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The hollow shell of ‘progressive’ virtue signalling rings a bit hollower as here in Canada, there is no one on the list to remember.

As in for the last three years…

Although at the very same time those pesky uterus-havers and menstruators are dying at a rate of 1 woman every 2.5 days. Yet here were are celebrating the manufactured victimhood of gender deluded males.

Transgender ideology cloaks its misogyny in false narratives of oppression and trauma – while doing its very best to erase females and female boundaries,spaces, and sports from society.

I’ve has the honour and pleasure to meet some brilliant people over the years.  Some even happen to reside in my home province and share some of the same political tribulations that I do.  This letter is a call to halt the erasure of females and female history in our society in the name of being diverse and inclusive.

I encourage everyone to get a hold of ATB if you deal with them and ask why are they participating in activities that remove women from the public sphere and edit them out of history.


“Dear Ms.————,


     I hope this finds you and yours well. I have received your email response, made on behalf of the Alberta Treasury Branches’ Customer Service department, in response to my earlier email which was in regards to the ATB art show “In Full Bloom” which is scheduled to be held in Calgary in 2023 on International Woman’s Day. As you know the call was for “artists who identify as women.” The description of the exhibit is as follows: “In Full Bloom: A celebration of artwork by and about women will focus on artwork that celebrates the creative practices of women with an emphasis on female- and nature-inspired imagery and narratives.” In a nutshell my initial complaint was that opening this show to men was both highly insulting and sexist. The response I received on behalf of the bank was that the ATB believes in “inclusivity.” But what exactly is “inclusivity”? After having researched Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ideology I have concluded that so called inclusivity, as the ATB is practicing it, is a postmodern concept which is playing a role in deconstructing and redefining the material reality of the human sex class of men and women/boys and girls.

     As a student of art history and a woman with a degree in painting from the Alberta University of the Arts, I can assure you that the disappearance of women’s and girls’ artistic endeavours in order to centre men is nothing new. For millennia the artistic works of women were disappeared, negated, or not even brought to life. Not because women lacked talent or artistic merit, but solely based on the material reality of our sexed lives. Artistic women had a brief window, beginning in the late 1960’s with the rise of second wave feminism, where we successfully challenged the system which had resulted in an art history full of nude portrayals of the female form created by men and a tiny percentage of art works created by women. It was those successful challenges to the artistic norm that lead institutions like the ATB to offer sex-based opportunities for female artists. Now the ATB simultaneously asks us to reflect and create art work on the theme of womanhood and nature while literally redefining woman from adult human female to nothing more than a claimed identity.

     This brings me to the portion of my letter where I will illustrate how the ideology of inclusion negatively impacts the lives of girls and women in societies where DEI have risen to the forefront of society. It is via the mechanism of inclusion that the following events are taking place: In June of 2017, with no public accountability and without being made clear to the voters of the 2016 election, Bill C-16 was passed into law. The bill amended the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. Running along side Bill C-16 was a change as to how Canadians were identified on their legal documents. Sex was overturned in favour of “gender.” This alteration allowed any man to “identify as a woman” with four simple words: “I am a woman. In the same year the federal government began housing convicted male criminals in women’s prisons where they were put into the general population. It is difficult to get clear numbers on the number of violent and sexual offenses these men committed because all crimes are recorded via “gender” so all crimes appear to be women on women. However, testimony gathered from women within the prison system anecdotally suggest that they are being harassed, terrorized, robbed, assaulted, sexually assaulted, and even raped by criminal men.

     I assume the ATB would like to consider itself as partners in Reconciliation, yet First Nation’s women are disproportionately housed in prisons. Now they must attempt to rehabilitate themselves while taking shifts at night in order to attempt to keep violent males at bay. As I draft this response Canada’s top ranked woman competitive cyclist is currently a man. This means that at least one outstanding woman cyclist has been pushed from the podium. We will never know how many women no longer compete because of the policies which allow men to steal the podium. The sporting events women fought for so that our daughters could make their mark are now used to affirm men’s identities. This bizarre colonization by men and boys increases the number of serious, even life threatening, injuries to female athletes, including concussion and spinal injuries. This policy of inclusion also subjects girls and women to naked males in their formerly female only change rooms. As well, mediocre males can now easily change their “identity” at any time so that they may claim the prize monies, awards, and educational scholarships which were formerly for girls and women.

     The notion of inclusion also affects matters of justice. For instance, in 2019 during a trial where a woman was giving testimony against her rapist in British Columbia, the victim was forced to perjure herself and mis-sex her attacker because his “preferred pronouns” were she and her. As a survivor of male sexual violence, I can well imagine the mental torture and humiliation of being forced affirm a rapist’s wrong sex identity rather than speak to the material reality of the sex of her assaulter. More recently in August of 2022, a woman in Ontario entered a rape shelter for counselling and housing after she was raped. While at the shelter seeking care and safety, she was raped again by a serial rapist who gained access to the shelter by “identifying as a woman.” Does the ATB really want to practice “inclusion” when it has this kind of real-world impact? I am sure the ATB thinks of itself as a supporter of gay and lesbian rights. Yet there is an inherent conflict between a heterosexual man who “identifies as a woman” and lesbian women who are exclusively same sex attracted. Thanks to the same inclusivity the ATB proudly claims, lesbians are now told they must “get over their genital preferences.” A well documented example of this took place in Toronto when a heterosexual man who “identifies as a woman” and therefore as a lesbian, set up a workshop on how to “overcome the cotton ceiling.” The event was aimed at teaching men how to get lesbians to accept “women with a female penis” in their dating pool. That is an attack on the rights of homosexual women to practice their sexuality free from harassment from male persons. Finally, the inclusivity the ATB declares as policy puts women and girls like myself in real danger as well as financial and mental crisis. We are harassed, silenced, fired, cancelled, and even physically assaulted when we attempt to discuss this rewriting of the rules of society in both private and public spaces.

     So, what is it I would like from the ATB?

Going forward I would like the ATB to alter its language on the calls for submissions for opportunities set aside for women and girls so that those programs are for girls/woman only. Should the ATB want to offer separate artistic opportunities for people who identify as the opposite sex, or asexual or non binary or cat or cake gender I have no issue with that at all. Cat and cake gender are real examples by the way. For example, I can be “A woman who used to have $$$$$$$ in savings at the ATB” gender. After all, gender is undefinable, subject to change at any time and, as I am constantly reminded, all genders are valid. In closing, I certainly appreciate the situation the ATB finds itself in. While other countries like the UK have had several successful legal challenges to Gender ideology, Canada lags a few years behind.

     However, as the issues become clearer over time and more courageous Canadians and First Nation members begin to re assert the need to provide sex-based rights for girls and women, things will change. I am providing the ATB with a chance to assess their policy and tweak it in order to provide everyone a chance to excel in their field while serving the sex-based rights of more than half of the population of Alberta. As I mentioned in my last email to you, I was planning on closing my ATB account over this issue even though my husband and I have been dedicated ATB clients since 199-. Currently the combined balance in our saving accounts is in excess of $$$$$$$, a sum we see as having some significant value. We also have an ATB Line of Credit and ATB Mastercards. I would of course prefer to stay with my local branch because the women who work there are pleasant and familiar with our needs but given the scope of the issues brought about by “being inclusive,” should no policy change be forthcoming, we will be forced to close our accounts and take our business elsewhere. I have researched other institutions and I believe I have found one who still respects women and our sex-based rights. I look forward to your response in this matter.”

Well said and unfortunately a very necessary action that needs to be taken in our society.


Well here we be in 2022 and for some reason the news media seems to have forgotten some very basic facts about the human species.  Humans are exclusively a sexually dimorphic species – that is males produce small motile gametes and have their physiology arranged around that aspect of reproduction while females produce large immobile games and also have their physiology arranged around that same biological aspect.

Jessica Robb, the author of this propaganda piece on the CTV website either does not know the differences between the sexes or is unwilling to state them.  We certainly cannot have factual information intruding on a news article – heavens, that might just incur critical thought, and we all know that’s not encouraged these days.

So instead of presenting the situation with arguments from both sides of the issue we have to suffer through a woe soaked piece that entails how hard it is coerce the rest of society conform to the dictates of mental illness and what hardship this ‘struggle’ happens to be.  The amount of bullshit per square centimeter in this article has sent the Red Pen of Justice a-quivering in anticipation of a thorough Fisking of gender identity and the vortex of bullshite that surrounds it.

And here… we… go.

“Advocates are calling an email sent by United Conservative Party leadership candidate Brian Jean as transphobic and dangerous for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.”

  Ah, jebus lord on a cracker! Bringing out the big bullshite right out of the gate.  Apparently sending an email containing truthful statements about the reality we all share is both “transphobic” and “dangerous“.  One of the fun games to play when you see the word “transphobic” being sprinkled into a conversation is to get the individual to define exactly what transphobia is and how it applies in the context of the situation.  Because more often than not something being “transphobic” simply means that argument /situation/context “X” is something the person in question doesn’t agree with, but has no cogent argument to tell you persuasively why statement “X” is wrong.

“Jean’s campaign sent an email Friday morning to supporters that challenged letting transgender and non-binary athletes compete in sports using their preferred identity.

“There should be two categories in sport,” the email read. “One for biological men, and one for biological women. Going through puberty as a male makes changes to your body that are permanent and cannot be denied.

“This should not be a controversial thing for a common sense person to say,” it added.”

Men should compete with men and women should compete with women.  This is the commonest of senses dictated by the reality we all share.  Nothing controversial to see here unless you under the auspices that human beings can somehow change their sex category because they “feel” like it.


  “Anna Murphy, a community advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ and women’s issues, said his transphobic comments were not only “unacceptable” themselves, but disappointing to be used as a way to fundraise.”

Parse this sentence.  The statement that men should compete against men and women versus women has been deemed “transphobic”.  Here we see how the gender-religious work their word games – denouncing anything their religion doesn’t like automatically is transphobic.

“We are not just going to talk about it, but we are going to fundraise off of rolling back your protection,” Murphy said. “What Mr. Jean is doing is dehumanizing and completely coming at this from the base of complete intolerance and ignorance. It is hurtful.”

Rolling back protections?  What?  How can stating basic biological facts be ‘rolling back’ protections?  Furthermore correctly stating that categorization in sports is necessary in the interests of fairness and safety for its participants is neither dehumanizing nor intolerant – rather it is an *entirely sensical and ethical* notion.

And of course it is ‘hurtful’.  Because when you behave like a vulnerable narcissist everything is an attack.  It also a ploy to play on your empathy which allows them to maintain their bullshit point of view while you have to change yours in a attempt to ‘be kind’ and ‘show compassion’.  It just one ploy among many deployed by the gender religious to avoid critique and discussion.

  “You have to imagine that you are getting an email that your identity, that your existence is invalid,” Murphy added.

Welcome to the next ploy.  Validation and Existence.  This ploy is on page one of the gender religious handbook.  It is (yet) another rhetorical subterfuge to avoid honest discussion and debate. 

  Here is how to avoid being invalidated by a nasty fact based email from Brian Jean.

   1.  Scroll down to email in your email client.

   2.  Use your mouse to find the trashcan icon.

   3.  Press the trashcan icon.

   4.  Celebrate the fact you’ve dealt with a statement you disagree with like a normal well adjusted adult. 

These people… 

   No one is obligated to validate you or any of your bullshit queer identities.  Making others responsible for your feelings is recipe for a mental health disaster.  The rest of society seems mostly quite able to handle life without being held by the hand and given validation cookies whenever they have a sad.  If you are this mentally broke – seek qualified professional help – because the problem is most likely *you* and not the people around you (see vulnerable narcissism).

“April Friesen, Trans Equality Society of Alberta president, told CTV News Edmonton that the email showed he doesn’t care about vulnerable trans youth and adults who already face barriers to acceptance.”

Imagine actually believing that human beings can change their sex.  It is up there with the Flat-Earthers.  The belief in gender-magic SHOULD be a barrier to acceptance in greater society.  We need public policy grounded in factual, objective reality, not the subjective gender-whims of small minority whose voice is currently being unreasonably amplified in society.  Please, in your private life, do what you will, identify how you would like.  No one cares.  The expectations of others to take on the tenets of your gender religion are unrealistic and unacceptable.  So no, Mr.Man your gender feelings do not make you female, not ever.  Stating that opinion is neither hateful nor is it bigoted – it comports with the material reality we all share. 

“He’s not having real empathy here for the people who are affected by it, and he’s showing that he doesn’t understand the science because the science is not with him on what he is saying,” Friesen said.”

Disagreement (or stating facts for that matter) does not preclude empathy.  See what is going on here – ‘If you disagree with my feelings on this matter the problem is *you* and you being *mean*; regardless of the objective truth status of the claim being made.  Facts really do not matter to the gender-religious, especially ones that contradict their gender edicts.

This emotional ploy is followed up with a straight lie.  The science is indeed in and it demonstrates the need for distinct categories in sports to keep it fair and safe for all participants. So, we know objectively, that April Friesen is lying or horribly misinformed.

“He’s engaged in all this disinformation and arming all these people with all this stuff that isn’t true, and they’re now going out into the world and acting on it.”

  James Lindsey created a Law for this –  The Iron Law of Woke Projection.  And indeed, it never misses.  Gender acolytes are notorious for their poor grasp of what the actual science is on relevant matters and for muddling the waters in the name of their ideology.  There is no reputable scientific paper stating that humans can change sex – yet the transactivists (aka the gender religious) just keep doing what they do (confabulating on a grand-scale and cry-bullying their way into positions of institutional power).

Kristopher Wells, Canada Research Chair for the public understanding of sexual and gender minority youth, said that Jean of all people should know that gender identity and expression have been protected by the province’s human rights legislation for nearly a decade.

  Kristopher Wells should know that gender identity runs headlong into problems when faced with the realities of the biological implications of sex.  Gender is mostly a social construct and its dictates change with the context and society it happens to exist in.  Sex is firmly rooted in objective reality and *must* be deferred to when making important decisions in society.

“(He is) making an issue where there is no issue,” Wells added. “Trans young people have been able to participate in sports in this province and in this country for many years without the kinds of incidents or hysteria that Brian Jean’s email claims will happen.”

“Brain Jean is just really opening an issue that has long been settled in Canada through policy and the governing bodies of sport.”

Calling Bullshit on this Kristopher.  Children have always been welcome to fairly compete in the correct sex category.  There has been no public discussion on whether children can participate in the sex category they feel they are as opposed to what they are in reality.  That sort of debate would bring with it public inquiry and force discussion about the bullshit that is gender identity and the fatuous claims it makes.   There has been no discussion and you know that Kristopher because if exposed to the light of day and actual critical analysis your ‘case’ would fall apart like the rotten house of cards it is.

“Wells, also an associate professor at MacEwan University, says Jean’s remarks can help legitimize harmful rhetoric and reintroduce stereotypes.”

Woke Projection never misses.  At the very core of the gender ideology religion is the notion that there exists the notion of “Feeling Like a Woman” or “Feeling Like A Man”.  How they characterize these “feelings” is to reiterate the gender stereotypes (you know the ones actual Feminists have been fighting against) and say because I emulate these gender stereotypes that – in reality – makes (insert magical gender-wizardering sounds here) me that gender.

   Transgender ideologythe woke religion – is hair on fire super-crazy-regressive nonsense.  You are not a woman because you like cooking, wearing dresses, and nurturing.  Just like you are not a man because you like sports, wearing suits, and being emotionally distant.  These are just arbitrary features we’ve assigned to people who happen to be female or male.  All it takes to be a woman is to be an adult human female the same with being a man, all it takes is being an adult human male.  No gender-anything required.  Let’s represent what I just said in picture format.


“This is about trying to score cheap political points at the expense of vulnerable people,” Wells said. “It has real consequences because it legitimizes discrimination and, in some cases, violence.”

No, this is about stating objective facts about the reality we all share.  If certain people do not like or want to share that reality, then indeed it is their problem and thus, the rest of society should not have to reorder itself around a fatuous set of ideas that do not comport with material reality.

   Acknowledging objective categories for the sake of fair play and safety isn’t “discrimination”.  Again, witness the ‘if you don’t agree with me you are causing violence’ ploy.  It is exhausting having to deal with hyperbolic emotional coercion.

“It’s blatantly false. It’s disingenuous,” the professor added. “These kinds of comments are harmful and have no place in Alberta politics.”

The good professor here demonstrates that even with a degree it is entirely possible to have your head up your ass and make erroneous straight faced statements like this one – stating that categorizing sports via biological sex is a false and disingenuous notion. 

     That degree you have shows that you once maybe had use of intellectual rigour and standards – try and find those things again try again soon.

“For Murphy, who identifies as a transgender woman, the real consequences are on kids who are growing up and learning about or questioning their gender identity.

“I remember what it is like to be them,” Murphy said. “I’ve got the scars to prove it.”

Childhood and growing up isn’t easy for everyone in society.  We all are shaped by our experiences.  What makes childhood more difficult is having adults trying to take advantage of your insecurities and groom you into a regressive way of thinking and dealing with the world.

“It’s important that we challenge that ignorance,” she added. “So ultimately, we can become better neighbours with one another in the community that we all have to inhabit.”

Bullshit.  If coexistence and integration were the actual goals of the trandgender/queer movement we would not be having this discussion.  When the mottos of your movement include “No Debate” and “Acceptance without Exception” it becomes very clear that you do NOT want to be part of existing society, but rather you to burn down the present society and then cobble together a ‘better’ one it with your values centred in it.

  Not. Going. To. Happen.

  The transgender religion and its denial of reality (of sex and of categories), the policing of others thoughts, and the erasure of women as a class in society will not be tolerated.

When you are ready to actually integrate into our liberal society that values freedom of thought and free speech and the exchange (and critique) of ideas I’ll be the first to warmly welcome you into the fold.

  Until then, not so much.



The Arbourist – brought to you by the RPOJ.






The good Doctor was in her usual fine form trying to reach out to a trans ideologically addled Margret Atwood.

Need inspiration? Go visit Dr.Jones.


The struggle for female freedom from the strictures of patriarchy continues.

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