Transgender ideology is rife with paradox.  This is one of the more important aspects because it illustrates the friction between a supposedly liberating dogma and its actual effects.

Gender stereotypes are, for the most part, harmful for the women and men that follow them.  Like the cartoon above – the stereotype is that dresses are worn by women.  Well we all know that clothing for the most part, has no gender and can be worn by anyone.  But men are ‘not supposed’ to wear dresses because they are for women – men will feel social pressure not to wear a dress because of the arbitrary gender stereotypes.

So what is transgender ideology to do when it argues that wearing a dress, in fact, makes you a woman.  Transgender ideology reinforces the stereotypical notion of gendered clothing and who is allowed to wear what.  It maintains the status quo and is no way revolutionary.

Contrast this with the gender abolitionist radical feminist position – Let’s dispense with the notion of gender stereotypes altogether and celebrate gender non conforming behaviour because clothes are for people – the end.  A woman in a suit or a man in a dress are simply that, a female and a male with clothing that matches their personality and goals for the day.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.