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It’s amusing to watch liberal feminists and sex industry advocates tie themselves into semantic knots, because they want to, at the same time, condemn ‘incel’ rhetoric, while still supporting the sex industry. Meghan Murphy at Feminist Current has, of course, got there first with a first class radical feminist analysis: This week, the liberal feminist […]

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Greetings, and a Good-Day to all of you.  It’s story time.

These posts are scheduled, so I’m actually writing this one Sunday ago, but I need to get this down for the Sunday Disservice while it still fresh in mind.

My choir rented one of our downtown churches to perform in for our classical concert (check out the Friday Musical Interlude for the pieces).  We performed quite well, the Mass went very well and Rhineberger’s Stabat Mater really brought down the house.  Our story however begins post concert, after the reception, after most of the people and clean up crew had left the building.

I was helping with the final security check of the chapel and sanctuary, making sure doors were locked and the corresponding lights turned off and what not.  Then toward the front of the church I notice something like this hanging in the corner.

Now being the fire safety conscious type I see danger in leaving a flame unattended overnight.   So I take the candle down and blow it out.  I return the candle to the holder only to see my choir director smiling at me with a somewhat surreptitious grin on her face.

She was like, “Arb, I’m pretty sure you were supposed to leave that candle burning…” and of course her grin gets bigger.   And me I’m like, “Whaaat?  Unattended candles are a fire-hazard…”.

Being an atheist and having avoided the church scene for the majority of my life has left me startling ignorance of all the wacky rituals that go down within the hallowed churchy halls that I just finished singing in (great acoustics though).  Anyhow, the Deacon comes in and is like well what happened here?

Let me tell you upfront and right now that ‘the eternal flame of Jesus’ and ‘unattended fire hazard’ are indistinguishable to the atheist eye.  So yes, I had just extinguished the eternal flame of the Savior in his own church no less.

*Awkward silence* – Well at least I knew why my conductor was grinning so broadly.  So, then “I’m sorry” became the header of my next twenty sentences, as we went into the storage room to get some matches to relight the eternal flame of Jesus.  It was funny, we just kept on going with the final sweep of the church, nothing was said, as we locked up and then said our good-byes.

So, I’m not sure how to chalk this one up?  Do atheistic actions taken in ignorance count toward the cause?  I mean, its not every day that one can claim to have extinguished the eternal flame of jesus and live to tell the tale.  :)  (On a humanistic note, I do feel bad as the Deacon is a choir acquaintance, and was instrumental in the set-up and hosting of our concert and messing up her rituals isn’t cool).

Perhaps the moral of the story is that Eternal Flames of Jesus need a label so fire safety conscious atheists don’t go around extinguishing him.  :)

Oh, hey there kinksters. Your progressive nature is showing…

Anti-Porn Feminists

TRIGGER WARNING for explicit and disturbing content

My first hour on Fetlife and I was already finding predatory behavior. I went on to start and contribute in discussions and some of the things I heard people saying made my stomach turn. There are things that the website claims to ban, but it’s obvious they don’t enforce it. Incest, beastiality, and pedophilia are not allowed but the forums are littered with discussions about these fetishes. There are members who point out that the website doesn’t really enforce their rules all the time. I’m just going to make a list of comments and discussions I actually saw on here, and I saved them to my computer so these are word-for-word.

  • There is a forum for people who get turned on by actual news stories of rape. “Documentaries about sex trafficking are just the best. Not only do you get tearful interviews with…

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Contextual analysis of the problematic behaviours of men who try to appropriate womanhood. An excellent read.

la scapigliata

It is anyone’s guess what proportion of trans activism involves deliberate gaslighting and what proportion involves vulnerable people with certain personality profiles employing immature defence mechanisms. Nonetheless, there’s a flavour to their illogical and abusive behaviour that could be described as “psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses and to maintain one’s self-schema or other schemas”.

This intrigues me so in this post I aim to list examples.


“A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, whereby that which is emotionally unacceptable in the self is rejected and attributed (projected) to others.”

So, when trans activists say:

“Our existence isn’t for debate” they mean “We are debating existance of women”.

“Feminists are committing literal violence against us” they mean “We are committing literal violence against feminists”.

“You are trying to erase us”…

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by Worriedmom

The year is 1976, and the place is the Montreal Olympics. And it’s clear that something is wrong.

The East German women’s swim team is unstoppable. Inhuman, almost. Smashing every record, every competitor, sweeping every race – then jumping out of the pool like it wasn’t even challenging. Race after race, the American women – before this, favored to medal, if not win, most swimming events – are outclassed, demoralized, destroyed.

What could possibly be happening? Who are these women? Where did they come from and how are they dominating this Olympics so thoroughly? Today, of course, we know that the East German and other former USSR-bloc women athletes were part of massive, intensive, state-sponsored doping programs, that “processed” thousands of female athletes, pumping them full of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and other performance enhancing drugs to turn them into athletic machines.

Kornelia EnderAfter the fall of the…

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Latest “science” from the anti-female forces…

Dr. Jen Gunter

There is a new study on “abortion pill reversal” and it is bullshit.

It’s a terrible study, but as it advances a forced-birth agenda we can expect forced-birth politicians to salivate and cackle and use it to brew more laws that amount to experimenting on women.

I was made aware of the study because it was reported by MedPage.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 11.23.08 AM

Why a medical site would report on such a low quality piece of drivel is unknown, unless they have a secret anti-abortion agenda or they are using the plight of women to troll for page clicks? Anyway, MedPage made sure the quotes from the horrible people at The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists, who make it their business to spread lies about abortion and to report women with miscarriages for suspected murder, were up front and the quote from ACOG, whose business is to spread facts about abortion, is buried…

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We have a long way to go to fix the democratic systems in the US and Canada.  Paul Street, writing for Counterpunch gives a little insight into the ‘electoral process’.

“Yes, we get to vote.  Super. Big deal. Mammon reigns nonetheless in the United States, where, as the leading liberal political scientists Benjamin Page and Martin Gilens find, “government policy…reflects the wishes of those with money, not the wishes of the millions of ordinary citizens who turn out every two years to choose among the preapproved, money-vetted candidates for federal office.”  Trump is a bit of an anomaly – a sign of an elections and party system in crisis and an empire in decline. He wasn’t pre-approved or vetted by the usual U.S. “deep state” corporate, financial, and imperial gatekeepers. The ruling-class had been trying to figure out what the Hell to do with him ever since he shocked even himself (though not Steve Bannon) by pre-empting the coronation of the “Queen of Chaos.” He is a homegrown capitalist oligarch nonetheless, a real estate mogul of vast and parasitic wealth who is no more likely to fulfill his populist-sounding campaign pledges than any previous POTUS of the neoliberal era.  His lethally racist, sexist, nativist, nuclear-weapons-brandishing, and (last but not at all least) eco-cidal rise to the nominal CEO position atop the U.S.-imperial oligarchy is no less a reflection of the dominant role of big U.S. capitalist money and homegrown plutocracy in U.S. politics than a more classically establishment Hillary ascendancy would have been.  It’s got little to do with Russia, Russia, Russia – the great diversion that fills U.S. political airwaves and newsprint as the world careens ever closer to oligarchy-imposed geocide and to a thermonuclear conflagration that the RussiaGate gambit is recklessly encouraging.”

Not the most rosy picture being painted.  Reforming our democratic systems to actually reflect the views of the electorate has to be made a priority.  The gilded age we exist in now is just a small taste of what is to come.


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