News from Iraq is coming in fits and spurts.  It requires something of this magnitude to break into the press services headlines.  This from the CBC:

“Gunmen wearing Iraqi military uniforms raided homes in a Sunni village south of Baghdad, killing at least 24 people in execution-style attacks, officials said Saturday.

An army official said many of the victims, who included five women, were brutalized “beyond recognition.”

At least seven people were found alive, bound with handcuffs, said Baghdad’s security spokesman, Maj.-Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi.”

The violence, of course, is sectarian in nature.

“Many of the dead were members of local Sahwa, or Awakening Councils — one of several names for the Sunni fighters who changed the course of the war when they revolted against al-Qaeda in Iraq and joined the Americans in late 2006 and 2007, officials said. The fighters are also known as Sons of Iraq.”

So we have people who are the American’s allies being slaughtered.  More interestingly the article goes and says:

“But the question of what to do with these nearly 100,000 people in the long term remains. The U.S. handed over control last year of the Awakening Councils to Iraq, which pays their roughly $300 monthly salaries.

The violence comes as Iraq’s major political blocs scramble to get enough parliamentary support to form a government after results from the March 7 election gave no single group enough seats to govern alone.”

No Laws, No Morals, No Accountability, NO PROBLEM!

The Iraqi government is paying people some $300 dollars a month to serve as an armed paramilitary presence in Iraq.  What are they thinking exactly?  Let us take the worst ideas from the US, yes I’m looking at you Blackwater and other mercenary groups, and implement them as civil policy.  Nothing can go wrong there, especially when, as the article says, there is extra political turmoil because of the recent elections.

Fighting a fire with gasoline comes to mind.