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Having established norms and boundaries in society is a good thing.  Is the balance between personal freedom and what is good for society perfect?

Of course not.

But the current system which is always under small scale revision, is a reasonable way forward.  The basis of this incremental move toward a more just society is the ability of society’s inhabitants to participate freely in the decision making processes.  Individual freedom and the individual freedom of expression are two of the main cogs in the machinery of successful society.

The freedom we experience in Western societies such as Canada is not absolute.  We have reasonable limits and laws curtailing what citizens can and cannot do within Canadian society.  These laws and limits change with society over time and if we proceed carefully we can usually arrive at compromise that ensures our rights and responsibilities remain in a reasonable place for most people.

So, what happens when we forgo discussion and debate about how rights and responsibilities work in society?  In the case of Canada we get legislation like Bill C-16 which creates opacity and confusion for many Canadians.

Bill C-16 adds the nebulous idea of ‘gender identity’ to the protected list of rights and freedoms in our Canadian Charter of Rights.  Unfortunately, gender identity is quite similar to astrology in terms of having little to no basis in material reality or being able to be empirically measured.  Gender identity is completely – utterly – subjective and because of its subjective nature presents many quandaries with regards to the other protected characteristics within the Charter.

Sex is another characteristic that people may not be discriminated against in our Charter – and herein lies the problem – to protect both ‘gender identity’ (astrology) and ‘sex’ (empirical, material reality) is fundamentally untenable.  Either women are adult human females, a discrete sex class or they are not.  There is not a viable middle position to take.

Our current government seems to have forgotten about Canadian females and the protections granted to them under our Charter of Rights.  This is perhaps best illustrated by the inclusion of males who claim to be women (via ‘gender identity’) being housed in female prisons.  If we are to stick to reality based discussion – no man can ever become a woman -our distinct physiology is encoded into every cell in our bodies.  Yet, because the government is currently prioritizing the gender feelings of males over the physical safety of women in female prisons we have quite a serious rights violation with regards to females in Canada.

This situation will not be easily resolved, but a first step would be the repeal of C-16 as the addition of gender identity into the charter is making society a much less safe place for Canadian females.





Critical Theory exists only in law schools…

Just look at the absolute state of this.

For reference this is what a non-full-of-bullshite curricular document looks like:

You know what the first document is missing with regards to teaching Math? Anything to do with the actual teaching of math concepts to children.

Parents, you have the right to know what is being taught to your children, ask to see the Program of Studies that the teachers should be following in the classroom.  Make sure it looks like the second example and not the first.

Unsurprisingly the CBC seems to be completely on board with uncritical reporting of Drag Queen story hour and how men in woman-face wearing sexualized clothing and make up interact with children.

One truth about male child sex predators is this – They always go to where their prey is.  Whether it be a Priest or Drag Queen the need for child safeguarding remains the same, maybe more so the case of DQ’s because no established accountability structure exists.

But let’s go through the CBC story, line by line to see exactly what’s going on over there in CBC land.

   “Drag is everywhere — and it has never been more popular.”

According to whom, exactly?  Seems very much like a personal opinion as opposed to anything resembling fact. 

“Across the country, performers are bringing their art to events like drag brunches, drag story time at libraries, and shows at local gay bars. But with this increased visibility and popularity has come backlash, in the form of hate.”

If we’re just throwing opinion around here which obviously the hosts of CBC Now or Never are, here is one.  Most adults don’t know or care about the increased frequency of Drag Events.  What puts it on the radar for most adults is when children and youth are the target audience for a Drag Queen event. 

   Men in womanface are first and foremost adult entertainers and purveyors of adult entertainment.  They, if their motivations were transparent would have no justification for interacting with children in their ‘professional’ capacity.  Unless of course there were other reasons: (see the full text here)

“In just the past few months alone, drag events in Windsor, PEI, Nelson, Calgary, Guelph — and more — have been cancelled or rescheduled due to threats of violence. And in Tennessee, a law just passed that bans drag shows in public spaces.”

It would seem there is some contention in our society about the value of adult entertainers interacting with children.  It would be beneficial to have a lively public discussion about what exactly happens at DQSH and the concerns/questions for all those involved.

“Drag is happening in communities big and small, and it’s not going anywhere.”

Sound like a challenge.  Did you really want to encourage more acrimonious behaviour within Canadian society?  Keep poking the bear of mainstream Canadian opinion (i.e. continue fucking around in order find out).

One of things the LGBTQIA+ ‘community’ cannot abide by is debate or criticism of what they think should be part of normal society.  Tough beans, all contentious issues merit debate in a free and democratic society.



Groomer Schools 4: Drag Queen Story Hour

  Read the entire post at Connect All The Dots, well worth your time.


“Not all sex offenders are incarcerated. Given how hard it is to obtain convictions for sexual offenses, consider the likelihood that the total number of male sex offenders may be larger than the total number of males who “identify as women.” If a man invades a female change room, the women and girls inside are likely to have a stress response because their subconscious minds already know this person is approximately 100 times more likely to be a sex offender than any woman in the space and also more likely to be a sexual predator than a man who uses the proper facilities. It does not matter if the trespasser had surgery or takes hormones.

No male should ever be tolerated in a “single-sex” space for females. It’s right there in the name. The minute a person born male enters a female space it is magically transformed into a “mixed-sex” space and is no longer fit for purpose. There is such a thing as too much tolerance and sex is where we must draw the line in order to avoid an easy to predict increase in sexual offenses against women and girls. This is borne out in another UK chart on unisex toilets.

The helpful charts above could not be reproduced with data from Canada because all the male sex offenders pretending to be women would be counted as women by law enforcement. The decision made by Stats Canada in 2019 to track crime by whatever gender a perpetrator claims to be is already causing harm. Not only will it lead to the false claim that “more women are being jailed as sex offenders” it also hides the crimes that male sex offenders are committing in women’s prisons against vulnerable female inmates who cannot “identify” their way to safety. How can we solve this problem when the government is using flawed statistics to cover up what is really going on? Sound statistics are crucial as the foundation for public policy.”

In Canada, the struggle will have to be at the grassroots level, and unfortunately against the organizations that many of us once called home.


Politics: Federal, Provincial, Local

“Ultimately this will be won or lost based on real politics, and elections at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels. While it is helpful overall to have not-woke people at City hall, the thrust of municipal elections for schools is done through the school board elections. More on this below.

Realistically, given the current slate of political parties, left, right or centre, the only prospects for pushback against woke ideology will come from the right- that means conservative and populist parties. The NDP has been predominantly identity politics focused since the 1990s, and has gone almost completely woke – they are no longer the voice of the working class. The Green Party, once a refuge for the not-woke left, submitted rapidly over the past few years. The Liberals have generally succumbed, especially with the current Prime Minister, and while there may be many members who do not like woke ideology they feel their hands are tied. Even the conservative parties are questionable with little support in Ontario from the pretend populist Doug Ford, – some are wavering elsewhere. Only the populist parties (People’s Party, UCP, Sask United Party, New Blue, Ontario Party and now CAQ) have shown reliability in opposing wokeism.

It is a tough pill to swallow for those of us who have traditionally been left to support right wing parties, but it is now no longer possible to expect the woke movement to simply fall out of fashion. The only way to save the left is to punish it. Across the English speaking world, every party not on the right is culturally incapable of pushing back against wokeism.”


As always, definitions are important.  This is what ‘woke’ actually is, as opposed to what is members claim it to be:


The chronically fragile have been working overtime in Canada as of late (thanks to the National Post for the article).  Apparently respecting the material reality we all share can get you in trouble with the authorities as Josh Alexander found out.

“That Canada is becoming less tolerant comes as no surprise, but even so a Catholic high school getting one of their 16-year-old students arrested is a bit of a shock, especially when the heart of the issue is his religious beliefs.

Josh Alexander was arrested by police Monday afternoon for breaching an exclusion order, but the real crime that the student is being punished for is upholding his Catholic beliefs and doing so in what some would no doubt think is a defiant and troublesome manner.”

Stating the factual reality of our existence in some circumstances is a crime. Let that sink in for a bit.

Josh, a Christian, believes there are only two genders, that people can’t switch genders, and that male students shouldn’t use girls’ washrooms. But expressing those views in a classroom discussion on gender at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ont., got him suspended.

“I got suspended for comments made during a class discussion,” said Josh in an interview. “It was about male students using female washrooms, gender dysphoria and male breastfeeding. Everyone was sharing their opinions on it, any student who wanted to was participating, including the teacher

“I said there were only two genders and you were born either a male or a female and that got me into trouble. And then I said that gender doesn’t trump biology.”

Nothing unreasonable been stated so far.  My quibble would be that using ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ when discussing these issues already concedes too much to ground to the gender ideologues.

Gender is the set of the prescribed stereotypes society has for members of the male and female sex classes.  Like most stereotypes, gender is usually quite unhelpful and toxic when it comes to humans flourishing within society.  So, gender = (usually negative) sex stereotypes.

““Freedom once taken for granted is lost,” the Grade 11 student added. “Freedom of religion is probably one of our most important freedoms so I’m not going to surrender it in the face of persecution.

“It just goes to show how little freedom of expression we have in our country.”

James Kitchen, a lawyer from the Liberty Defense Fund which is representing Josh, said in a statement that the student was told he could only return to school “if he agreed not to use the ‘dead name’ of any transgender student and agreed to exclude himself from his two afternoon classes because those classes are attended by two transgender students who disapprove of Josh’s religious beliefs.””

Another person cannot attend class because they disapprove of someone’s religious beliefs?  This is in a Catholic School for heaven’s sake!  It would seem that the new gender-religion has replaced the old religion but has turned back the dial to when it wasn’t socially acceptable to criticize religious belief.  As an Atheist, I find this juxtaposition both perplexing and ironic.

There are no beliefs in a free society that should be beyond reproach.  This includes transgender ideology and its unfounded (and completely risible) beliefs of a gendered soul, being born in the wrong body, humans can change sex et cetera.  Different religion – same bullshit.

“Josh said he had never “dead named” anyone, that is referred to their previous name before transitioning.

“Compelling Josh to utter falsehoods regarding gender contrary to his beliefs and segregating him from classes are repugnant manifestations of religious discrimination,” said Kitchen.

Matters escalated when Josh was later served with an exclusion order.

On Monday, when he tried to go school, the cops were called and he got arrested.

“I walked into one of my classes. I sat down and everyone looked pretty surprised to see me there. Within two minutes the vice-principal was in the classroom asking me to leave,” Josh said.

He left the class and “almost immediately I was met with the police.” Josh was put in the back of a cruiser, driven off property and later released and charged with trespassing.”

Speaking the truth should not be a crime.

“But is that the society we want to become? Arresting 16-year-old kids for turning up at school when they’ve been suspended for their religious beliefs? Was there no other way? Could the school not have tried harder to find a solution? Was calling the police really the only option?

It appears we are now so intolerant that we cannot stand people defending their religious beliefs in a classroom at a supposedly religious school.

Josh doesn’t appear to be a shrinking violet. He obviously holds strong beliefs and is passionate about them.”

I have opposed organized religions for most of my adult life and I have never once felt threatened by my opponents.  Nor have I had faced possibly severe social repercussions for stating my (decidedly untoward) views on religion.  Gender ideology here in Canada though, seems to be the unquestionable religion of choice , and it demands utter obedience and compliance with its diktats.

Christianity and Islam once held this special status.  Fuck that.  I am not going back to not being able to criticize a self appointed sacred caste within Canadian society.  Gender bullshit stinks just as bad as religious bullshit.

“According to its website, St Joseph’s works to promote “education within a framework of a Catholic Christian environment.”

It adds, “We truly believe in the enhancement of the spiritual, moral, and emotional well-being of those belonging to our community.”Kitchen, Josh’s lawyer, would disagree.

“Under the guise of ‘safety’, as that term has been revised by woke gender activists now pervasive in public institutions, Josh has been penalized for expressing his Christian beliefs regarding gender and modesty, beliefs which also happen to align with both objective truth and actual safety,” he said in a statement. “Josh not only has a right to express himself during class discussions and through public forums, he also has a right not to be discriminated against by his school for his sincere religious beliefs. Being suspended and excluded from attending classes is the height of discrimination.”

The activist Left or Woke have twisted the language.  It is what they do.  How does excluding someone = an inclusive learning environment.  A brief detour on what they’ve done to the language:


Yeah.  So, being inclusive is actually being ‘exclusive’ and encouraging the erosion of free speech and thought in society.

“The board said on human rights issues, it takes its guidance from the policies issued by the Ontario Human Rights (OHR) Commission and directives issued by the Ministry of Education.

Its washroom practices follow the OHR guidelines that state that trans people “have the right to access these facilities based on their lived gender identity.”

Do Catholics at a religious school have the right to access the facility based on their lived religious identity?  The OHR is huffing gasoline on this issue.  The idea that somehow ‘gender identity’ trumps material reality is a completely foolish and wrong headed notion.  Facilities in the above statement refers to bathrooms – so if a boy ‘feels’ like a girl he can use the girls bathroom.  No problems (other than the destruction of female only spaces and female boundaries) there, right?

The new transgender religion, like the old traditional religions are steeped in the hatred of women and seek to roll back their rights, boundaries, and safety in society.

The opposition to this new persecution of women is stirring in Canada (we sadly, are still far behind the UK in this area).  Once the language obfuscation is stripped away and more cases are brought court perhaps we can start rolling back this pernicious transgender ideology and all the harm it is causing in society.



Free speech is a large part of the basis of our democratic society. The issue is popping up much more frequently now in Canadian Society as it would seem that certain opinions have been deemed ‘untouchable’ and thus must be avoided or cancelled within the public sphere.

What I don’t understand is why so much of the Canadian political left has completely fumbled the ball on this issue. If you have a counter argument or refutation of Jordan Peterson’s views then bring those views to the public sphere and criticize his arguments. Demonstrate where they fall short, or where they are just plain wrong – but do it with evidence and coherent arguments – not just banning Peterson from speaking.

Banning and cancelling people should, and I repeat should, raise serious concerns on the Left asrestriction of personal liberties and speech are positions that the Left once defended (I imagine the classical Liberals still do, the activists not so much).

So, disagree with JP? Awesome. Bring your arguments to the table and show where he’s wrong. But for heaven sake, don’t stop him from speaking.

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