The ‘freedom’ that is offered to women is conditional in nature.  You see, if it comports with male desire – pornography, wearing womanface – it deemed acceptable and worthy in society.  However, saying no to the ‘peen in both situations is most definitely not acceptable.  How do we know?

Calling prostitution damaging and exploitative one gets called anti-sex as if somehow rallying against paid-rape is prudish and old fashioned.  In the second case rightly recognizing the threat and danger of males in female spaces one is called ‘transphobic’ or anti-trans for acknowledging safeguarding and ever present threat of male violence in society.  Identify however you’d like but, your gender fantasy ends where the safety of others begins.

In both cases, this bullshit comes from the Left and it is completely unacceptable.

The theme in both cases is that women asserting boundaries is not acceptable. Thus, the feminist struggle must continue, because freedom for women should not be conditional on the acceptance of the male member.