From the section aptly called “Diversions” section on the CBC website.

Humans - Always finding creative ways to shorten their lifespan.

“KIEL, Germany – A German adventurer is preparing to sail the world in what he says is the world’s largest solar-powered boat.

The catamaran-style yacht sporting some 5,400 square feet (500 square meters) of solar panels was put into the water Wednesday in the northern German city of Kiel.”

Is it just me or is the person attempting this is just three notches past sunny optimism?  Weather at sea at best is unpredictable.  At least it seems he is taking some the necessary steps so he does not end up as eco friendly shark bait.

“Skipper Raphael Domjan praised the “groundbreaking” step toward what he says will be the first ever world tour by a solar-powered boat, scheduled to start in April 2011.

In the meantime, he is planning to extensively test the boat.”

Herr Domjan, I wish you the best of luck.  Keep a watchful eye out for your arch-nemesis.