Perhaps the deadline was not mentioned clearly enough in New Delhi.  Work is behind schedule, athletes are beginning to pull out of this years games.  The situation is becoming a bit of embarrassment for India.

“The head of the Commonwealth Games says India still has extensive work to do before it is fully ready to stage its showcase event amid concerns about security and safety conditions.

Mike Fennell, the president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, acknowledged on Saturday that New Delhi has made progress in addressing the multiple problems surrounding the event, due to begin on October 3, adding that the Games would go ahead.

But he said accommodations for participants of the Games are still unsuitable for teams to use, citing problems with transport, security arrangements and medical services.

Teams coming to the games are not staying in the Athlete’s village, they are going to hotels and motels as the conditions are not quite up to snuff yet.  Not up to snuff being the presence of building materials, tools and human feces in many of the rooms.


“A portion of false ceiling in the weightlifting venue caved in on Wednesday, a day after the collapse of a footbridge at the main stadium, injuring 27 workers. In another incident, armed men shot and wounded two foreign visitors near a historic mosque in Delhi on Sunday in a suspected terrorist attack.”

Not exactly the most people friendly way to welcome athletes from across the former British Empire.  October 3rd is quickly approaching let us hope they can get their act together and pull these games off.