Oh, the pretty lights! DWR Smashes the 300,000 views barrier!

Woo!  Dead Wild Roses has recorded 300k hits, well actually 306k as of Saturday.  That is roughly 500 unique views per day and inching ever upwards.  Thank you my fair readership for your attention to my humble (and sometimes not so humble) nook on the web.  I would like to take this time to thank my collaborators for their contributions to DWR as their varied opinions makes this place even better than if it was just me at the helm.  Intransigentia, Mystro, and Bleatmop are all top notch commentators and engaging writers and I am lucky to share this space with them.

The blog love is still strong with me, so look forward to more of what you have come to expect here at DWR: cogent incisive analysis of the issues of today with a decidedly progressive, feminist bent.  :)

I know you are out there please phantom readership take this opportunity to stop by on a post and say hi.  The regulars will already be at the bar, so saddle up and join us for a round we don’t bite (much).