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Unsurprisingly the CBC seems to be completely on board with uncritical reporting of Drag Queen story hour and how men in woman-face wearing sexualized clothing and make up interact with children.

One truth about male child sex predators is this – They always go to where their prey is.  Whether it be a Priest or Drag Queen the need for child safeguarding remains the same, maybe more so the case of DQ’s because no established accountability structure exists.

But let’s go through the CBC story, line by line to see exactly what’s going on over there in CBC land.

   “Drag is everywhere — and it has never been more popular.”

According to whom, exactly?  Seems very much like a personal opinion as opposed to anything resembling fact. 

“Across the country, performers are bringing their art to events like drag brunches, drag story time at libraries, and shows at local gay bars. But with this increased visibility and popularity has come backlash, in the form of hate.”

If we’re just throwing opinion around here which obviously the hosts of CBC Now or Never are, here is one.  Most adults don’t know or care about the increased frequency of Drag Events.  What puts it on the radar for most adults is when children and youth are the target audience for a Drag Queen event. 

   Men in womanface are first and foremost adult entertainers and purveyors of adult entertainment.  They, if their motivations were transparent would have no justification for interacting with children in their ‘professional’ capacity.  Unless of course there were other reasons: (see the full text here)

“In just the past few months alone, drag events in Windsor, PEI, Nelson, Calgary, Guelph — and more — have been cancelled or rescheduled due to threats of violence. And in Tennessee, a law just passed that bans drag shows in public spaces.”

It would seem there is some contention in our society about the value of adult entertainers interacting with children.  It would be beneficial to have a lively public discussion about what exactly happens at DQSH and the concerns/questions for all those involved.

“Drag is happening in communities big and small, and it’s not going anywhere.”

Sound like a challenge.  Did you really want to encourage more acrimonious behaviour within Canadian society?  Keep poking the bear of mainstream Canadian opinion (i.e. continue fucking around in order find out).

One of things the LGBTQIA+ ‘community’ cannot abide by is debate or criticism of what they think should be part of normal society.  Tough beans, all contentious issues merit debate in a free and democratic society.



Groomer Schools 4: Drag Queen Story Hour

Our vacuous right wing in Canada screeching about non-glowing coverage of their team.


A non corporate news source is one of the hallmarks of a democratic society.  We should be giving more money to the CBC not less in the age of corporate media and fake news.

Somedays it seems like our fringe won’t be happy until all news is Fox news, telling them how awesome it is that they are poor, but selling out the country to the rich is a supremely patriotic act.  Job well done.


I love it when the CBC puts together some fascinating historical tidbits about the music I enjoy.

Ahh, you can hear the faint hum of the patriarchal machinery gently whirr in the background as it gently churns out non-provocative titles such as this:

Sexy outfits for female staff may be discriminatory.

The unabashed use of the qualifier quickly raised this commentators eyebrow and raised the feminist lobes to a strong yellow alert. Was this a sage nod to journalistic principles or just a slavish introduction to (yet another) slap-happy, patriarchally-reinforcing, equality hug-fest?


Objectification? Nah. Double standards for the sexes?

Thankfully, the code yellow lobe condition turned out to be unnecessary as the article found its way and made some crunchy assertions about the sexism women face in the workplace.

“Should you have to dress sexy to keep your job? Many women working at some of Canada’s popular restaurant chains say they do.

But dress codes for female staff at some restaurants — which can include high heels, tight skirts and heavy makeup — may violate women’s human rights, according to some experts.”

Wow, enforced femininity violating human rights?  It’s almost like the material conditions forced on one class of people is destructive and not conducive to healthy existence in society.

“CBC Marketplace investigated the dress codes at some of Canada’s top restaurant chains and heard from dozens of female staff who say they felt pressured to wear revealing outfits or risk losing shifts.

“The dress is so tight that you can see your underwear through it,” says a current employee of Joey Restaurants who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job.

She claims she was told not to wear underwear at all in order to avoid this.”

Because wearing a sexy tight dress is the necessary foundation for serving people food and drink.  Hmm, seems like there is a societal standard at work here – rhymes with blofectification….can’t quite put my finger on it.  I’m sure my fellow blamers will help me out though…

“It is sex discrimination. I have no doubt about it,” she [University of Ottawa law professor Joanne St. Lewis] says. “The male employees are doing exactly the same task as the female employees … And they do not need to sexualize their clothing. That’s the bottom line.”

Yep.  The good prof correctly identifies that problem, there is a set of standards for women, and a set of standards for men.  Guess which sex has more harmful rules and stipulations?

“Toronto pastry chef Kate Burnham grabbed headlines in 2015 when she spoke out about her alleged sexual harassment while working in the kitchen of a popular downtown restaurant, Weslodge.

Burnham’s case nabbed the attention of Toronto-based restaurant owner Jen Agg, who took to Twitter to say sexism and sexual harassment are major issues in the industry.

It also provoked Agg to organize a conference on the topic called “Kitchen Bitches: Smashing the Patriarchy One Plate at a Time.” The event, which brought both men and women together to discuss the abuse happening in restaurants, sold out.

Agg says what happens in kitchens is shocking.

“Slapping with tongs, snapping bras, relentless grabbing — women chefs learn quickly to crouch, never bend over, when picking up a pot,” she wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times.

St. Lewis suggests sexualized dress codes can send a signal that tolerating harassment is part of the job.

“That is not something that I think any employer has the entitlement to ask in 2016 of any woman in a Canadian workplace,” she says.”

Yep, because being slapped, having one’s bra snapped and being relentlessly grabbed are all hallmarks of a relentlessly egalitarian society.  Women systematically being treated as objects, with little or no respect to their autonomy, it’s almost like there is a prevailing social set of norms, some feminists like to call Patriarchy, at work.





I wish CBC would make more of these music history videos, they are informative and entertaining. :) Let’s take a closer look at the fabric of Brahms’s famous tune.

Rick Mercer reports on our Canadian para-Panam/para-Olympic athletes with a vivacious gusto and aplomb that leaves one smiling and quite pleased to be Canadian.  I am very glad the CBC exists and can provide a platform for the likes of Mercer and the good, often funny, work that he does.

Orange    We can file this Orange Juice Fiasco safely under the heading of corporate conduct that manages to screw the consumer, adhere to the barest letter of the law, and be scandalously profitable all at same time!   Heuristically speaking, what the major orange juice producers are doing is considered the standard of corporate behaviour.  So when your right-wing friends tell you about how evil restrictive government policies/regulations are literally choking the life out of the (sacrosanct) market you can tell them about this orange juice story and watch them wiggle and squirm as they try to think of what combination of market theology/bombast will shut you the hell up.

“The cartons say “100% pure and natural.” But juice-drinkers who believe that premium juice is minimally processed and freshly made may find that their glass is only half full.

A joint investigation by CBC Marketplace and Radio-Canada’s L’épicerie reveals that much of the premium not-from-concentrate orange juice on the market, including juices from Tropicana, Simply Orange, Oasis and others, is highly processed and may be stored for several months before making its way to supermarket shelves.

That processing may keep the juice from spoiling, but it also strips the flavour, which has to be put back into the product to give the juice its orange flavour.

“If you’re paying premium thinking that it’s a fresh-squeezed product, then there is a problem there, because it’s not,” Alissa Hamilton, […]”

Not past your first cup of life yet, let me highlight the key point – Your premium “freshly squeezed” OJ has probably been stored in a vat for serveral months, in a flavourless, pasteurized state.  To make it palatable, they have to add orange concentrate back into the mix.   I know I’m jumping ahead here, but this is the gist of what is going on in the OJ industry.

“But many leading juice companies do not disclose, either in marketing or on the packaging, that they add natural flavour to juice.”

Whoops.   Not like consumers would need to know about that right?  It wouldn’t be like they were contradicting themselves or anything with the rest of the OJ label claiming to be “freshly squeezed”.

“Canadians spend almost $500 million a year on orange juice, including premium juice, which is often marketed as “fresh,” “pure,” “natural” and “not from concentrate.”

And that premium comes at, well, a premium.

“’Not from concentrate’ costs quite a bit more than ‘from concentrate,'” says Hamilton. “They’re trying to convince you that that’s because of the fresher product, that you should pay that much more.”

The Marketplace survey, conducted online by the polling firm EKOS in November 2014, also found that 62 per cent of Canadian orange juice drinkers said they believed that premium juice is fresher than juice made from concentrate, and 58 per cent say they believe it’s more natural.

In fact, 46 per cent were willing to pay more for these juices because they believe them to be more natural.

The survey involved English speakers who said they had bought or consumed orange juice in the last six months.

But Hamilton says that “what you’re getting back in these flavour packs is an engineered product.”

Shocked I tell you, just shocked am I about juice producers dishonestly labelling their products to make a buck.

“Flavour packs are made when fragrance companies take extracts from orange peel to reproduce the aroma and taste of freshly squeezed oranges.”

Mmmmmm…I love the taste of freshly squeezed flavour packs in the morning…

“Solange Doré, vice president of Lassonde Beverages Canada, which makes Oasis juices, told L’épicerie “these are flavours that come from the fruit, they are an integral part of the fruit. So, in essence they’ve been lost and we collect them and restore them.

“So we’re not adding synthetic flavours, it’s very important to understand that difference,” she said.

For that reason, juice companies don’t feel that the labelling is misleading and say that the packaging complies with existing regulations.

Coca-Cola, which owns popular brands Simply Orange and Minute Maid, told Marketplace in a statement, “orange oil and orange essence is extracted during juicing to capture the natural orange taste and aroma, which may be later blended back into the juice to ensure a consistent, fresh-squeezed taste.

“The amount of orange oil or orange essence that may be re-added to the juice is within the range that is commonly found in freshly squeezed orange juice,” the statement said.”

Well, there is the greasy technicality they are using to bilk you, gentle Canadian reader, out of your hard earned dollars.

The immoral of the story, as usual, with corporations is that greed and the bottom line take precedence over all other concerns.  Take heed conservative voters who think that deregulation and ‘cutting red tape’ are mega-fracking awesome ideas because this OJ debacle is only a minor jaunt into the world of corporate malfeasance.




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