The strain of male entitlement runs through most of transactivism.  The pronoun debacle, is no exception.

A corollary to this notion of respect is the ‘don’t be a jerk’ angle.  What’s the harm in playing along with someone’s wishes?  Why offend them when it’s just a simple linguistic modification.

I’m a big fan of being polite.  It makes society and civilization possible.  Where is the limit though?  Joining people in their respective delusions, whether it be gender or religion or rallying on about ‘big phrama’ should not be considered to be an extension of ‘politeness’.   I am (nor is anyone else) not obliged to be a part of the desultory grand stage that another person is setting.

Men have had the privilege of defining society and reality as they see fit since its inception – this tendency does not go away with the application of nail polish and a pair of cute shoes.