The people who wish to maintain the patriarchal status quo are not stupid.  The ‘blue light campaign’ is evidence of this, as it seeks to normalize the abuse and trauma that are inherent in female prostitution.  I offer a handy rule of thumb when it comes to ’empowering ideas’ put forth by some liberal feminists, you need to answer only one question.

Are the males in society using “x” to get ahead?  If the answer to the previous question is “no” then the idea (x) is probably not actually empowering at all.


For example, can we observe men getting ahead and being successful in society by engaging in prostitution?  Do we venerate male prostitutes and laud them for their bold ventures?


Therefore one can be reasonably sure that prostitution isn’t particularly empowering and engaging in defence of said practice is most likely wittingly or not, a defence of the patriarchal status quo.