rapist_visualization_03It doesn’t get made any simpler than this. Yes these are US stats, but do you think it’s really all that different here in Canada? Ya, neither did I.

This information is put together by Laura Bassett at The Enliven Project. Data was pulled by the FBI. Go over to their page of the details.

Not being able to add anything more to the raw power of this, I figured I’d add some tips on how to stop rape. They go as follows:

1. Dudes: Don’t rape

2. Seriously DON’T RAPE

3. Don’t joke about rape.

4. Don’t threaten rape.

5. Don’t defend rapists.

6. If your bro tells you he raped someone, report him to the police.

7. Don’t be friends with rapists. Make sure you tell the rapist that you won’t be friends with him because he is a rapist.

8. Teach your children not to rape.

9. Teach your friends not to rape.


I think that about covers it.