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One of my favourite youtubers is theramin trees, his videos are always coolly narrated and punctuated with slick visual animations that always manage to highlight how incredibly toxic religion is.   He recalls how his questions got him in trouble… and the terror of growing up as curious child.  So many alarm bells with this video – the stunting of critical thinking, the mental abuse and the emotional blackmail all in the name of believing in magic.

Superstition, and it’s ugly codified twin brother religion, rely on the suspension of one’s critical faculties.  When someone is going on about how jeebus talks to them or they are feeling the power of god or <insert prurience for inane godbaggy here> or whatever, the topics covered in this video by Qualia Soup come to mind.  Confirmation bias, what we all struggle against (or should be struggling against) robs us of the capacity to evaluate situations and events around us in a reasonable way.

You may be “good with god” but you look pretty stupid to the rest of us because we lack the cognitive barriers of faith you’ve erected against reason (aka the world as it is, as opposed to how we want it to be.)

Anyways, QS says this much better than I, thus on to the video!


I have found, through my travels, that many people cannot understand Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any religious people at all. I confess, initially, I could not comprehend how anyone could belong to any faith either. After much study, I think I’ve come up with some answers and I put them all in this diagram. I hope it helps.

Parts that make up a religious believer


I have not been on ytube as of late, and quite  a queue of video goodness has been backing up.  A short 3 minute piece from Thunderfoot on what one must accept if you are going to identify as a Christian.

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