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Some sound advice from the author Mama Ain’t Playin’ Stopping the infiltration of gender ideology into our schools and institutions will require people to work together and support each other in their defense of well…, the material reality we all share.  Start small and be honest with yourself and those around you, the social pressure to conform and (insidiously) ‘be kind’ will be there, but you need to push past it.  It is only then you will realize that proponents of trans ideology don’t actually have arguments that hold water.  Their entire shtick relies on social shaming, outright deception, and coercive tactics designed to shut down questions and debate.

The Truth does not need to be shielded from questions and debate.  Specious bullshit on the other hand…

What can we do, and are we still feminists?

​I’m speaking to other middle-aged feminist (or formerly feminist) mothers out there who have seen the corrosion of reality that transgenderism has wrought in our institutions and our children. I believe it’s critical to speak up in our local environments and make our opposition to gender ideology known. I know this is scary—but something to consider is that as feminists, we have special powers in turning back the tide on transgenderism. This is something I’m just wading into myself these days, but here’s my strategy:

  1. Lay the groundwork & build a network. You have friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues who respect you and trust you. When political matters come up in conversation, talk about your misgivings about gender ideology. Be specific about what you’ve seen in your family or your local environment, and talk frankly about your concerns. I have found that 95% of the people I talk to like this acknowledge that they have concerns too. When it’s time to take the next step, you’ll want to have some friends and colleagues on your side.
  2. Make your opposition to gender ideology public. You can do this at a school board meeting if your district is considering new policies or if there’s a controversy about a sports team or library book. You can also do this at work if and when gender ideology comes up, especially if you’re in a leadership role. Stay calm and focus on the facts. Not everyone in your network will back you up publicly, but some may be encouraged to come forward to support you vocally.
  3. Focus on a few facts. Think of two or three big points or issues you’d like to highlight, and stick to those. As many people have pointed out, just telling other people about the truth of transgender “medicine,” about Planned Parenthood’s disturbing role in sterilizing young people today, and about the more revolting male sexual fetishists involved in this movement—among other horrors—can make us sound like QAnon conspiricists to people who aren’t following the issue closely. In my work environment, explaining how gender ideology is in conflict with other progressive values like gay rights and how it tends to concretize sexist stereotypes is probably the way to go. Another way of approaching this with people involved in health care or the environmental movement would be to raise questions about the sustainability of transgender medicine with its dependence on lifelong cross-sex hormones and their debilitating effects. You will find your own way of communicating your message with the group/s you want to reach.
  4. Social media food fights are a waste of time. We’re too old for this shit, and if we have trans-identified kids ourselves, it’s probably counterproductive.
  5. Talk about what’s great about being a woman. If you are a teacher or professor, or you have daughters, or you work with young people in any capacity: remind them how far we have come towards sex equality in our society. It’s unprecedented in all of world history! Pick up a women’s history book and read it. To think that this has happened in just sixty years, barely two generations—it’s amazing! Remind your young female colleagues and family members that they are the most powerful people in the world, because they have the capacity to bring forth new life and to nurture the next generation. We need to see motherhood as a source of power and influence, not as a liability or a victim status. That seems like a very obvious feminist goal, one that many so-called feminists today would deny or diminish.

My relationship to feminism is unclear at this point. I don’t want to liberate myself from men, and I very powerfully want to distance myself from the toxic femininity I see among other so-called feminists who are pushing transgender ideology.

This makes me think humanity has a chance.  Through music and song, we are one.

The future cost of utilities was one of the reasons why I installed solar panels on my roof.  I wanted to take action to protect myself from the volatility of the energy market and maybe take a small step in the green direction

Thankfully at the time of installation, there were rebates from the Provincial government in place that took about a third of the cost of the install of the top, which was very nice.

After a very rocky installation – (never ever choose Polaron as your solar installer) – we’ve been up and running for about 2 years now.  Production has been pretty good, although during the winter a ladder and snow roof rake are required to keep the panels clear.  During the non constantly snowing months my household uses zero power from the grid when the sun is out.  Any excess generation is sold back to the utility.


Sounds good right?  But here is the thing – the utilities are not raising power rates per say – but rather everything else on the bill.  So we get franchise fees, local area fees, delivery fees, fee fees et cetera.  All those costs are significantly ramping up, enough so that there is little benefit at the moment for being a local energy co-generator.

Would I recommend getting solar panels installed?  Without a government rebate – definitely not.  With rebates maybe, but until we re -regulate the power utilities and their ‘fixed fee structure’ do not expect anything more than marginal cost saving benefits.

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