, remain online. 

“Companies are really bad with rainbow washing of, you know, ‘We’re so inclusive, we’re so good, look at us, give us money, like, we are the best,'” said Lloyd. “But if you aren’t actually putting in the work, you don’t get to say that.”

You make a special case of yourself and then wonder why you have to jump through extra hoops.


The victimhood is extra poignant when it is self inflicted.

“Air Canada spokesperson, Peter Fitzpatrick said the airline plans to introduce the X option soon and aims to add gender-neutral options at check-in next month.

“Adding these options is a complex task and it has really only been made possible by the relatively recent installation of a whole new reservation system,” Fitzpatrick wrote in an email. 

Hickey hopes that next year, all the airlines’ gender options will align with their pride marketing.

“It remains to be seen if these changes will be made. I look forward to the day that they do, and I’ll certainly keep holding their feet to the fire until the day comes.”

Lloyd said they would like to see the federal government step in to ensure airlines incorporate the X gender category.

“If it is a legal marker, it needs to be followed,” they said. “The government should be putting in some baseline rules.”

Transport Canada said it does not regulate airlines’ booking and check-in systems.”

Useless Queer Activism at its finest – making the airlines bend the knee to their customers magical gender demands.  I’m so very glad the CBC business desk found this worthy of reporting.



Hey parents you can start the child grooming process early with the help of CBC kids.  This helpful section will indoctrinate your child into the hollow vacuum that is gender ideology and all the pathological self hatred that goes along with it.  Children need stability in their formative years.  Introducing them to the ever shifting sands of gender nonsense is not doing them any favours.

There are male and female pronouns.  They correspond to the physical reality we encounter in society.  Someone’s feelings about their sex can never change what their sex is.

How you feel about your sex is irrelevant.  You are either male or female.  The term Non-Binary is nothing-burger.  It is a meaningless sexist term that has no bearing on the real world.  Why sexist?  Ask yourself, what is it to be to be a female or male?  Automatically a list of societal sex stereotypes will appear in your consciousness.

Men and Women have personalities.  Those claiming special identities should look into developing an actually interesting persona instead of making the rest of society play word games to appease them.  More to the point, children do not to need look to adults with a paucity of personality on how to order their world.

Actually gender is about boys and girls.  In society we have a set of gender stereotypes prescribed for males and female in society.  Gender is mostly socially constructed arbitrary bullshit that is often a hindrance in the development of well rounded boys and girls.  People from both sexes are free to enact gender traits/stereotypes either side of the binary.  Enacting or following a particular set of gendered norms is simply that – it cannot and will not ever change your sex.

Gender Identity is nonsense that has subverted the idea of gender non conformity and the idea of having a personality and has replaced them with a fragile construction of basing your self worth on the validation and approval of others.  In other words, a recipe for childhood disaster, because no other person is obligated to validate your subjective gender feelings.  CBC Kids, how about let’s not groom children into the grievance/validation negative self spiral?

*Sigh* Can we not confuse children with millions of terms for people who lack adequate personality formation?  That would be great.  A big No Thank You to CBC kids and their program for destabilizing childhood identity formation.


Canada’s Green party has been performing some fairly amazing political seppuku as of late. For a party that lost 4% of its popular vote from the 2019 election to the 2021 election to take a shit on Canadian women with a news release like this firmly cements the Green Party into a disassociated, irrelevant clown-shoe politic. The mighty two seats they have are now at risk as they plant their boot firmly on the neck of Canadian women, proudly proclaiming their misogyny in the cockamamie discourse of queer identity politics. The Greens have set up a master class on how easy it is cloak the discrimination against Canadian adult human females (women) in a glitzy faux-progressive garb.

Make no mistake. This is not in anyway a genuinely progressive stance to take, and by any reasonable metric is just a feeble attempt to whinge and wound-gather some grievances for the faithful to rally around.

Let’s take a look at the press release directly from the Canadian Green Party’s website.


“While general levels of acceptance and access to services have improved for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in Canada, homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia are still rampant and oppressive, the interim Green Party Leader Amita Kuttner said today.”

We are oppressed.  It’s actually pretty good but dammit, you can’t focus on what is good in Canadian society.  Instead, let’s play name all the manufactured identities (biphobia? intersexism?) and say that times are terrible – rampant and oppressive even.  Ask the average Canadian about the rampant biphobia and intersexism crisis – I’m betting unless you win the find a woke person lottery, they won’t have the foggiest notion of what the heck you happen to be talking about.

  “Anti-trans hate is on the rise around the world, driven by far-right ideology and organizations,” said Dr. Kuttner, the first transgender person to lead a national political party in Canada.”

  Well that is some amaze-balls level bullshit right here.  I invite you, Dear Readers, to survey the “FAR-RIGHT” organizations that are leading the anti-trans hate parade.  Let’s take a look at a sample of those organizations said to be driven by ‘far-right’ ideology  –

Fair Play for Women (UK) “We are concerned that, in the rush to reform transgender laws and policies, women’s voices are not being heard or listened to. Led by a full time director, supported by a team of volunteers with skills in many different disciplines, without any corporate sponsorship or formal funding, we work hard to bring this issue to public attention.  Women get called transphobic for simply asking questions. Women are afraid to speak out, and fear for their jobs and reputation if they do. We provide the safe platform necessary for women and men to voice their concerns, share their experiences and access expert knowledge and resources.  Our aim is to facilitate the much-needed factual discussion about the importance of sex-based policies for women and to provide policy makers with the guidance they need for evidence-based policy making that is fair for all”.

CaWsbar Canada –  “We believe that protecting women’s and girls’ sex-based rights is the most pressing social issue facing us today.

Although sex is a protected characteristic within our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in 2017, the Canadian Human Rights Act was amended to include “gender identity or expression” as a category protected against discrimination (Bill C-16).  This amendment was adopted without substantial due diligence or meaningful consultation with women’s advocacy groups.  The reality of such an amendment  — which does not precisely define what “gender identity or expression” means, instead relying on a vague concept of “internal sense” of oneself — is that a male may simply declare himself to be a woman (gender self-identification), and demand he be granted all of the hard-won rights and protections women have fought for over the decades. This includes the right to access female-only spaces, services and resources.Such an amendment also means that “woman” is reduced to a meaningless, equally undefinable  concept. The harmful outcome of having “woman” or “girl” no longer accurately defined in public policy as “biological female” is that women’s and girls’ sex-based rights and protections will be lost forever.”

  Canadian Gender Report“We believe that more open discussion is needed on these issues. We are not influenced by religious or political affiliations and would rather focus on objective research and evidence on the topic of gender transition for children and young people.This site is for everyone who is concerned about why the numbers of gender non-conforming children being referred to gender clinics is skyrocketing in high-income countries around the world.The site is for everyone who questions why adolescents may suddenly identify as a different gender and how the identity politics movement is being promoted to children and youth in our schools and on social media. It is for anyone concerned about the new trend to teach ideology as fact and the emergence of policies and laws that people are fearful of challenging because they may be labelled “transphobic”.

See.  SEE!!!!!! These organizations are completely run on HATE AND FASCISM and most likely are in league with the rotten reanimated corpse of HITLER himself to make the world and everyone in it ‘transphobic’.  The links are there, go an judge for yourself how right wing and hate filled these sites are.  I think that, given a use of a small portion of one’s critical faculties, it is quite clearly evident that the claims by Amita Kuttner are false, not to mention risibly hyperbolic.

“It is not as recognized as other forms of hate; education around trans people is so minimal that even major instances of transphobia aren’t noticed, and are often defended.”

Ah, here we go with the magic standpoint epistemology. Or, how to make ‘irrefutable’ claims that are outside the realm of critical knowledge based thinking.  And, the ever present spectre of “transphobia” is duly mentioned which in fact, can mean anything – from not using the correct pronoun to correctly identifying the sex of an individual (the haaaaaaaate is evvveeeerrrrywheeeere).  When you hear the word ‘transphobia’ know that it can mean everything and anything depending on the speaker and the context he or she uses.  It is a weasel word that is usually deployed to scare people into silence and end meaningful discussion before it can start.  In this case, you know all that malignant oppression and transphobia that you cannot see or find evidence for…  yeah, don’t believe your eyes or your critical faculties, rather, believe in the special story that I am telling.  It has extra truth value because I happen to part of this oppressed sub-set of society.  *eye roll* 

  “Speaking on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Dr. Kuttner said: “From a personal lived perspective as an intersectionally marginalized person, the anti-trans hatred is open and unabashed, consistently more brazen than the micro-aggressions and implicit bias problems around my other identities, and general issues with cis and heteronormativity.”

Lived perspective huh?


  Could you please define what you are calling anti-trans hatred?  It seems that your accuracy with defining hate and hate groups could be an issue in this context.  Might it be like the stickers recently found in Ottawa?  Because if so, my narrative is going to be about how full of coercive bullshite you are…wait… I don’t need a ‘narrative’ I’ll use the publically available factual information to *demonstrate* my case. 

Because all I see are facts being posted because here in reality facts matter.  Women are adult human females and to somehow interpret that statement is “anti-trans” would mean by definition that trans rights are inherently “anti-woman”.   Also in the verboten stickers are messages about Keeping Prisons Single Sex – You know that old anti-trans hate chestnut of not wanting male prisoners in female prisons… 

   When dealing with (faux) progressive claims like “anti-trans hatred” it is critically important to interrogate exactly what they mean.  Because back in real, ostensibly Liberal society, *disagreement* is not hatred.  The statement that natal males should not be female prison is a position grounded in material fact and the sad reality of male violence against women.   The judgement that female safety should never be placed behind male gender feelings is yet again, a statement based on reasoned argument, not some sort of “seething hatred” and “anti-trans” bigotry (how it is often framed by trans activists and unfortunately the media here in Canada).

  “We don’t talk enough about trans joy. Being trans is a beautiful experience. All of the negative experiences so often discussed – the suicides, the misery – are due to systemic problems and hatred.”

Says the person who has just spent the last three paragraphs focusing on the devastating oppression and dark hatred that apparently is the norm here in Canada. 

   Pro-Tip: Amara, being told your demands are unreasonable isn’t hate.  Neither is acknowledging that in society rights can come into conflict with another and need to be honestly discussed in society to come to reasonable accommodation between the affected groups.  Or, you could just continue with the hyperbole and continue with the trans efforts to erase women (adult human females) from society.  Given the shitkicking you took last election, doubling down on erasing the female half of the electorate *might* not be the big-brain play you think it is.

“Dr. Kuttner called on the government to establish permanent funding for the LGBTQ Secretariat and invest in 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations to combat gender-based violence. “Canada needs a national strategy to address gender-based hate preemptively, before it escalates into a movement succeeding at removing our hard won rights,” they said. “We have strategies for combating other forms of hate – this should be no different.”

A Ministry for the Defense of the ONE TRUE GENDER IDEOLOGY?  No thank you.  No special ministries for you until you manage to define *exactly* what you mean by hate. 

   You could look at the currently government funded “anti-hate” group and throw your definitely not faux-progressive energy that way.  A match made in revolutionary heaven…

   “Green Party parliamentary leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) said: “On this International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, I am deeply aware that too many people still are exposed to hate and discrimination because of who they are. Those of us who are not part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community need to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized and abused.”

Oh Elizabeth, just look at what they’ve done with all your hard work and commitment to actual green issues.   Do you feel the tire treads from the gender ideology bus on your back?  It’s gotta be such a slap in the face to see your party fling itself away from the tenuous toehold it had on being a credible mainstream political party.  Do you go home at night and try to imagine in which “green future” do you see a government responsibly putting male sex offenders in female prison?

   Good luck with that.







  This is the work on the ground that needs to be happening Canada wide.  The push-back against gender ideology does not happen by itself.  Stickers on lamposts are enough to trigger witchhunts here in Canada apparently.   This thread from twitter de

🧵For TRAs confused about women stickering

Just over a week ago, a terrible crime was committed in downtown Ottawa, when a group of women allegedly went around putting stickers on lampposts with messages such as:

woman = adult human female


Keep Prisons Single Sex

This prompted a local member of the trans community to do some detective work and name several Twitter accounts, my own included, as suspects. The blog post contains some wildly inaccurate misrepresentations of the gender critical movement./2

The best quote is this one:

“they’re trying to frame trans rights as being at odds with women’s rights”

There is no more perfect example that trans rights are “at odds with women’s rights” than saying that the dictionary definition of woman is a transphobic hate crime./3

If women cannot even define themselves without being accused of transphobia, that’s a clash of rights. If we cannot advocate for our society’s most vulnerable women to have female-only prisons and shelters without it being a transphobic hate crime, that’s a clash of rights./4
This conflict won’t be resolved by flinging wild accusations of transphobia at us. We don’t care anymore. You’ve overused it to the point that it’s now completely meaningless. I take it as a compliment. Just means I stand up for women and children and I’m not a deluded crackpot/5

And as for this:

“that’s what they want: for people like me to be scared. For people like me to “stay in our lane”, be out of sight, or better yet – not exist at all.”

We want nothing of the sort. We simply want to be able to define ourselves without being accused of hate./6

We want our voices to be heard. We resent being redefined as an insulting set of stereotypes, and having our right to female-only spaces taken away from us without even being consulted. We resent having to pretend to believe in your pseudo-religious cult of gender identities./7
We want the right to say we don’t believe in gender identities. Canada is a liberal, pluralistic society, and freedom of belief is one of our fundamental rights. That means you are free to believe pretty much anything you like, but you cannot force that belief onto others./8
Just as a flat-earther doesn’t have the right to force me to believe the Earth is flat, or a Scientologist doesn’t have the right to force me to believe in thetans, you don’t have the right to force us to believe, or pretend to believe, in gender identities./9
We resent that one day, not only were we forced to believe in something we know isn’t true, but also we were forced to give up the safety and protection of female-only spaces for the sake of that something which doesn’t even exist./10
We were also supposed to pretend that children possessed these non-existent, imaginary gendered souls, and that if a child possesses a mismatched one, the answer is to sterilise them and permanently alter their bodies. We were forbidden from questioning this practice./11
So, as the Canadian mainstream media is too cowardly to report our side of the issue, we started sticking stickers on lampposts. In the hopes our message will reach people. Make them think. Make them ask questions. We don’t care if it offends you. We have a right to be heard./end


Wow.  And yes this is just another day on Twitter.  The evils of GC women are exposed in this mega-tweet that is completely hinged and dedicated to accurately describing reality.

Gender Critical women oppose the presence of men in Rape Crisis centres because – surprise – most women have been abused by males and do feel safe around them.  Having people around just like the ones that abused you isn’t really a secure and therapeutic environment.  Go figure?

I sincerely believe that the vast majority of GC women do not condone rape as an outcome for anyone – male or female.  Most would support spaces and services that cater to the needs of trans identified males and the problems they face in society.  Where the ‘no-go’ exists is the blatant colonization of female-only spaces and the desecration of female boundaries by men who claim, by fiat, to be women.  (Did you want to support a female led and female only rape crisis centre here in Canada – go to Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter page and help them out).


The only ones that are insisting on putting men in female prisons happens to be the Federal Government of Canada, who have a keen ability to seemingly not be able identify male sex offenders correctly and happily place them in a female prison, a nice target rich environment for them to continue their abuse.   Did you want to stop the abusive policy of putting men in female prisons?  Find Heather Mason on twitter and find out what you can do to reverse this disastrous policy decision that jeopardizes female safety within Canada’s prisons.

Trans existence has never been in doubt.  The whinging of entitled males continues to reverberate through Canadian society at the detriment to female boundaries, services, and safety.

Men should be in the male prison system regardless of how they identify.  No one has the right not to be responsible for the choices they make in society.  That is how being an adult works.

Thanks for coming to this installment of trans hyperbole translations – sadly there will be many more upcoming episodes.



As an Educator I wonder about the appropriateness of scheduling a talk in an elementary school by someone who gets off by shitting in a diaper and then drawing furry art about that very act. Reduxx has featured a piece about what is happening here in Canada:

“Since then, Labelle has posted photos from inside school classrooms and libraries where his events have already taken place, all of which seem to primarily involve an audience of young children.

While the names of the institutions Labelle has already spoken at have not yet been confirmed by Reduxx, a post by Labelle on the French-language Facebook account for Assigned Male states the schools were in Gaspésie, or the Gaspé region of Quebec.”


“But in February of 2021, Labelle came under widespread scrutiny after it was discovered that he had quietly been producing and posting diaper fetish art on stealth social media accounts, including “furry art” site FurAffinity.

WafflesArt, Labelle’s now-deleted alternate online persona was an “adult baby/diaper lifestyle” and “diaper fur” art account which published Labelle’s drawings of anthropomorphic baby animal characters modeling in diapers, onesies, and behaving like toddlers. The art is part of a fetish subculture known as paraphilic infantilism in which adults become sexually aroused by acting and dressing like babies.

Internet sleuths from KiwiFarms were the first to connect Labelle to the accounts using post history and art style. Facing the beginnings of a scandal, Labelle attempted to “come out” as a ‘little’ on Facebook — a person who role-plays as a child during sexual encounters.

“Littleness and littlespace are mindsets in which adults regress to carefree and responsibility-free safety,” Labelle wrote in the post continuing, “In the past, many trans people’s lives, especially trans women’s, have been broken after being outed as littles, which is why I chose early on to avoid mentioning it.” He also stated the purpose of roleplaying as a baby served the purpose of “connecting” with an “inner-child” for transgender people.”

It gets worse…

Labelle’s attempt to quell the outrage didn’t sit well with many social media users, a few of whom uncovered that a portion of Labelle’s art had used photos of real babies for reference, with Labelle seemingly tracing directly over the picture of actual children to create his fetish art. Labelle would later admit to doing so.

While Labelle then attempted to insist the art was not sexual in nature, social media users interrogating the images noted that many appeared to have overtly sexual connotations, including one which showed a character in an open diaper lying with its legs spread on a changing table, and another which appeared to outline the vulva of the character through its diaper.”

Yeah.  Let’s be clear here.  This is not progressive – not in anyway or any world.  More pressingly this is an individual that should not be within a country kilometer of children.  Ever.


Reduxx reached out to Librarie L’Alphabet with regards to the April 30 event featuring Labelle and was able to confirm the event was geared towards young children, but a store supervisor stated “no comment” when presented with the potential safeguarding issue.

Reduxx also reached out to the Eastern Shores School Board and the Commission Scolaire des Chic-Chocs, two administrative bodies responsible for primary schools in the Gaspé region. This article may be updated in the event either can confirm Labelle’s appearances at any of their facilities.”

There be the fetishist in elementary school, safeguarding be damned.  This isn’t inclusivity, diversity or any of the other bullshit buzzwords that attempt to provide cover for this type of miscreant behaviour.  What it is, is simply inappropriate for elementary school audiences.



Who the hell is on this board and why do they think that the destruction of female boundaries and privacy is good thing?


“The vast majority of reported sexual assaults at public swimming pools in the UK take place in unisex changing rooms, new statistics reveal.

The data, obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Sunday Times, suggests that unisex changing rooms are more dangerous for women and girls than single-sex facilities.

Just under 90 per cent of complaints regarding changing room sexual assaults, voyeurism and harassment are about incidents in unisex facilities.”

It’s like the board just decided that the safety of girls and women doesn’t matter.

The same month saw yet another school, in Midlothian, changing the toilets to unisex while everyone was on holiday. The result: more girls embarrassed to use the toilets, holding urine in all day and scared to go to school when they have just started their periods. In this case we also have boys peeing in the sinks. Parents are once again understandably angry:

“ANGRY parents have told how children went back to their Midlothian primary school after half-term to find the toilets had been made unisex.

“Mothers said daughters, including some who had started their periods, were now embarrassed to use the facilities at Mayfield Primary while boys have been spotted urinating in the sinks.

“A mother-of-three from Mayfield who has an eight-year-old daughter at the school said parents only found out on Wednesday when pupils returned from the break.

“She’s totally embarrassed,” said the 32-year-old.

“A lot of the kids were just waiting until they got home because they were too embarrassed to go to the toilet.

“The kids were off for the break and returned to school and when they were walking home, they said there were boys in the toilet.”

“I was really horrified. My little girl said the boys were carrying on and peeing in the sinks. Girls obviously mature quicker than boys.”

“Parents should be told. All the parents are not comfortable with it. They’re not happy about it at all. They think their kids are too young for this.”

“Some of the Primary 7 girls are starting their periods and they have to take sanitary products to the toilet with them.”

“Wee girls shouldn’t be going to school and feeling embarrassed to go to the toilet – it’s hard enough at that age.”

“Another parent, of a ten-year-old girl at Mayfield, said:

“My girl’s just started her period and I can’t send her to school if she’s on her period because she’s too scared.”

“I understand about equality and diversity and trying to make it equal for transgender but, I’m sorry, they’re primary school kids.”


It seems that schools have been misled about Equality law. ‘Inclusion’ and ‘exclusion’ are equally legitimate strategies to achieve equality, sometimes one is needed and sometimes the other. In the case of toilets, exclusion of the opposite sex has always been policy in order to ensure privacy for both sexes and for the safeguarding of girls.

In the case of toilets, the results of a policy of ‘inclusion’ are clear: the removal of the right to privacy for both sexes and discrimination against the sex with the greater need for privacy: girls.Mixed-sex or gender neutral toilets are not working for obvious reasons which should have been considered by schools before implementing this experiment on pupils.”

It will now be up to BC parents to force these faux-progessives to walk back their attack on girls privacy and boundaries while in school.  Stand up, get involved and protect your children’s right to privacy and safety in school.


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