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If you have not seen any of the Edward’s videos, you are much poorer for it.  Mr. Current inhabits the zone between parody and satire you never know which pole he will gravitate to until you watch the vid.  He had his cat playing Amazing Grace for jesus a little while ago, one of my personal favorites.

Well shall miss your voice Mr. Zinn.  Thank you for all you have contributed to history and progress.

I’m constantly updated on how far the rabbit hole goes when it comes to anti-woman vitriol and hate.  Of course it is cloaked in the odious trappings of religion, why not?

It is nice we have people like Ms.Rose around, to show how religion can really stunt your intellectual and moral development as a human being.  I am beginning to worry that I will wear out the ‘fail’ tag if this level of crazy continues.

H/T to JJ over at Unrepentant Old Hippie for introducing me to the lovely Ms.Rose.

Proroguing Master Steven Harper is concerned about the economy.

“Canadians want the government to stay the course on the road to economic recovery but to start planning for deficit reduction, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.”

Thank you for stating the blindingly obvious.  Although, would it not be better to have a forum to work on the upcoming budget…oh say a little thing called parliament?

“The economic action plan has been working, and we must see it through,” Harper said. “Second, we have been told, start planning now for deficit reduction when the recession ends.”

So we need to shore up our pork barrels and get to work on cutting social services.  Thanks for the update Steve.  It  is working well for you in the polls.

I consider myself to be a progressive of a sort.  I’m all for saving the earth and all that, but then I observe the goings on at the Sustainable Campuses conference here at the UofA all I can think of is ‘What the hell is the point?’.

I mean really, all we have here is the proto-educated elite coming together to make some noises about sustainability, recycling and earth saving in general to each other confirming their ‘green ethos’ and noble intent; a perfidious waste of time, but I imagine it looks darn good on the CV/resume.

I can guarantee that this cohort, like the previous and the one before that, will have their high expectations and noble goals quashed by the reality of the situation facing them ahead in their life path.

Being the educated elite they will gravitate toward the upper middle class of society, reaping the benefits and privileges of that socioeconomic station.  Only a very few will retain their ‘earth-friendly’ principles; most will happily defile the earth and others in the maintenance of their lifestyle thus propagating the cycle.

Lifestyle maintenance will be the end of us all.

Who wants to sacrifice comfort and security for the greater good?  Is that ethos even mentioned anymore in this capitalistic money based society anymore?  Why think of others when you can have a new big screen TV (insert techno gizmo/must have here)?

I’m certain that some good does come of such gatherings.  Raising consciousness and what not.  Incremental change is all that we can hope for, but unfortunately incremental change will not be enough.  Nor will the small progressive changes happen soon enough or on a significant scale to change the sodden downward spiral of our crumbling civilization.  When we finally flame out and the human population inevitably crashes only then will lessons be learned.  Mmmm… society based on greed and exploitation, not a good thing.  It worked so well as long as resources were available.  Not so good once said resources were all exhausted.  On our ruined shell of a planet, at least we can be proud of the fact we recycled our paper cups (at least some of the time).

A picture post to start off the blogging weekend madness.  I usually get my posts all queued up during the weekends so I can focus on the rest of my life during the week.  Right now, I have got nothing in my brain yet, so we start off with cute.

“Afghan President Hamid Karzai suffered another political setback Saturday when his country’s parliament rejected most of the candidates in his second attempt to form a cabinet.

Ten of the 17 nominees were rejected by Afghanistan’s lawmakers. The seven given parliamentary approval included Karzai’s longtime national security adviser, Zalmay Rasoul, who will be foreign minister.”

Are we even surprised anymore about how the farce we call a democracy in Afghanistan?  We went to bed with the Warlords and now they want their slice of the rewards.  The CIA puppet Kharzi is deadlocked between his ‘international obligations’ and the fact that he needs to punch the tickets of the miscreants that keep in power.

“As well, parliament approved a new justice minister and a new minister — a woman — charged with the Work and Social Affairs/Martyred and Disabled portfolio.”

Well, look some hand-waving and gestures of ‘equal opportunity’ to appease the Western media.  The colonial government we are trying to establish  in Afghanistan is not even credible right now, will this change anytime soon?

Most likely, not.

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