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Given the bias of our media, this story should be filed in the official ‘memory hole’ of our imperial consciousnesses.

“Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are marking one year since the start of Israel’s 22-day offensive on the territory, which left hundreds dead and damaged millions of dollars worth of infrastructure.”

Had this happened to an ally, or at least a non official enemy, the network feeds would be all over this.  As is, the somber notes are duly recorded by Al Jazeera.

“Ismail Haniya, the deposed Palestinian prime minister, was expected to unveil a plaque commemorating the 1,600 people that Hamas officials say were killed during the war.

Other estimates put the Palestinian death toll closer to 1,400, the majority of whom were civilians, including around 400 children.”

400 hundred children slain.  Ho Hum.  Why all the carnage in the first place?

“The stated aim behind Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” was to cripple the ability of Hamas and other Palestinian groups from launching rockets into southern Israel.
Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokesperson, told Al Jazeera on Sunday that the operation had been successful.”

Ah, those darn children making rockets.  Oh I’m sure it can be all dismissed by calling them collateral damage and the fault of Hamas by intentionally putting innocents in harms way.  Was it worth it?  Not according to Hamas sources:

“Dr Ahmad Yousuf, a senior Hamas official and former advisor to Haniya, said that the political movement also remained strong despite the devastation caused by the Israeli offensive.  “The Israelis failed their objectives on all accounts,” he told Al Jazeera from Gaza City.  “Hamas is still there and we try to help our people, but we are still under occupation and suffering from sanctions.”

Hmm.  Complete success and complete failure depending on who you ask. For 1400-1600 hundred people it does not really matter anymore. Oh hey, western media look here a story that is reporting from both points of view.  You should try it sometime.

Oh and another little tidbit that ‘escapes notice’ in the western media:

“Last week, 16 rights groups including Amnesty International and Oxfam issued a joint statement saying the world has “betrayed” civilians in the Gaza Strip by failing to end the Israeli blockade of the enclave.”

Huh.  But of course, they are of the wrong nationality, colour and political leanings.  We can safely ignore them and their concerns.

We are heading to into the next decade of the 21st century.  My question is when will women be invited to join our so called advanced civilization?  Follow the link back to the Feministe eZine for the whole article.   One picture below the fold shows a woman being prepared for gang rape, be forewarned.

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The  CBC sagely intones:

Two high-profile international events bookended Harper’s year: welcoming the immensely popular U.S. President Barack Obama to Ottawa in February and making an overdue sojourn to China in December. Both generated mainly positive reviews.”

Wow, our PM is really rocking the house with deeply important meetings and visits vital to all Canadians.

“Harper began the year facing huge political potholes at home but opted to hit the road internationally — a time-honoured coping mechanism of Canadian prime ministers.”

I guess we can gloss over stimulus-gate, the imperial misadventure in Afghanistan, and the perilous state of the Canadian social fabric.

“Move along move along…nothing to see here….”

*rolls eyes*

QS makes brillaint videos.   Watch now.

I am surprised how often comes up in the blogsphere. What I am also surprised at is the inconsistency of the anti-choice position when it comes to war and capital punishment. The fetus fetishists fall over themselves decrying the evils of abortion and how women must be prevented from exercising their rights to bodily autonomy while all the while the politicians they support go to war, enact egregious foreign policy and support predatory capitalism/globalism.

How about this? Let’s not go to war and kill thousands of innocent people for the lofty notions of ‘fighting terrorism’ or ‘energy security'(those damn arabs having the nerve to live on top of *our* oil. Or, let us donate the full .07 of our GNP so the thousands of children that die every day from lack of clean water/starvation can be saved.  Or the thousands of children who die from malaria that could be saved by inexpensive mosquito netting?


That would conflict with the accepted foreign policy goals.  Debate on those topics is verboten.  What is on the table though saving lives via denuding women of their bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom.  We can debate that until the cows come home.

Utter horse-pucky.

Did you ever need a little more information to combat the lunacy of your creationist friends?   The poster Calilasseia from provides ample means to diffuse twenty-four common creationist fallacies. It is a long post, but well worth the read. Some highlights include:

In order to deal with several of the canards we see resurrected here with tedious regularity at source, I thought it apposite to launch this topic. Where appropriate canards can be dealt with in one spot, so that future propagandists for reality-denial doctrines arising from mythological blind assertion have no excuse for resurrecting them yet again.

Consequently, I have a message for all creationists visiting this forum. If you think that you possess some startlingly new “wisdom” that you think is going to overturn valid scientific theories, then I have news for you. You don’t. The canards that you and your ilk erect here all too frequently, are well known, well documented, and have been debunked many times before. This post has been erected specifically to provide you with a single point of reference where you can check this, and find out in advance that your canards ARE canards. Now, since I went to the trouble of compiling this post, and exercised much effort in doing so, the least you can do is exercise the mental effort required to read this post in full, and learn in detail why parroting any of the canards contained in this list will lead to you being regarded with at best disdain, at worst contempt. So, before you launch into your posting careers, study the following in detail, and learn that posting previously debunked nonsense without having performed the requisite research beforehand, to determine whether or not said nonsense has been debunked previously, is regarded here as indolent in the extreme.

Can’t you just feel the comeuppance brewing?  It gets better.

“Because one of the fundamental rules of proper discourse is that whenever an assertion is erected, no one is obliged to regard it as valid unless proper, critically robust supporting evidence is provided for that assertion. Which means independent corroboration from an outside source, or a direct, methodologically rigorous, repeatable empirical demonstration of the validity of that assertion.”

Ground rules set.  Let’s talk about tone:  And what a shiny tone of justice dear Calilasseia rings forth.

“Oh, and while we’re at it, don’t bother trying to assert that your favourite invisible magic man is “necessary” for the biosphere or some other observed entity, until you can provide proper, critically robust evidential support for the postulate that your magic man actually exists. Given that 300 years of continuous scientific endeavour has established that the universe is not only comprehensible without needing magic, but is thus comprehensible in precise quantitative terms, you will be well advised to devote some serious time to providing methodologically rigorous support for all assertions concerning magic supernatural entities, because without it, you’re fucked from the start.”

Wow.  Just one more quote  –

“[21] “The universe is meaningless without my magic man”

To which the short answer is “so fucking what?”

Leaving aside for the moment the total failure of supernaturalists to support the assertion that their particular pet species of magic man actually exists, which also impinges upon [20] above, the idea that the universe needs this entity to impose meaning upon it is a piece of intellectual constipation that I, for one, find mind-numbingly boring, tedious and unimaginative. Douglas Adams said it best – “Isn’t it enough to realise that the garden is beautiful as it is, without having to imagine fairies at the bottom of it?”

Likewise, why should the universe be required to genuflect before supernaturalist anthropocentric conceit, and be required to be meaningful only because an invisible magic man that we have invented decrees thus?

We are beings that are capable of eliciting meaning for our own lives, and the world around us, without outside interference. Erecting an imaginary source of outside interference is nothing more than a gargantuan Little Orphan Annie complex, a wish to remain a child with a nice Daddy figure to run the world around us so that we don’t have to get off our arses and expend the effort. This is such an utterly lame stance to adopt. It’s indolent, naive, simplistic and dumb…”

Unsurprisingly, not much happened at the latest and greatest climate conference.  Many thanks to the hackers who spun up a flurry of negative PR for a meeting that only had the slightest chance of reaching a meaningful agreement in the first place.

What is utterly discouraging is that nothing will come of this.  It was a waste of time (emphasis mine):

“The agreement recognizes that an increase in global temperature should be kept to two degrees Celsius — the threshold that UN scientists say is needed to avert serious climate change — but the deal is not legally binding and has no long-term global targets for emissions cuts.”

So really, in essence, let us continue to our plunder of the earth.  We will make the requisite noises:

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the agreement “realistic” and said Canada was “very comfortable” with it.”

You know if Harper agrees with this particular tidbit of climate folly it is can only be a hollow shell of dank turpitude and risible half truths.  In other words nothing will change.

For the eternally optimistic:

“Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, welcomed the climate deal as an “essential beginning,” but said it must be transformed into a legally binding treaty next year.”

Yep.  The US will also get Israel to respect the 1967 borders, pay reparations to Iraq for ruining their country and will make peace with Osama bin Laden.  I’ll also be having a piping hot mug cocoa and a blueberry scone with Pope while we discuss how he should not act like such a douche bag.

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