I look at this and decide, at least on a local level, urban heating is not necessarily a bad thing.  Here in Alberta we have snow a good part of the year, warmer temperatures mean on average less of the infernal stuff.

“A new British study suggests that cities are getting hotter faster than rural areas as populations increase amid general global warming.

By mid-century, night temperatures in various cities around the world could rise by five degrees Celsius, according to Richard Betts, a climate scientist with the United Kingdom’s Met office, which examines weather trends in the British Isles.

That means Toronto, which had a mean temperature in July 2009 of 19 C, could see a reading of almost 25 C for the same month by 2050.”

AGW I am sure will mess things up to a greater extent than they are now, but my selfish anti-snow genes say, bring it on.

“Before this study, researchers thought temperatures in rural and urban areas were rising by roughly the same amounts. Betts’s study indicates that cities are getting warmer faster than less urbanized areas.”

It seems to be a fairly safe hypothesis to test, as the urban ‘heat-island’ effect is easy to observe and is well documented.  It is always good to see corroborating evidence.

I cautiously embrace my urban heat island because at very least it allows me a few more days of being unshod and fancy free before the indomitable torture known as winter boots. :)

My 'arch'-nemisis.