The interesting things you find on the net.  I’ve been reading the Sword of Truth series as of late.  The further you get in the series it seems, the more preachy/inane it becomes.  It seems Mr. Goodkind is a strong proponent of theTerry Goodkind Libertarian Nonsense

american style of  Libertarianism (see also Objectivism), that for most intensive purposes is a bat-shite crazy in the woods notion of how the world should be run on self-interest and selfishness.

On the blog Randzapper was this gem of a quote refuting a objectivist named Flashman:

On another thread, Thibodeau hammers at the inconsistencies of Randians who insist on private ownership of every damn thing in the universe.Did you go to an evil, altruist, collectivist school, Flashman, or are you self-educated (which wouldn’t surprise me, actually)? Did you ever borrow an Ayn Rand book from an evil, altruist, collectivist library, Flashman, or do you only read books you’ve personally purchased? Do you drive on evil, altruist, collectivist roads, Flashman, or do you hover about from destination to destination in a beatified state of Objectivist grace? Are you mad at our evil, altruist, collectivist armies for defeating Hitler in WWII, Flashman?

Do you ever use evil, altruist, collectivist water, Flashman, or do you bathe in a tub full of Evian? Do you ever flush the stinky contents of your toilet into the evil, altruist, collectivist sewer system, Flashman, or do you store your feces in mason jars for future disposal at some unspecified later date? Do you wish there were no air-traffic controllers, Flashman? Do you wish there were no health inspectors, Flashman? Do you wish there were no limits on the amount of rat droppings allowed in hot-dogs, Flashman? Does it irk you that pharmaceutical companies can’t rush products to merchants’ shelves before extensive testing, Flashman? Do you think state-operated policing and prison systems should be done away with in favour of private ones, and if so, who would lend assistance to those unable to afford such a luxury?

I could go on for another page or so, Flashman, but I have a feeling it probably wouldn’t help you to come to grips with the ridiculousness of Rand’s ideas. Only time will heal that wound. …”

The libertarian/objectivist position superficially looks good, until you place it within the context of the real world.