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Just stating the obvious, but now in cool meme format. :)


I’m always slightly amused when my atheism gets me categorized as a follower of satan.  I mean, it is like the easter Bunny crew getting all wound up and calling out the tooth fairy for just being a children’s story.  So we wind up with this:


Yeah.  I have to admit, I’m flagging when it comes to the DWR Sunday Disservice – the absolute wrongitude of the magical notion that religion somehow concurring with reality is just so darn obvious.  Why does one continue to bang on about such a no-brainer??


Oh yeah…  So… See you next week.  :(



Amanda’s story of leading the life of a skeptic while surrounded by the forces of the great ooga-booga.

Love this quote – “Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for Atheism ever conceived.” –  Issac Asimov

meanatheists  The authors here at DWR have a mean atheistic streak.  There is no denying that.  I mean we have a whole day of postings that deal specifically with religion and the goofiness that ensues when you allow magical thinking into your wheelhouse.  My readership mostly knows that believing in religion is seen by most rational people, a character flaw at best and a reason to make funny and derisive comments at worst.  It is obvious how toxic religion is to critical thinking, progress (social and otherwise) and advancement of the human condition (see the religion/patriarchal ‘love-in’ for instance).

We Atheist types know this.

We have the truth on our side (*grins*), yet it matters not a whit to those firmly cocooned in the oily grasp of religion.  Explaining exactly where their belief system fails and importantly, why it fails, consistently fails to provoke the ‘ah-ha’ moment of realization in many believers.

It would seem that some truths are more inconvenient than others and thus are easily ignored, talked around, and even outright dismissed when arguing.

I know the justification for continuing the pwnage of the religious and their arguments – the lurkers following the arguments might get an opportunity to see a point of view outside their faith and the thin sliver of doubt might creep into their consciousness and the process of embracing living life in this world can begin.  Woo-haa!

We can chalk up another win for Atheism!

But how come it almost never feels like a win in situ?  I’ve spent a great deal of keystrokes arguing with the religious – mostly charitably, sometimes not so charitably, but the local outcome is almost always the same.  Thanks for your opinion and the neat arguments – excuse me while I catch up on my prayers to jebus now.


greenhouseearth  I think there is a bigger problem that religion.  Religion has its moments of putting all of humanity at risk (looking at you nuclear Middle East solutions) but you know what is really killing us?  State supported neo-liberal capitalism and the “fuck you, I’ve got mine” ethic that goes along with it.  This ideology is systematically grinding societies, the climate, and ultimately our future into dust.  Is being the last to draw breath on a ruined planet that much of a privilege?  I mean the elites that run our system our well insulated from the reality that they create for the rest of us, but eventually, they too will have to bow before the forces they have unleashed.

Knowing that elite will also suffocate in the shithole they’ve created is a cold Pyrrhic victory –  it is the only assured outcome if the status-quo remains the same.


Maybe I need to focus on the christians that espouse the prosperity gospel – two birds with one stone and whut not.

The desperate need to feel like a special snowflake with an afterlife easily sums up many Theistic arguments.  This video goes a little deeper and compares the common endpoints when discussing the problem of why is there something rather than nothing.



Like most religious objections to Atheism, the idea that it takes faith, just like the believers own, not endorse magic and mythology.


Spoiler:  It doesn’t.


Let the following video detail exactly why this religious claim fails.


Icotton ropef you’ve spent any time on the internet eventually you’ll run across a perfectly horrible subsection of the online community known as Men’s Rights Activists.  These brave warrior souls have taken up the mighty struggle of the oppressed dominant majority and are serving as the tip of the spear against the root cause of all evil in society, namely feminism.  MRA ‘activists’ spend their time trolling and threatening women online and off, causing a stir when they can for their 15 minutes of infamy, and generally just whinging about how unfair life as a privileged middle class white dude actually is.  The misogyny laced whinging gets really old, really fast as one quickly realize how crass and superficial the MRA movement is as their ideology is simply the polar opposite of what feminism advocates on pretty much every issue.

Being the stupid, whingy-creeptastic counterpoint to feminism isn’t exactly the pinnacle of awesome and given some time and self-awareness most MRA’s should come to realize that.  But more importantly it is what the MRA’s don’t do, they don’t organize, they don’t create social structures to help men, they don’t have an ideology that is coherent past a furious fap-fest longing for the 1950’s or earlier when men could be men and women could serve them, or some shit like that.

The current MRA lobby is currently punching far above their weight, given that they are a bitter house divided, and only gain notoriety for doing really asinine stunts which usually involve behaving like sexist bags of douche toward women.  Rally on Brave Manosphere Warriors!  Continue on your manly pursuit of pissing up that rope and yelling forcefully into the wind.  No one with a even the smallest wit of sense cares and rightfully dismisses MRA tomfoolery as soon as it rears its ugly little head.

Jebuspower    Now take a look internet Atheism.  How different is it from what our courageous manospherians are doing?  Oh certainly we’re on the thin edge of the wedge in the online battle against the religious.  Take a step back though and look at what you’re accomplishing and keep your dry rope handy (dry rope wicks moisture better).

Without the social organization and structures in place i.e. the stuff that actually changes society, how different are we from the the ill-lauded MRA camp.  Nothing changes because you (again) adroitly illustrate how christian fop #2342346 believes in magic and how irrational that stance is in the first place.  Did you want a cookie for proving, mostly to yourself, that you are on the side of right and they are on the side of wrong.   Piss meet rope.

Brave Atheist warrior what are you accomplishing by smugly publishing article #23098340 on how goofy religious belief is? Most rational people get it, we really do so then past preaching to the choir what is the point?  Do we honestly think the deluded are going to one day browse to our carefully laid out arguments and proofs against their mumbo-jumbo and go, “holy-fuck batman!  I’ve been wrong all this time, let the good times deconversion begin!”

*party officially started, commence roof raising*.


Said no serious religious person ever.

They have history on their side, they have social structures on their side and they have fear on their side.  Do you honestly believe that shouting( cogently mind you) into the wind is going to have a measurable effect on the current state of affairs.  Full marks if you do, but my optimism tank is out of fucks to give about the perceived importance of shouting into the wind, even if it is for a good cause.

Did you want to change society for the better?  Start organizing in meatspace, start putting together the organizations that have the social power to change societies path – our opponents already have the organizations, the traditions, and the fear working for them.  We need to do better than mere online activism because it can only go so far when pitted against the organized opposition of the religious faith/lifestyle.


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