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The Male Rights Activists are a sad counter-current to the feminist movement of today.  The MRA contingent seems mostly to promote nuclear grade stupidity, misogyny and ignorance; all while magically claiming that they are the oppressed class.  The seismic levels of projection and butthurt reverberate from places like The Spearhead (I will not link directly to this site, as MRA trolls are persistent, bellicose and clueless)like a siren call for those generally white males who feel slighted by the fact women want to be treated like human beings and by that proposition WMP may have be turned down a bit from 11 to accommodate them.   By the magic of cut and paste, we have an article lifted from the very fires of Mordor the mendaciously vapid hate mill entitled “Feminism as a Subsidy for Daughters of Wealthy“.  I’ll update the article with reality as we go.

by W.F. Price on July 1, 2011

I’ve made the point a number of times that today, strident feminists are often from successful, well-heeled families.  [How is that for a topic sentence? Not only are strident feminists rich, because he’s made the point earlier today it must be correct.  The sheer amount of anecdata and projection are staggering in this “post”, and of course hilarity ensues.]  Having attended a private school for some time as a kid [Which obviously makes me a sociological/statistical expert], I’ve long been well aware that wealthy urban women and girls embrace “progressive” feminism as a matter of course[Here is the first mention of the group we are supposed to hate…those damn womenz who have it so good, more privileged then men by gosh and by gum.  Here is a thought, if you are lucky enough to be making a reasonable living it is likely that you’ve been exposed to post-secondary education and those wacky liberal view points like egalitarianism] . At first glance it would seem to be an entirely superfluous commitment [Poor grammar, like comma splices, are the least of our superfluous worries. The shitbarge content of this diatribe trumps any grammatical quibble] , as they have the world at their fingertips and lead the most privileged lives on the planet, but I’m starting to think there are practical benefits to it as well[Holy-frack batman, did you see that?  Based on my butt-hurt feelings from boarding school I’m going to make hasty generalizations and set the stage for my “oppressed”male whinging] .

In the old days [Ah, the good ole days when half the population was treated like chattel], wealthy families always faced the issue of marrying off daughters. If lucky, their daughters would marry a successful man [Hypergamey is good, rememeber this point fair reader, there is a quiz] while young and no longer be a burden on the family[Patriarchal] finances, but if she didn’t find a suitable mate, or had to marry down, she could end up being quite expensive long-term [no elaboration, or mention of how, but trust him, the women they are a problematic bunch] — even possibly a scandalous, destabilizing influence on the family [citation needed].

Today, however, daughters of the wealthy glide right into nonprofit jobs paid for with government grant money [I’m going to get finger fatigue typing citation needed but fear not gentle readers I shall persevere], some get jobs as directors of this or that government program “for women and children,” and others take on fairly important positions in corporations or government agencies [Mr.Price knows this obvious ‘fact’ because well, he says so… and that should be good enough] that are now increasingly dominated [read equally represented, but then again equality is a dirty word for MRA’s.] by women due to affirmative action [Which really is the system that has been in place for white males since the inception of the modern state, but to be ahistorically sound, it simple should not be mentioned.].

For a wealthy or upper middle class father, having an adult daughter with a considerable income is a huge source of relief. Many of the girls I grew up with who[Wow, your sample size must mean that it is true across the board, because generalizing from your pitfully small data set is bound to produce good results] to put it tactfully, had quite ordinary capabilities and talents [again, your judgement must be sacrosanct because you are endowed with the penis], obtained advanced degrees and well-paid jobs in make-work positions that are overwhelmingly female[Really? Citation needed.  Which make work positions would those be, teaching, nursing, academia perhaps?  Because there are certainly no male make-work positions that exist *cough* middle-management.  I had to toss my hat in the ring, as baseless arbitrary judgements seem to be the flavour of the day]. That wealthy men would support this is perfectly natural; if their daughters can earn a nice government or corporate salary [because that is all the womenz do is sponge off the public weal.  As an aside, can you guess what Mr.Price’s views on socialism are?  You get a shiny loony if you get it right.] it takes a great deal of pressure off them. Girls[Spot the misogyny!  Mr.Price you are infatilizing one half of the population, you greasy-poopstain try people as a noun, it may seem funny at first, but I know you can do it.] who grow up accustomed to luxury cars, vacations in Aspen and platinum cards don’t give these nice things up without a hell of a fight, and from daddy’s perspective[because the contributions of women to society are not real until validated by a man?] it’s far better for Uncle Sam or the local corporate behemoth to be paying for these things than him.

For the women themselves, it allows them to pursue their luxurious [Mr.Price has never been to grad school or accustomed to the luxuries of the student lifestyle… but hey he’s been pulling so much out of his ass why not this claim as well?], hypergamous lifestyles[Mr.Price cannot remain even internally consistent, Hypergamey simply means marrying upwards in ones social hierarchy and something he is a firm supporter of, if you read his second paragraph.  It is nice to see inchoate arguments along with the blatant fabrication going on, it is like a zesty side dish of fail.] without having to settle down at an earlier age and without having to answer to daddy[because women should be subservient to all men, not just their fathers; how many flavours of douche can Mr.Price be?]. For them, feminism has come to be another entitlement [err… basic human rights, that is not to be treated like property.  Tomato, To-mah-to right??] that comes along with the privilege they’ve always[? – oh and citation needed] had. I think this explains why feminism is so overwhelmingly embraced by the urban upper classes.


Wow.  Just wow.  Mr.Price, seemly at a young age has been curb stomped by the hobnailed boots of the stupid-fairy and the beating took.  And now he is broadcasting the stupid to the world, aren’t we lucky.

Apple, expensive, feature limited but very, very, trendy once again has bitter medicine in store for its great herd of sheeple who are thinking differently all together.

“Technology that could block iPhones from recording videos of concerts is generating a mix of opinions within the Canadian music industry.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent earlier in June for technology that would allow an invisible infrared signal to disable the camera on an iPhone. The patent mentions that a transmitter for infrared signals could be “located in areas where capturing pictures and videos is prohibited (e.g., a concert or a classified facility)” and could generate “commands temporarily disabling recording functions.”

Well if it was not storing your location unsecured and unencrypted , now Apple has the possibility of determining when you can use the features on “your” phone.

“Recording is banned at many venues because it may result in copyright infringement and may make it more difficult for bands to control their image. But the convenience of having a small, subtle video recording device constantly close at hand in the form of a smartphone means that many concert-goers ignore such rules.”

So, apple fans, continue to think differently and use your status symbols technology within the acceptable bounds of what apple thinks to be appropriate.

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