Just watching the manly magic in action. I apologize for the acronym heavy preface, it hurts the rational brain, but it is an example of the language and ideology being used to push women (adult human females) to the margins.

Also, this example #439024 of why movements cannot be all-inclusive. You cannot include members of the class that oppresses you in your movement. It is like a union asking management to join their ranks. It just doesn’t work.

Men have barged into feminism proper and are demanding it be reshaped to meet their qualifications. You know, just like it is in everyday society – the replication of patriarchal structures and hierarchies lies behind the thin edge of the wedge of ‘inclusion’.

Feminism is the movement to liberate females from the oppressive structures of society, it is female centred and female led. If you are pulling for a movement that doesn’t support those goals, then what you are doing *isn’t* feminism.