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Males, regardless of how they identify, should stay out of female only spaces. Every inch of what it means to be a free female in society has been fought for by women for decades and yet here we have Mr.Douchy-McManwig shitting all over he notion of females setting their own boundaries and having them respected.

Do you know why trans identified men will never be women? It’s because they have no notion of what it is actually like living as female in our society – if they did – they wouldn’t do bullshit like this.

“One woman died and two others were injured in a violent attack at a Toronto massage parlour in February. A 17-year-old male, who is too young to be identified under Canadian law, was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Police added the terrorism charge on Tuesday, three months after the attack, after finding what they say is evidence that he had ties to the incel or “involuntary celibate” movement, whose members believe women owe men sex and are to blame for male sexual frustration. “

Yep, you read that right.  That loser of a dude was under the notion that somehow women (sexy,hot women) owed him sexual pleasure and gratification.

Just how far up one’s ass does one need to be to think that anyone owes you anything in the world?  And yet, this incel movement is a real facet of society.

Check this shit out from a forum for the wankers (hyperlink through donotlink):

Sex is clearly a vital part of every humans existence, a man doesn’t even “become a man” in a sense within society until he has sex, in essence a lot of men have not undergone their “right of passage” to become part of the “tribe” that is modern human civilization.

This is why all of these mass shootings are taking place, its started to branch off into other things like the “Thot Audit”, more and more things like this are going to keep happening until society finally acknowledges this problem and begins to make changes.

So as it stands we now have a significant and growing pool of sexually starved men, who due to this are angry, violent, irritable and suicidal, seriously how does society expect this to play out, the most dangerous animal is the one backed into a corner with nothing to lose, when someone doesn’t care if they die, worse yet they want to die just so their sad existence can end, there is no reasoning with that person, they are on a “war path”, you either kill them, give that person what they want, or you get out of their way as they proceed to claim what they want.

Society expects us not to burn the village down when it won’t initiate us into the tribe, that’s whats truly outrageous, not the violence of disenfranchised men, but the fact that society actually expects us to just remain docile and accept this reality that has been forced upon us.”

Yeah.  Witness the real creme of human civilization…

This is normalized behaviour in our society. My dudes, this is never okay. If you happen to see this, know that it is wrong and take action to stop it.

The strain of male entitlement runs through most of transactivism.  The pronoun debacle, is no exception.

A corollary to this notion of respect is the ‘don’t be a jerk’ angle.  What’s the harm in playing along with someone’s wishes?  Why offend them when it’s just a simple linguistic modification.

I’m a big fan of being polite.  It makes society and civilization possible.  Where is the limit though?  Joining people in their respective delusions, whether it be gender or religion or rallying on about ‘big phrama’ should not be considered to be an extension of ‘politeness’.   I am (nor is anyone else) not obliged to be a part of the desultory grand stage that another person is setting.

Men have had the privilege of defining society and reality as they see fit since its inception – this tendency does not go away with the application of nail polish and a pair of cute shoes.


Funny sad really as the male entitlement that females have to deal with daily has begun to negatively affect those backing the whole gender identity hoopla.  The truth as it was in the beginning as it is now – threatening male entitlement is verboten.  I wonder how long it will be before the good doctor is called a T*RF.

Why hello there gentle readers (and a big thanks to John Zande for bringing this video to my attention).  Today were going to look at one of the fundamental differences between the lived experiences of men and women in public.   We’re also going to look at some of the horrible things misogynistic, entitled men say when they see a version of reality that doesn’t agree with theirs.  These are the same dudebro’s that cry foul when women post videos on you tube and decline to open the comment section.   So, let us watch the video and then digest some of the comments I annotate from said video.

A handy refresher about Helen Lewis’s Law -“Comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

**UPDATE – A big thank you Bleatmop for this information – Shoshana has also been receiving rape threats due to her participation in this video.   See the story here. **

This video is a PSA about street harassment and this definition is from their blog Hollaback.

“What is street harassment?

Street harassment is a form of sexual harassment that takes place in public spaces. It exists on a spectrum including “catcalling” or verbal harassment, stalking, groping, public masturbation, and assault. At its core is a power dynamic that constantly reminds historically subordinated groups (women and LGBTQ folks, for example) of their vulnerability to assault in public spaces. Further, it reinforces the ubiquitous sexual objectification of these groups in everyday life. Street harassment can be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, sizeist and/or classist.  It is an expression of the interlocking and overlapping oppressions we face and it functions as a means to silence our voices and “keep us in our place.” At Hollaback!, we believe that what specifically counts as street harassment is determined by those who experience it.  If you’ve experienced street harassment, we’ve got your back!


Is Shoshana’s experience unique?

The experience of street harassment is different for everyone.  Street harassment disproportionately impacts women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and young people.  Although the degree to which Shoshana gets harassed is shocking — the reality is that the harassment that people of color and LGBTQ individuals face is oftentimes more severe and more likely to escalate into violence. These forms of harassment are not just sexist — but also racist and homophobic in nature.”


Shoshana noted, “I’m harassed when I smile and I’m harassed when I don’t. I’m harassed by white men, black men, latino men. Not a day goes by when I don’t experience this.”



Yes, well, lets take a peek at what the enlightened you tube commentators has to say.  I went through the comments and came up with 5 rough categorizations of comments that I screen-capped:  Clueless Dudes, Entitled Males, FreezePeach, Misogynistic ManSplainers, and Victim Blaming.  Some comments could be in more than one category, but divisions needed to be made somewhere (it’s such a pleasure seeing so many graduations of misogyny).  Oh yes there are a smattering of non vile responses, but those are for a different post.

So here we go, category one – Clueless Dudes.



#1 Some of these persons are harassing for sure. But saying “have a nice evening” or “How are you?” or anything like that is not harassing in anyway! You should try saying “You too!”, “I’m fine thanks, and you?” and send a smile. In that way we would all have a nice day.


#2. Should we arrest all these men for saying inoffensive things? Should we tie them up and give them 50 lashings each? Would that make you feel better about it? Because unless you do, it’s never going to stop. So shut the fuck up.


#3. Most of them were REALLY nice. “God Bless You” and “have a good day”. Those would make my day!


#4. She’s going to change her mind when she hits about 45 and all the catcalls stop.


#5.Men are genetically designed to reproduce. Of course a good looking girl is going to get hit on.

Clueless Dude Analysis/Response:  Wow, so much fail, so little time.  Let’s respond in order.

#1.  Women in public are not obligated to say or do anything.  The men in this video were trying to elicit a response or commentate on her physical stature.  This is not conversation, it is harassment.

#2.  Should we speak in nothing but hyperbole when defending the status-quo that benefits you so much?

#3.  Would it really make your day if so many of these comments were preludes to asking for sex or touching that you have not asked for?  The good ship male experience sails in the calmest of waters.

#4.  Ah, you’d be surprised what a relief it is for many women who age out of, or fat out of or whatever out of, the category of women who get unwanted male attention.  The transition from harassment target – girl I’d like to fuck – to invisible to the male eye penis is a reality for almost all women.

#5.  Would any comment sections about female harassment be complete without some evo-devo-pysch bullshit?  Let me know how your hunt goes Jonny Tan whilst the females gather roots and berries…  (pro-tip:  That whispering you hear is civilization and progress proving your low opinion of males and humanity comes directly from your rectum).


Category Two – Entitled Males.

Read the rest of this entry »

An excerpt from The Feminist Battle After the Isla Vista Massacre by Rebecca Solnit:

“Six years ago, when I sat down and wrote the essay “Men Explain Things to Me,” here’s what surprised me: though I began with a ridiculous example of being patronized by a man, I ended with rapes and murders. We tend to treat violence and the abuse of power as though they fit into airtight categories: harassment, intimidation, threat, battery, rape, murder. But I realize now that what I was saying is: it’s a slippery slope. That’s why we need to address that slope, rather than compartmentalizing the varieties of misogyny and dealing with each separately. Doing so has meant fragmenting the picture, seeing the parts, not the whole.

A man acts on the belief that you have no right to speak and that you don’t get to define what’s going on. That could just mean cutting you off at the dinner table or the conference. It could also mean telling you to shut up, or threatening you if you open your mouth, or beating you for speaking, or killing you to silence you forever. He could be your husband, your father, your boss or editor, or the stranger at some meeting or on the train, or the guy you’ve never seen who’s mad at someone else but thinks “women” is a small enough category that you can stand in for “her.” He’s there to tell you that you have no rights.

Threats often precede acts, which is why the targets of online rape and death threats take them seriously, even though the sites that allow them and the law enforcement officials that generally ignore them apparently do not. Quite a lot of women are murdered after leaving a boyfriend or husband who believes he owns her and that she has no right to self-determination.”


Go read the rest. 

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