Any lesson plan that includes a section called “Critical Consciousness” is an immediate red flag.  This is the groundwork being put in place to drive deeper the wedge of identity politics in our society via our children.  The  goal of all CRT is not education, but rather, the creation of activists whose goal is to disrupt society.

The vast majority of children are the same in the inside and the outside, so to speak.  They not need to know about the bullshit that is gender identity while in Kindergarten.  It is not appropriate, and should not be in LESSON Plans for them.

Kindergarten is not the space to brew activists who will challenge ‘gender normativity’.  JFC – Queer theory is pernicious.


Need to know more about Queer Theory and how it targets children?  Checkout the brief summary by James Lindsay.

Queer Theory Is Queer Marxism