Snipped from a Pharyngula Threadcowalker says:

“It has long been one of my patented rants that all the poor menz who are out there weeping over aborted embryos and picketing women’s clinics should instead be policing their brother’s dicks. All this time they’ve been whining about the perfidy of women, the solution has been within their power.

Why don’t they start a movement to get all men everywhere to stop having sex with women who won’t carry any resulting babies to term? It wouldn’t be difficult. All a guy has to do is spend months and months getting to know a woman’s character and ethical beliefs, her family and friends, her plans for the future and her reactions under stress. Then he can be sure how she will react if he goes ahead and has sex with her. If she wouldn’t have the baby, he can end the relationship.

Or he can just get a vasectomy.

Abortion problem solved.

Any men who behave otherwise should be shunned by other men instead of lauded as “players.” Shoot, they’ve already got a role model in Edward, in the “Twilight” series.”

Ah yes, as the shoe is now on the other foot, will the pro-life hordes pour their energies to contain the men?  It might encroach a bit on the Patriarchy, but  I’m sure that Pro-life Men for the Sake of the CHILDREN would make this sacrifice….

Its so frakking funny it hurts.