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I never write posts during the week, but I saw this and had to get it up it is Robert Fowler’s speech to the Canada 150 conference.  What he says is what most people want to have happen in the middle east; at least until politics happens

Robert Fowler’s speech to the Canada 150 conference.

Given the bias of our media, this story should be filed in the official ‘memory hole’ of our imperial consciousnesses.

“Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are marking one year since the start of Israel’s 22-day offensive on the territory, which left hundreds dead and damaged millions of dollars worth of infrastructure.”

Had this happened to an ally, or at least a non official enemy, the network feeds would be all over this.  As is, the somber notes are duly recorded by Al Jazeera.

“Ismail Haniya, the deposed Palestinian prime minister, was expected to unveil a plaque commemorating the 1,600 people that Hamas officials say were killed during the war.

Other estimates put the Palestinian death toll closer to 1,400, the majority of whom were civilians, including around 400 children.”

400 hundred children slain.  Ho Hum.  Why all the carnage in the first place?

“The stated aim behind Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” was to cripple the ability of Hamas and other Palestinian groups from launching rockets into southern Israel.
Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokesperson, told Al Jazeera on Sunday that the operation had been successful.”

Ah, those darn children making rockets.  Oh I’m sure it can be all dismissed by calling them collateral damage and the fault of Hamas by intentionally putting innocents in harms way.  Was it worth it?  Not according to Hamas sources:

“Dr Ahmad Yousuf, a senior Hamas official and former advisor to Haniya, said that the political movement also remained strong despite the devastation caused by the Israeli offensive.  “The Israelis failed their objectives on all accounts,” he told Al Jazeera from Gaza City.  “Hamas is still there and we try to help our people, but we are still under occupation and suffering from sanctions.”

Hmm.  Complete success and complete failure depending on who you ask. For 1400-1600 hundred people it does not really matter anymore. Oh hey, western media look here a story that is reporting from both points of view.  You should try it sometime.

Oh and another little tidbit that ‘escapes notice’ in the western media:

“Last week, 16 rights groups including Amnesty International and Oxfam issued a joint statement saying the world has “betrayed” civilians in the Gaza Strip by failing to end the Israeli blockade of the enclave.”

Huh.  But of course, they are of the wrong nationality, colour and political leanings.  We can safely ignore them and their concerns.

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