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Where does the leftist activist set get it’s idea’s from? Sources like this arguing for normalizing incest in society. Strap in folks, this is a bumpy ride.

Breaking down some of the CRT dodges and rhetorical flourishes you will probably run into if you get to discuss CRT with a believer.

James Lindsay purports to find a common thread among the new critical theories that have garnered attention in the United States and to a lesser extent, Canada.  For the purposes of the podcast, he summarizes what Marxism is and some of the related terminology (including marxist-feminism 18:50).

Different points of view and different analysis are necessary when evaluating ideologies and systems present in society.  Lindsay is a critic of Marxist methodology and it is important to hear his critiques.

“We often hear that Woke Marxism is a new ideology in the world. I’ve even said so. Well, it isn’t. It’s just an old one repackaged in various ways without any essential changes made to it at all. Critical Race Theory is Race Marxism in the same way as what we usually call Marxism is Class Marxism. Radical Feminism is Sex Marxism. Gender ideology and Queer Theory are Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Marxism, or just Gender Marxism or Sexual Marxism to be more concise. Fat studies is Fat Marxism. Disability studies is Ability Marxism. Critical Education Theory (Critical Pedagogy) is Knowledge Marxism in terms of what it means to be formally educated or literate within the existing system. Postmodern postructuralism is Language Marxism. Postcolonial Theory is National Origin Marxism. And on it goes, with all of these cobbled together by intersectionality, which is Identity Marxism.”


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