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To effect systemic change, one must alter the underlying structure of a situation. Systemic changes are the ones that last because they create a new status quo. This article is a prime example, on a small scale, of what happens when we take seriously the input from all members of a business team.

Patriarchy is the very air we are forced to breathe.  Dismantling this heinous construction takes time patience and dedication across a wide front.

We all need a good circle of friends to be healthy in society.  For women, it goes so much further.  Living within a patriarchy, watching out for each other is a necessity.

Looking through the eyes of another and trying to understand their point of view is an important skill to foster in one’s intellectual development. Understanding that your experiences are not necessarily the experiences of others and then learning from them can really enhance your critical thinking skills and ability to argue effectively.

This ‘what if’ touches on many of the contentious topics that women in today’s society face. The mystification and commodification of the female body comes to mind as well as the dark history of patriarchal medical science and science in general. Has it gotten better? Ish? There still remains much work to be done in getting the misogyny out of science and medicine.

Indulge for a moment though the thought as a male of being on the short end of the stick and that disadvantage was dictated to you systematically in society. Imagine how much it would suck.

The experience of being female in society, and thus second class always seems like such a mysterious and vague concept to the menfolk. Time to witness the otherside of the coin, dudes and perhaps start to understand that the experience you’re having is *not* the same for the half the world’s population.

The fiery words of a radical feminist who refuses to be erased by men in our so called progressive society.

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