Free speech is a large part of the basis of our democratic society. The issue is popping up much more frequently now in Canadian Society as it would seem that certain opinions have been deemed ‘untouchable’ and thus must be avoided or cancelled within the public sphere.

What I don’t understand is why so much of the Canadian political left has completely fumbled the ball on this issue. If you have a counter argument or refutation of Jordan Peterson’s views then bring those views to the public sphere and criticize his arguments. Demonstrate where they fall short, or where they are just plain wrong – but do it with evidence and coherent arguments – not just banning Peterson from speaking.

Banning and cancelling people should, and I repeat should, raise serious concerns on the Left asrestriction of personal liberties and speech are positions that the Left once defended (I imagine the classical Liberals still do, the activists not so much).

So, disagree with JP? Awesome. Bring your arguments to the table and show where he’s wrong. But for heaven sake, don’t stop him from speaking.