It is thoroughly amusing to watch discern4 commentate on a pair of thoroughly delusional Chick Tracts. The tracks focus on the topics of rock and roll music and a topic that apparently has me hellbound for sure, and that would role playing games aka Dungeons and Dragons.  It is amazing what deluded people think is toxic and horribly wrong.  What is even more scary is seeing it codified and distilled into a pure form of fear based propaganda.

I found the last part of the video disturbing as discern4 relates a story about how he had his own cleansing bonfires in which he burnt the works of Satan – video game advertisements from a gaming magazine, and a Christian book about Witchcraft(!).  I generalize this episode to the horror inflicted on children who are taught stories of hellfire, demons and damnation; as if they actually existed.  These so called “Biblical truths” are such a grand collection of half-baked pigshit encrusted goose-featherings – that on their very best day they make not a whit of sense – it is this delusional mendacity of these “truths” that has the power to ruin peoples’ lives. 

It is unconscionable.

And for what?  Propping up a creaky system of beliefs that does not conform with reality? Laying claim to ignorance as if it were some sort of meritorious badge of honour?   My mouth dries with disdain when I see the biblical language crop up, my blood pressure rises when the religious, with that infuriating supplicating temerity, dare to lecture on the topic of morality. Gaaah!

But enough of my rant , enjoy the video. :)  (bonus points if you catch the racism regarding rhythmical instruments.)