“Name Redacted (they/them) is the new Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy. They are a dual Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and the Technology and Policy Center.
#amplify #genderfluid #nonbinary”
   Let’s not amplify toxic gender norm in society.  This male individual has decided to wear high heels.  Good for him if that’s what he’s about.  The choice to wear damaging uncomfortable footwear should be available to both men and women.
  The stereotypical outerwear does exactly zero to change one’s sex or position in societies hierarchy.  Declarations of being ‘gender-fluid’ or ‘non-binary’ are simply declarations of slavish devotion to sex stereotypes (aka gender).

Let’s end with a picture from another post –

  Yes, so celebrating being the last regressive category is actually quite cringe worthy.  But apparently using the correct pronouns for the dude pictured above is a ban worthy offense – the gender religious are soooooo sensitive.  :)