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More please.

This sort of refutation of transgeder ideological talking points needs to be everywhere. This is not about ‘being kind’ this is about recognizing the reality we all live in and BEING FAIR.

Males, regardless of how they identify, should stay out of female only spaces. Every inch of what it means to be a free female in society has been fought for by women for decades and yet here we have Mr.Douchy-McManwig shitting all over he notion of females setting their own boundaries and having them respected.

Do you know why trans identified men will never be women? It’s because they have no notion of what it is actually like living as female in our society – if they did – they wouldn’t do bullshit like this.

For the sake of reference.

Pretty much this.  Distilled down to what the mantra’s are all about.  The control of women and the foregrounding of male desire.

The ‘freedom’ that is offered to women is conditional in nature.  You see, if it comports with male desire – pornography, wearing womanface – it deemed acceptable and worthy in society.  However, saying no to the ‘peen in both situations is most definitely not acceptable.  How do we know?

Calling prostitution damaging and exploitative one gets called anti-sex as if somehow rallying against paid-rape is prudish and old fashioned.  In the second case rightly recognizing the threat and danger of males in female spaces one is called ‘transphobic’ or anti-trans for acknowledging safeguarding and ever present threat of male violence in society.  Identify however you’d like but, your gender fantasy ends where the safety of others begins.

In both cases, this bullshit comes from the Left and it is completely unacceptable.

The theme in both cases is that women asserting boundaries is not acceptable. Thus, the feminist struggle must continue, because freedom for women should not be conditional on the acceptance of the male member.

An individual on Twitter has seen fit to ‘tackle’ all of the opposing talking points deployed against transgender ideology. Let’s see and talk about them here.

A limited and simplistic definition that is correct? Heaven forbid.  Concision is a beautiful thing. Accurate descriptions of the reality we inhabit are a boon to meaningful discussions and debate.

Transgender women, that is to say men who through gender-magic think they are women, remain male.  For a quick self demonstration please identify as rich and demand entrance into the Davos conference, or even identify as royalty and demand entrance into Buckingham Palace.  Thinking you are something does not, in fact, make you that something.

Culturally and legally speaking?  I have no idea what this phrase means.  Men in some jurisdictions have pushed through laws that allow them to change legal documents such as passports and birth certificates, but legal fictions that do not comport with reality are precisely that – fiction.

Human beings cannot change their sex.

Women are adult human females – this definition is very clear and precise and works as long as you respect the reality we all share.  Transgender women (men) do not fall into this category because men are not women.  It is really as simple as that.  Unfortunately many male trans activists have a very strong sense of male entitlement often argue vehemently that their feelings of gender supersede the material reality we all share.

We cannot allow self-delusion to be the basis of the norms and laws we have in society.

This is category error on such a large scale.  Tall, short, black, white, lesbian, straight, disabled women, et cetera all belong to one category.  They are adult human females – they possess the physiology to become pregnant and give birth.  If you have the large immobile gametes then it is a pretty safe bet to say that you are female.  The term women encompasses the vast range and variety of females we see today.  What this category does not include, of course, is men and yes even men who honestly think that they are women.

So much confusion is introduced into these conversations because transgender ideology, by its very nature is definitionally opaque.  For instance, the use of ‘cisgender’ even in this little blurb.  To understand how it is being misused one must first define what gender is.

Gender are sets of societal expectations and norms that are applied to women and men.  Gender expectations are fluid and and are society specific, gender expectations are often formed from the roles the sexes play and have played in our society.   In other words they are the sex specific stereotypes used in society to evaluate and differentiate people in society.  See below.

Gender is arbitrary and often restricts and inhibits individuals from acting outside their ‘approved’ set of gendered expectations.  So, gender is imposed on individuals in society and unsurprisingly the roles assigned to females are given less value and prestige.

So, we as individuals are not gender roles.  We are individuals with personalities that include roles, attributes, and stereotypes from both sides of the gender role divide.

Thus, the notion of ‘cisgender’ means that you as a person comply with the stereotypical set of ideas associated with your sex.  For women though associating with the stereotypes that limit your participation in society and circumvent your boundaries is problematic.  Therefore women who are connected with reality and the material conditions imposed upon them by the strictures of gender oppose the notion of ‘cisgender’ because they do not ‘identify’ with that set of stereotypical norms that inhibits them as individuals in society.

Unfortunately in our society one of the foundational axis of discrimination and oppression is the sex you happen to be born into.  Sad, but what you are expected to do in society and which roles you are expected to take on are very dependent on the physical bits and parts that make up female and male physiology.

It is not biological essentialism to state that all women have large gametes, double XX chromosomes, and cervixes.  To be biologically esentiallist, one would have to state that women are nothing more (or have no worth outside of their) than their reproductive parts/potential.

Of course no one checks ones chromosomes or gametes to see whether or not they are going to harass them.  Our species ability to reproduce is based on identifying, determining, and judging the sexual fitness of the other sex.  We, in general, are very capable of identifying who is male and who is female in society.  No genital/chromosomal inspections required.


If we care about facts and reality then the statement only women have cervixes must stand, because it is accurate and true.

Just because you feel like you should be in a category does not mean that you should be in said category.  Please refer to the identifying as rich example.

(Female) Non-binary people and transmen (females) individuals gender beliefs do not change the material conditions of their body.  If transmen or women who call themselves ‘non-binary’ (both cases biological females) don’t understand that they have cervix, then that is very much their problem, as facts are independent of gendered feelings.



Linguistic erasure of females is one of the key features of trans ideology.  If women cannot name their physical reality, how do they combat and improve their conditions in society?  The trend is disconcerting as conditions that happen only to females are having the term woman and female replaced by vague nondescript words.  For instance –


So, female erasure is happening because of the self perceived needs of those who choose to self-identify is a problematic feature of trans ideology and it is erasing females from society.


Disagreeing with anything a transactivist says is usually categorized transphobic.  Let’s take a peek at a small sample of people who have a ‘pretty solid understanding of consent‘.

So, yeah.  Talk about understanding consent is nice, but demonstrating it would be much more nice.


Gender expression is subjective and therefore not a good standard to judge risks with regards to safeguarding.  Males are responsible for the vast majority of sexual crimes and assaults against women and children, therefore they (regardless of self-identification) should not be in female only spaces.

And that is because of their sex, not their gender.


Beards are not the problem.  It is the males attachted to the beards with the creepy, rapey, attitudes which are the problem.

No community is monolithic.  The fact that the LGB Alliance and it’s many sister organizations exist across the world are a testament to that fact.  The LGB Alliance sprang into being to defend the rights of people who believe that sexual orientation is important.


A tiny minority of entitled males believe that through gender-magic they are female and want to rearrange society to comport with their subjective gender feelings – they’ve had a fair amount of traction.  *shrugs*


Well, taken out of context, I’m certain you got that from what Julia Long said.  Judge for yourself folks –

Julia long was speaking to the biological fact that human beings cannot change sex and the claims that transwomen are in fact real women are not possible as women categorically speaking, are adult human females.

Misrepresenting arguments from the opposition is not a new feature, but it must be said that the argument here is this – should other people be compelled to partake in your gender identity?  The answer, if we value a free society, is no.

Consider the case of religion.  I am free to believe in Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha – I am not, however, free to compel you to believe in any of the aforementioned religious deities.

Same with gender religious beliefs.  If you think that wearing a dress and heels and feeling like a woman makes you a woman go right ahead.  I should be under no pressure whatsoever to not believe the claim that wearing a dress and heels and ‘feeling like’ a woman turns you into an adult human female.


Hmm.  Well we should look at Stonewall’s materials and judge for ourselves.

So, we can assume the claim that Stonewall’s claims, at the very least, require more scrutiny as their veracity of purpose is in question.

The era of ‘no debate’ is over.  These questions are necessary to gain clarity and understanding of how gender self id legislation and gender ideology affects society and more specifically women.

Rigorous discussion and debate is a necessary requirement of any proposition that affects multiple stakeholders in society.

Brave women are speaking out against the quasi-totalitarian organizations that seek to sanction female speech in the name of the now perverted notions of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.  The police where called on Ms.Black for ‘offensively criminal’ content on her twitter account.  It isn’t hard to guess that she expresses opinions that are pro-female boundaries and rights in society?   Yep, women defining their experiences and themselves can get you called to the police station in Ireland.

Ms.Black isn’t having any of it, and here are her words ringing with indignation and a certain Martin Luther vibe that should rightly give transactivists pause.  Women have had quite enough of your regressive gender-bollocks.  The push-back has begun.


The following is Ceri Black’s speech delivered at the ‘Come out Of Stonewall’ protest in Belfast today.

“I’m here to stand against the protection racket that is the diversity champion’s scheme, and to call for employers to join the flood of others who have left it.

But I hope you don’t mind if I take this opportunity to speak about what’s been happening to me over the last 48 hours instead of the speech I originally prepared.

You may know this already, but a man has managed to persuade the police to invite me to an interview, under caution, regarding my Twitter account, @femmeloves.

So what kind of offensive, criminal content can you expect to see on my account?

I speak from my heart about love and boundaries. I talk about recovering from childhood sexual abuse. I speak about child protection, and how to safeguard children from the kind of monsters who put their hands on me when I was still a little girl, when I was vulnerable and lost and frightened and alone.

Before I found my voice, and the courage to raise it. Before I lifted up my bowed head, looked straight in the face of what happened to me, and healed my broken heart.

Before my wife put her strong arms around me, and kissed me, and in the perfect, secret circle of her arms, a sacred circle that no shame can enter, I found myself safe in the only home I have ever known. I talk about that too, about the love between women. I say that men should leave lesbians alone.

I talk about the erosion of boundaries which is inherent in the form of queer theory. I say that women deserve our own sports. I argue that vulnerable women, in shelters and prisons, should not be housed with males. I say with passion that dysphoric people like my beautiful wife should not be rushed down the affirmation route, and that wrong sex hormones and cosmetic surgeries should be an absolute last resort for the treatment of what is, at its root, a mental health condition. I argue that if you are swinging your penis about in the women’s changing room, you are not a dysphoric trans person. You are a predator.

If it were not prohibited by the Twitter terms of service, I would tweet out the plain fact that men cannot be women.

Perhaps naively, when I first joined this fight, I thought that the police would protect everyday working families like mine, talking on topics like these. So when I faced a wall of death threats, rape threats, threats of sectarian violence, violent pornographic photographs and videos, homophobic abuse, and calls to “go back where you came from,” on my Twitter account, I reported them to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

They took no action.

But one phone call from a man who has a history of using the police service as his own personal enforcement arm against women he disagrees with, and the PSNI have threatened me with arrest if I don’t attend voluntarily to be interviewed under caution.

I have excellent legal representation. My solicitor is confident that there is no case to answer. That I won’t ever go near a courtroom, although he does think I will have to be interviewed one way or the other.

Don’t worry about me. This isn’t about me.

This is about the dirty tactics of a movement which delights in intimidating and bullying their opponents into silence, using fair means or foul.


This has gone far enough now.

The complainant cannot be allowed to continue to weaponize police forces across the country, to silence voices he disagrees with, whilst he capers and gloats and feigns terror because he’s triggered by tweets.

He is a bully. I do not pander to bullies. I do not cower before bullies. I put them on notice, and I employ all legal means to have them stopped.

My solicitor informs me that there are various channels open to me, so the complainant can expect to hear from me in due course.

But it isn’t just the complainant I’m putting on notice. It is the police service of Northern Ireland, it’s Stonewall, and it’s the massive fraud they call the Diversity Champions Scheme.

The police have questions for me? Good. I have questions for them.

Questions like, “What influence does being a member of the Stonewall diversity champions scheme have on the way you police this issue?”

Questions like, “When I reported death and rape threats to you, you told me to withdraw from the debate and stop tweeting, so did you offer the same advice to the man who complained against me?”

Questions like “what underpinned your decision to interview me under caution for tweets about child protection, whilst you completely ignored direct threats on my life.”

I have a long list of other questions for the PSNI, and they can expect to hear them from me in the form of Freedom of information requests in the coming days.

My solicitor is helping me explore other possible actions, including a complaint to the ombudsman.

In the meantime, I have a message for the PSNI.

I’m politely declining your invitation to be interviewed voluntarily under caution at the station.

Come and arrest me if you want to ask me your questions. Here I am.

Come and arrest a lesbian woman, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a campaigner for women and children, for the crime of tweeting about how to protect children from grooming and sexual predation. Put this survivor in handcuffs and put me in a room. Go ahead. Ask your questions. Make yourselves the tools of a man who, with his army of vindictive and spiteful followers, has terrorised women across the nation, all the while making claims about his own victimhood.

But before you come to arrest me for offences under the malicious communications act, for homophobic and transphobic hate crime, I ask you to read my tweets. Read the thread that has caused such offence to that man, not a single word of which has violated the Twitter terms of service, or mentioned him by name. Go ahead and read my pinned tweet as well. Scroll through all my tweets. They are all there for you to see. See if you can find a single word of hatred that I have written. You will not.

In the meantime, I’m going to save you a job.

I’m going to plead guilty ahead of time.

If it’s bigoted to say that there is a sacred duty on adults to safeguard children from paedophiles, predators and perverts, then I’m guilty.

If it’s transphobic to call people out for saying “it’s a women’s penis” to excuse a male predator exposing his genitals to children in the women’s changing room room at a spa, then I’m guilty.

If it’s malicious communications to raise my voice and stand, fierce and unafraid, in defence of women and girls, then I’m guilty.

If it is a crime to write from my heart about love and boundaries, in Northern Ireland, in 2021, then it is a crime I’m very proud to be guilty of.

If those are imprisonable offences, then off to prison I will go.

But this isn’t about sending me to prison. It won’t get that far. This is an attempt to intimidate me, to bully me into silence, to shut me up. I’m here to tell you now, if you haven’t worked it out already, it isn’t going to work. I’m not going to be cowed. I’m not going to be trodden down. I’m not going to be beaten. I’m not going to appease bullies, cowards and misogynists, and I’m definitely not going to shut up.

And I’ll finish with this. A message from me to the complainant, to the PSNI and to Stonewall.

You have picked a fight with the wrong woman.


Police Service of Northern Ireland, you may have questions for me, but I have questions for you too.

1. What actions did you take when I reported receiving death threats on Twitter?

2. What actions did you take when I reported receiving rape threats on Twitter?

3. What actions did you take when I reported xenophobic taunts to “go back where you came from” and worse on Twitter?

4. What actions did you take when I reported homophobic abuse against my wife and I on Twitter, including people telling her to just transition already, and calling me homophobic slurs?

Those are rhetorical questions; I already know the answer to them. You told me to stop tweeting and get off social media. You blamed the victim. You told me that unless somebody said “here is your address and I’m coming to your house right now to do you harm” they could do nothing. You told me on the phone they were recording a “hate incident” and took no further action.

5. Are you aware that none of my tweets has ever violated the Twitter terms of service and I have never had a complaint upheld against me by Twitter?

6. Are you aware that the complainant in this case has made spurious complaints to other forces about other women and that this is part of a pattern of harassment on his part?

7. Are you aware that the complainant has been engaging in behaviours online towards me and other women which often cross the line to harassment? For example, stalking the tweets of people who have him blocked and making vexatious police complaints?

8. Are you aware that I have never engaged in behaviour like this towards him, and have had him blocked for months?

9. Have you advised him to maybe stop tweeting and engaging in politics if he doesn’t like being offended (incidentally the same advice you gave me when I co-founded the LGB Alliance Ireland and received a wall of online hate?)

Regarding your links to other organisations:

10. From which organisations have you received training regarding LGB issues?

11. From which organisations have you received training regarding Trans issues?

12. With which organisations do you have ties regarding LGB issues?

13. With which organisations do you have ties regarding Trans issues?

14. Do you receive any funding from any organisations on these issues?

15. Do you give any money to any organisations regarding these issues?

16. Are you a member of the Stonewall Champions scheme?

17. Have you received any advice from Stonewall about the complaint I made to you of death and rape threats, and how you dealt with it?

18. Have you received any advice from Stonewall regarding your decision to interview me under caution?

19. Were any officers with ties to Stonewall involved in either of those decisions?

Regarding best use of your resources:

20. How much does it cost the Lurgan police to arrest somebody and interview them under caution?

21. On what grounds have you decided that arresting me over tweets would be the best use of these funds?

22. On what grounds do you decide which tweets you are going to police and which you are not?

23. Regarding what percentage of the nearly 400 incidents of antisocial behaviour committed in Lurgan last month was an individual interviewed under caution?

24. Regarding what percentage of the 300+ violent and sexual offences committed in Lurgan last month was an individual interviewed under caution?

25. Regarding what percentage of the nearly 100 incidents of arson and criminal damage committed in Lurgan last month was an individual interviewed under caution?

Some of these questions can be formulated as carefully crafted FoIs, and you will be hearing from me more formally in the coming days.”

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