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Crazy comes in many flavours.  These particular douche nozzles are prime candidates for most insipid video ever posted on youtube.

During the holiday season with all the choral concerts to attend and sing at sometimes I can feel a little (very little) thaw in my heart toward religion as it is at least partially responsible for all the wonderful music.  Then I see this.

Ah yes, intolerance, ignorance and vapidity all rolled into one supernova explosion of Stupid representing the ugly facade that religion is.

Happy Holidays to all.

The Conservative government is handling our alleged abuse of Afghan detainees with an sublime air of stupidity that George Bush made (in)famous.  It seems that outright lying has not worked.  We are now own to indignant posturing and appeals to patriotism.  Allow me to illustrate.

Richard Colvin, a senior intelligence officer brought to light Canadian misdeeds:

“According to our information, the likelihood is that all the Afghans we handed over were tortured,” Colvin told a parliamentary committee on Nov. 18.

Canadian  Defence Minister War Propagandist Peter Mackay  said:

“The member is suggesting by implication that the military did something wrong, that somehow they did not do the right thing. That is what is so despicable,” MacKay said on Dec. 10.”

What? How dare anyone question the character of our troops and our mission in Afghanistan!  Especially when their allegations are false…

“The documents reveal that in 2008, military police launched six separate investigations into allegations of abuse involving Canadian troops.”

Errr….whoops!   It seems like something is going on over there.  However, so far we’re clean according to our military:

“The military police determined that the allegations were unfounded in five of the six cases, and the remaining investigation is ongoing,” said Maj. Paule Poulin, a spokesperson for the Canadian Forces Provost Marshall.

One can always trust the military to police itself.

And now the sour flourish:

“However, MacKay apparently never told the House there were allegations against Canadian troops, at least one of which is still being investigated.”

We can always trust politicians to act unethically.  It is nice that Mr.Mackay provides such a clear example (via his briefing notes) of his dedication to the service and maintenance of power, justice be damned.

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