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It is amazing the amount of turgid self serving drivel that gets posted these days about Gamer Gate.  We’ll investigate today, one individual along with the trusty RPOJ (Red Pen of Justice), embattled gamer -“Maverick”- and his quest to achieve victory over Anita Sarkeessian and the evil wimmenz gamers in general.   This post is about Anita’s recent appearance on the Colbert Report and what a crafty manipulator she is.    Let’s look at the video first just to get some context of what is going on here.

“I have watched the interview of Anita Sarkeesian on The Colbert Report.  I called it, the interview was all about how Anita is a victim and we gamers are bad people.  I am not surprised by this in the least.  When you have a battle where it is the people who take in journalism vs. the journalists, this is how it goes. “

You mean the person who has been the subject of online harassment, rape and death threats for years gets to speak about her experience then *you* get to use victim in a pejorative sense?  What fucking planet are you from dude?

“Journalists side with their own, and because mainstream culture is out of touch with the issues that sparked GamerGate, on the heels of some BRILLIANT marketing by women like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, we are being singled out as the enemy.”

Woah, slow down their Mr. Tinfoil hat.  Professional journalists follow a code of ethics and ‘siding with their own’ would happen only if the facts of the matter dictated thus.  You see my gamergater friend if this was actually about ethics, the focus would be on the collusion that does take place between game production companies and game journalists.  Strangely though, most the focus seems to be on how amazingly “reprehensible” these damn woman are – Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu.   Your analysis, Maverick does not deviate from the usual misogyny and victim blaming that gamergate is known for.

” You are the single-greatest professional victim I have ever seen.  You have branded your name and gotten fame all on the coattails of you being a victim.  Your audience doesn’t care about why of who.  They only care that you are upset, and they are upset.  You know how easy it is to exploit your audience, so you do.  That is impressive.”

  Wow Maverick your brazen victim-blaming makes you eligible for high-douchlord status.  Congratulations?  

“And so, a zealot by the name of McIntosh got ahold of you, and thus began your rise to fame.  For McIntosh, I believe that it is genuine.  I’ve read some of his older stuff, and that guy is a Looney Tune.”

Ah, because a woman couldn’t possibly do this herself.  I’m guessing that Maverick, the noble defender of the status-quo, is also a firm believer in ‘equality’ too. 

“But you, you are too smart for that.  You’ve come to realize how easy it is to sell your cause.  After all, you got your cause to get you $160,000.

And don’t tell me how far that money went.  Come on.  You made videos that were of the same caliber as your old ones.  Your ‘research’ was using people’s Let’s Play footage.  You never show any context in your videos, because you don’t know any”

Wow, these dudes never forget the butthurt.  Maverick, hates….just hates that fact that a Kickstarter project started by Anita was resoundingly well funded by people seeing the need for the feminist analysis of video games.  Despite that fact that this was known upfront, and people made the donations of their own free will we still get shit like this.

    Furthermore, making general claims based on zilch means nothing outside of your toxic community.  So this is just your baseless opinion. 

“You didn’t even do the bare minimum of research.  This was just finding clips and using the right rhetoric to get your audience to get all huffed-up and angry.  It was a calculated decision.”

  You’re making that claim of “no research” based on what?  It would seem that there in the Feminist Frequency videos there is a list of sources consulted.  I imagine feminist theory does sound like rhetoric to you, but like instead of adult behaviour of actually addressing the points brought up by Anita and her video’s you engage in name calling and attacks on Anita’s credibility.  It’s almost like you know that if you actually addressed the issues, you’d lose.  

“You are now famous because of the threats.  You are famous because of the anger, which you are able to hold up.  That recent threat that you got when you were going to speak at USU, you couldn’t have asked for better timing.  It elevated you to mainstream acceptance.  Now, I bet raising another $160,000 would be child’s play.  Hell, I bet that you are going to get a lot of money from here.”

Exposing the misogynistic undercurrent of our culture – who would have thunk that would be a popular topic?   Anita is famous because douche-lords like yourself can’t handle criticism.  And you get nasty when you’re called on fact that your treasured status-quo is shite. 

“You are a con artist, Anita.  A very, very good con artist.”

   No, actually she’s a woman whom, despite the huge threat to her, continues to call out and expose the misogyny in “gamer-culture” despite the toxic backlash she has to endure. 


Today is not that day

Confused about the who Gaming Gate fiasco?  Go to the Ace of Geek for a comprehensive run down on how badly this “movement” fails.






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