Where is the Canadian Media, outside of Barbara Kay at the National Post on this war on females in Canadian Society?


This excerpt from the Daily Mail Online edition.


“Prominent British female Olympians have joined a revolt against controversial new plans that could mean they have to race transgender women in future.

Established Team GB stars Beth Dobbin and Emily Diamond, as well as up and coming runner Ellie Baker, have now all said women should not be expected to compete against transgender athletes due to biological advantages. 

World Athletics has begun to consult its member federations over a proposed rule change that would increase restrictions on trans women but not ban them completely, The Telegraph reported last week.

The governing body was said to be looking to halve the maximum amount of testosterone trans female athletes would be allowed, and double the amount of time they would need to maintain these levels before competing.

But Ms Dobbin, who reached the 200m semi-finals in Tokyo 2020, said that women ‘deserve to compete exclusively against competitors who don’t have any of the advantages that the female category exists to exclude'”


Look Canada press, just look!  Reporting the issue taking both sides into consideration, I know you can do it too!