prenticeecard   Hey Jimmy Boy, you certainly have shown where you priorities are and what you think of Albertans.

I don’t blame you though; we let you take power basically through acclimation – no fucks were given, as long as got rid of that WOMAN who was single-handedly ruining the province.  The flyby-night parachute (Hi Steven Mandel and other assorted Tory hacks! Your exercise in nepotism and narcissistic self-aggrandizement is noted) elections that merely waved at the trappings of democracy, that shit was cool here in Alberta where the electorate gave an enthusiastic “hell ya“.   It’s all okay thought because the electorate would enthusiastically vote in a bag of empty shirts as long as was the right shade of Tory blue.

Not that any of this fucking matters here in Blue Zombie Tory PC land. The latest example of the Alberta Tories pouring shit on the people of Alberta came from the priemier himself.  Corporate shill-master Jimmy Prentice was dropping truth left and right on CBC radio.

 ‘Speaking on CBC’s Alberta@Noon Wednesday, Premier Jim Prentice told host Donna McElligott that “in terms of who is responsible, we need only look in the mirror. Basically, all of us have had the best of everything and have not had to pay for what it costs.”

Damn son, you just said a mouthful.  I mean your predecessors have all at least tried to cover their contempt for the public and the public good.  You may as well just get a T-Shirt that says “privatize the profit and publicize the risk” it would simplify your PR and keep the rest of your team on message.  You could do it here in Blue-Zombie Alberta, they’d still vote you in, I guarantee it.

“I’ve never said Albertans are the problem,” Prentice told the Calgary Herald Thursday. “I’ve never, ever said that or anything like that. What I’ve said is that Albertans have to be part of the solution.

Prentice admits he “touched a nerve,” but is not backing away from his tough line.”

    Oh, I get it now.  We all have to buckle down and tighten our belts! 

“Premier Jim Prentice says Alberta has no plans of raising corporate taxes to deal with the current economic woes in the province.”

AlbertaCorporatismWell, that was completely obvious wasn’t it?  We certainly can’t raise the lowest corporate tax rates in the country that, fellow peons, would be virtual seppuku for EVERYBODY.  Instead, lets gut the public service, education and healthcare – the real culprits.  Let’s watch Jimmy helpfully explain why we must not tax the rich:

 “[…] if we increase our corporate taxes, we will simply make ourselves uncompetitive​ and it will result in losing jobs,”

Oh, right. Because of all the other competing Tar Sands projects located in politically safe areas will completely take all the business…  I’m not sure how much more clarity is required for Blue-Zombie Voters to see fealty expected of our elected public officials toward their oil-overlords.

Oh hey, it’s also spring election time in Alberta.  And I bet that we’re going to vote these craven corporate sycophants in *again* because penury is awesome!

I was looking for an image to describe the Alberta electorate and their behaviour.  I think I’m getting closer with this one.  The last person in the human centipede is the typical ‘Alberta Voter’ getting all the shit, and just loving it (and clamouring for more!).

   The Blue Zombie PC Vote Train!  -  Maybe it's time to stop the madness and not vote PC?

The Blue Zombie PC Vote Train! – Maybe it’s time to stop the madness and not vote Alberta PC?

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