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I was recently texted by my local NDP office with regards to getting a sign for the upcoming Alberta provincial election.  This is how it went:

So no, you cannot count on my vote because you are participating in the erasure of females in our society.  Allow me to provide a non-circular reality based definition of the word ‘woman’.  A women is an adult human female.

Play stupid identity politics games, win stupid prizes.

I post this letter written to Alberta Health Services regarding the experience one Albertan woman had in the context of the language being used in a letter to her regarding pap testing.  She has given me permission to reprint her letter in hopes that more Albertan women will also write to Alberta Health Services or the Alberta Public Ombudsmen to tell them in no uncertain terms that erasing females from our healthcare system is an unacceptable practice.

   “To Whom It May Concern,

     I hope this finds you well. I am lodging a formal complaint re: the language used in a recent letter from the AHS in regards to pap testing.

      The letter asks, “Who should have a pap test?” and the answer is “women and people with a cervix”. All “people with cervixes” are women so this sub setting of women informs me that AHS is now practicing Gender Ideology as opposed to neutral, clear and scientific language one expects from an institution dealing with medicine. As the AHS now defines women as an identity what the author should have written was “cis women and people with cervixes”. That would clarify for all readers that the AHS has joined the zeitgeist which allows men to identify as women, teaches children they have a “gender identity”, and dehumanizes women by “queering” our language from mothers to “birthing parents”.

      I AM a woman.

     I do not identify as a woman. I do not like the word “woman” being disappeared in order to be more “inclusive”. Inclusive to who? Not to me. Not to women from religions who do not believe in “gender” and/or whose beliefs dictate a separation of men from women in public spaces. Not to women with mental health issues like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Not to women who have depression and anxiety as girls and women are called dehumanizing/disassociative terms like “bleeders”, “menstruators”, “birthing bodies”, “pregnant people”, “bodies with a vagina”, “cervix owners”, “chest feeders”, “womb carriers” etc. by institutions supposedly serving our health & the health of our children.

     And this adaptation does not serve women and girls for whom English is a second language and who already have far more challenges navigating a medical lingo which is now also “queering language” in the name of equity. I assume that this wording was brought in as a part of a formal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy. Yet the vast majority of indigenous women generally do not like being called “native womb carriers” and many black women are not overly fond of being called “black birthing bodies”, both terms I have recently seen used by institutions in the medicine and publishing fields.

     Ostensibly this linguistic split is to support the women and girls identifying out of their sex class and into Identitarianism, a belief system which all of society, no matter what reasons they have to resist, are being made to affirm. While this is being framed as a help to women/girls who it really helps is men who now can identify into every sphere of the hard-won sex-based rights of girls and women with no more than a magical declaration: “I am a woman.” It is via this linguistic practice that a woman who was raped in BC was compelled by the court to call the man who raped her by “she” and “her” pronouns while giving her testimony.

     In the same vein, convicted rapists and violent men are now living in women’s prisons throughout Canada where, if we’re interested in Equity, indigenous women are very over represented. So, were putting rapists and violent men into prisons to bunk down with the indigenous women we’re supposed to be practicing reconciliation with? That seems counter intuitive!

    This process of identifying also allows men/boys access to any women/girl’s sex-based space or sport. For example, in the US this weekend a 29-year-old man (ranked 838th in the men’s division) stole a woman’s skateboarding title & prize money from a 13-year-old girl because he identifies as a woman. That couldn’t happen without Gender Ideology, an ideology which the AHS is now promoting in it’s communications. As the AHS serves all women and girls, it would also do well to remember the lesbian population. When the AHS practices Gender Ideology by reframing women as an identity you cement a belief system where men are women on demand.

     So heterosexual men who identify as women now demand sexual relations from lesbians under the auspices of “breaking the cotton ceiling”. When those women have to courage to refuse, they are called bigots and transphobes. Sometimes they lose their jobs and are cancelled. Sometimes, as in the case of Allison Bailey, a black lesbian barrister in the UK, you have to go to court for stating the truth. Finally, did it occur to anyone at the AHS that women with cervix cancer themselves might be upset at the term “people with a cervix”.

     Every girl and women on this planet understands the immense challenges of our sex but to be dehumanized from the material reality of being a woman when fighting for your life because you are a woman is a grotesque charade. Shame on the AHS for adopting and enforcing this de-facto religion which is both misogynistic and anti reality. This belief system is decoupling our youth and mentally ill from reality and turning them into life long medical patients because of a supposed “identity” and forcing all of us, even women fighting cervical cancer, to go along with it.”

We have to act now folks.  This toxic gender ideology will not go away on its on.

Canada’s Green party has been performing some fairly amazing political seppuku as of late. For a party that lost 4% of its popular vote from the 2019 election to the 2021 election to take a shit on Canadian women with a news release like this firmly cements the Green Party into a disassociated, irrelevant clown-shoe politic. The mighty two seats they have are now at risk as they plant their boot firmly on the neck of Canadian women, proudly proclaiming their misogyny in the cockamamie discourse of queer identity politics. The Greens have set up a master class on how easy it is cloak the discrimination against Canadian adult human females (women) in a glitzy faux-progressive garb.

Make no mistake. This is not in anyway a genuinely progressive stance to take, and by any reasonable metric is just a feeble attempt to whinge and wound-gather some grievances for the faithful to rally around.

Let’s take a look at the press release directly from the Canadian Green Party’s website.


“While general levels of acceptance and access to services have improved for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in Canada, homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia are still rampant and oppressive, the interim Green Party Leader Amita Kuttner said today.”

We are oppressed.  It’s actually pretty good but dammit, you can’t focus on what is good in Canadian society.  Instead, let’s play name all the manufactured identities (biphobia? intersexism?) and say that times are terrible – rampant and oppressive even.  Ask the average Canadian about the rampant biphobia and intersexism crisis – I’m betting unless you win the find a woke person lottery, they won’t have the foggiest notion of what the heck you happen to be talking about.

  “Anti-trans hate is on the rise around the world, driven by far-right ideology and organizations,” said Dr. Kuttner, the first transgender person to lead a national political party in Canada.”

  Well that is some amaze-balls level bullshit right here.  I invite you, Dear Readers, to survey the “FAR-RIGHT” organizations that are leading the anti-trans hate parade.  Let’s take a look at a sample of those organizations said to be driven by ‘far-right’ ideology  –

Fair Play for Women (UK) “We are concerned that, in the rush to reform transgender laws and policies, women’s voices are not being heard or listened to. Led by a full time director, supported by a team of volunteers with skills in many different disciplines, without any corporate sponsorship or formal funding, we work hard to bring this issue to public attention.  Women get called transphobic for simply asking questions. Women are afraid to speak out, and fear for their jobs and reputation if they do. We provide the safe platform necessary for women and men to voice their concerns, share their experiences and access expert knowledge and resources.  Our aim is to facilitate the much-needed factual discussion about the importance of sex-based policies for women and to provide policy makers with the guidance they need for evidence-based policy making that is fair for all”.

CaWsbar Canada –  “We believe that protecting women’s and girls’ sex-based rights is the most pressing social issue facing us today.

Although sex is a protected characteristic within our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in 2017, the Canadian Human Rights Act was amended to include “gender identity or expression” as a category protected against discrimination (Bill C-16).  This amendment was adopted without substantial due diligence or meaningful consultation with women’s advocacy groups.  The reality of such an amendment  — which does not precisely define what “gender identity or expression” means, instead relying on a vague concept of “internal sense” of oneself — is that a male may simply declare himself to be a woman (gender self-identification), and demand he be granted all of the hard-won rights and protections women have fought for over the decades. This includes the right to access female-only spaces, services and resources.Such an amendment also means that “woman” is reduced to a meaningless, equally undefinable  concept. The harmful outcome of having “woman” or “girl” no longer accurately defined in public policy as “biological female” is that women’s and girls’ sex-based rights and protections will be lost forever.”

  Canadian Gender Report“We believe that more open discussion is needed on these issues. We are not influenced by religious or political affiliations and would rather focus on objective research and evidence on the topic of gender transition for children and young people.This site is for everyone who is concerned about why the numbers of gender non-conforming children being referred to gender clinics is skyrocketing in high-income countries around the world.The site is for everyone who questions why adolescents may suddenly identify as a different gender and how the identity politics movement is being promoted to children and youth in our schools and on social media. It is for anyone concerned about the new trend to teach ideology as fact and the emergence of policies and laws that people are fearful of challenging because they may be labelled “transphobic”.

See.  SEE!!!!!! These organizations are completely run on HATE AND FASCISM and most likely are in league with the rotten reanimated corpse of HITLER himself to make the world and everyone in it ‘transphobic’.  The links are there, go an judge for yourself how right wing and hate filled these sites are.  I think that, given a use of a small portion of one’s critical faculties, it is quite clearly evident that the claims by Amita Kuttner are false, not to mention risibly hyperbolic.

“It is not as recognized as other forms of hate; education around trans people is so minimal that even major instances of transphobia aren’t noticed, and are often defended.”

Ah, here we go with the magic standpoint epistemology. Or, how to make ‘irrefutable’ claims that are outside the realm of critical knowledge based thinking.  And, the ever present spectre of “transphobia” is duly mentioned which in fact, can mean anything – from not using the correct pronoun to correctly identifying the sex of an individual (the haaaaaaaate is evvveeeerrrrywheeeere).  When you hear the word ‘transphobia’ know that it can mean everything and anything depending on the speaker and the context he or she uses.  It is a weasel word that is usually deployed to scare people into silence and end meaningful discussion before it can start.  In this case, you know all that malignant oppression and transphobia that you cannot see or find evidence for…  yeah, don’t believe your eyes or your critical faculties, rather, believe in the special story that I am telling.  It has extra truth value because I happen to part of this oppressed sub-set of society.  *eye roll* 

  “Speaking on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Dr. Kuttner said: “From a personal lived perspective as an intersectionally marginalized person, the anti-trans hatred is open and unabashed, consistently more brazen than the micro-aggressions and implicit bias problems around my other identities, and general issues with cis and heteronormativity.”

Lived perspective huh?


  Could you please define what you are calling anti-trans hatred?  It seems that your accuracy with defining hate and hate groups could be an issue in this context.  Might it be like the stickers recently found in Ottawa?  Because if so, my narrative is going to be about how full of coercive bullshite you are…wait… I don’t need a ‘narrative’ I’ll use the publically available factual information to *demonstrate* my case. 

Because all I see are facts being posted because here in reality facts matter.  Women are adult human females and to somehow interpret that statement is “anti-trans” would mean by definition that trans rights are inherently “anti-woman”.   Also in the verboten stickers are messages about Keeping Prisons Single Sex – You know that old anti-trans hate chestnut of not wanting male prisoners in female prisons… 

   When dealing with (faux) progressive claims like “anti-trans hatred” it is critically important to interrogate exactly what they mean.  Because back in real, ostensibly Liberal society, *disagreement* is not hatred.  The statement that natal males should not be female prison is a position grounded in material fact and the sad reality of male violence against women.   The judgement that female safety should never be placed behind male gender feelings is yet again, a statement based on reasoned argument, not some sort of “seething hatred” and “anti-trans” bigotry (how it is often framed by trans activists and unfortunately the media here in Canada).

  “We don’t talk enough about trans joy. Being trans is a beautiful experience. All of the negative experiences so often discussed – the suicides, the misery – are due to systemic problems and hatred.”

Says the person who has just spent the last three paragraphs focusing on the devastating oppression and dark hatred that apparently is the norm here in Canada. 

   Pro-Tip: Amara, being told your demands are unreasonable isn’t hate.  Neither is acknowledging that in society rights can come into conflict with another and need to be honestly discussed in society to come to reasonable accommodation between the affected groups.  Or, you could just continue with the hyperbole and continue with the trans efforts to erase women (adult human females) from society.  Given the shitkicking you took last election, doubling down on erasing the female half of the electorate *might* not be the big-brain play you think it is.

“Dr. Kuttner called on the government to establish permanent funding for the LGBTQ Secretariat and invest in 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations to combat gender-based violence. “Canada needs a national strategy to address gender-based hate preemptively, before it escalates into a movement succeeding at removing our hard won rights,” they said. “We have strategies for combating other forms of hate – this should be no different.”

A Ministry for the Defense of the ONE TRUE GENDER IDEOLOGY?  No thank you.  No special ministries for you until you manage to define *exactly* what you mean by hate. 

   You could look at the currently government funded “anti-hate” group and throw your definitely not faux-progressive energy that way.  A match made in revolutionary heaven…

   “Green Party parliamentary leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) said: “On this International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, I am deeply aware that too many people still are exposed to hate and discrimination because of who they are. Those of us who are not part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community need to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized and abused.”

Oh Elizabeth, just look at what they’ve done with all your hard work and commitment to actual green issues.   Do you feel the tire treads from the gender ideology bus on your back?  It’s gotta be such a slap in the face to see your party fling itself away from the tenuous toehold it had on being a credible mainstream political party.  Do you go home at night and try to imagine in which “green future” do you see a government responsibly putting male sex offenders in female prison?

   Good luck with that.







How do you have programs for a certain segment of the population that you cannot define?

This is an endpoint of transgender ideology, namely, the erasure of women as a sex class in society.

Carefully look at the list. See the absence of one key demographic? The ACLU continues to be up its own arse whenever it has to deal with rights issues that effect half of the population.

Helen Lewis writes in her article in The Atlantic of a solution grounded it pragmatic and realistic terms:

“When I questioned the wisdom of foregrounding the small minority of people who seek abortions but do not identify as women, the ACLU’s Branstetter told me, “Transgender people do not have the privilege of pretending that we do not exist. When we use inclusive language, it’s because we recognize that transgender people do exist.” Such language, she argued, is “not at all at odds with the broader mission of ensuring that anyone who wants an abortion can have access to it.” Yet little evidence suggests that the ostentatious banishment of women will help the American abortion-rights campaign succeed. In Britain, where I live, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a major abortion provider, announced that it would continue to use women and other gendered language in much of its general literature, while developing tailored materials for clients who identify otherwise. Not only has the sky not fallen as a result, but Britons continue to have access to state-funded abortions, paid for out of general taxation. While American charities congratulate themselves on the purity of their language, the communities they serve—people of all genders who could have a free abortion in Britain—struggle to access terminations. No one should be polishing their halo here.”

What?  You mean you do not have to blow up the current system of meanings and protections just to accommodate a small minority of people?  It is, in fact, possible as tailoring services to specific demographics can be done without erasing females from society.


Well done British Pregnancy Advisory Service.  Boo ACLU.

Call your political representatives, find out if they can define what a woman is. If they cannot, consider moving your vote to someone who can.

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