How can one tell when men have well and truly infiltrated 3rd wave feminism?  When you invite a dude to speak at your Woman’s March who is advocate for the sex industry while concomitantly blocking feminists who are fighting for female liberation.  I can fucking smell the inclusivity a mile away, can’t you?  Funny how inclusive only works if you bend a knee to the males in charge.  Perhaps this is ‘exclusive inclusivity’ who knows – we should look to a male for guidance in with these trying feminist issues…

How about no?

Let’s look to a feminist who is at the forefront of female liberation in Canada, Meghan Murphy:



More on the Vancouver ‘Women’s March’  –

And so we march on, indeed.

Oh, and if you are indeed a member of the oppressed female sex class, the Vancouver Women’s March will block you from commenting. Not that mere blocking can stop the female fight for liberation from patriarchy. See the twitter thread here.

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