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We are sadly out of the CBC Signature series but do not despair gentle readers Stephen Malinowski has been translating some fantastic scores into his visualization process: so today we look at Cumba-Quín, by Carlos Rafael Rivera, performed by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

Role reversal. It’s a fantastic way to check if a situation is horribly wrong. A brilliant example of this is found about 3 minutes in on this pretty great video. It follows the point I made in a previous post, but in a new, wonderfully hilarious way.  Watch, laugh, be better equipped to deal with anti-choicers.

Tell me again about those so called charitable rich people…?  Onwards brothers and sisters to the class war.  This vid is pretty much everything I’ve said on the blog and what I rail against a on regular basis.  Go Ted Talks Go.

hazmatFind your helmets and the hazmat suits dear readers, we’re going into the high back-country of mendacity, where the stupid is rugged and the ignorance is thick.  Yes, we’re going to go visit our dear friend Matthew again because it is so rare to find such a deluded ball of procacity and self-delusion all in the same person.

But before we go on our merry gasconade we should warn the uninitiated – Matthew is a rebarbative hunk of misogynistic shit, his hatred of women runs astonishingly deep and his words can be quite shocking for the uninitiated.  Consider yourself warned.   Let loose the RPOJ from its sacred scabbard and into the ferocious maw of  puerile thought-fap we go.

“Even a Slut Doesn’t Deserve to be Raped”

Oh wow.  Even the title is filled to the brim with malevolent idiocy.  Pro-tip Matthew – women are people not objects for your wang-prophecies.

Modern “feminists” have this controversial idea known as “rape culture” that’s been bothering me for a while.

There is nothing controversial about rape culture fart-knocker.  What merits attention is the lengths half-wits like yourself will go to deny the reality of what is happening to women in our culture, as I’m pretty sure this is the direction you’re going to take.

I did a little research to try to figure out what exactly they mean by it, and I was disturbed by what a bleak and one-sided picture they paint.

Oh really?  I’m curious as to the depths of your research, as to date it has been a indisputably shoddy train wreck of fail.  But, the optimist in me says maybe ‘this’ time you won’t bollocks things up, so let’s investigate what you’ve uncovered.

What some of them seem to mean when they say “rape culture” is:

  • that women and girls who dress in tight/revealing/slutty clothing are supposedly criticized (“slut shamed”) for being slutty

*Looks at title of post – looks at this sentence* – You have not a fucking clue what you’re talking about.

    • that if these women or girls ever do get raped then they will supposedly also be blamed (“victim blamed”) for it

Wow – still no clue.   Par for the course for Matthew whose hyper-skeptical glasses have been set to 11 for all these mysterious claims made by feminists.

    • that the rapist will supposedly not be blamed at all and will just be allowed to go free

Facts suck don’t they Matthew, especially ones that don’t agree with your fevered view of the world. Understand one thing douche-nugget, most rapists will never spend a day in jail.  (Source.)


    • that supposedly the key to ending this “culture” of rape is to continue to dress like sluts in order to convince people that this is just a normal way for women and girls to behave The key to ending rape culture is for men (and the societal norms that enable them) to stop raping women.  This is not rocket science, Skippy. 

But here are the problems I have with this, and it falls on both sides of the issue.

face_palm   A fair and balanced analysis I’m sure….*facepalm*

First, I hate women and girls who dress in tight/revealing clothing, and I don’t mind that they are criticized (“shamed”), because they are creating a public nuisance.  Showing off your body causes sexual frustration.

Important notes from your boner are irrelevant to how women look and dress.  They are not responsible for your man feelings, not now, not ever.  Try and act like a fracking grown up for once in your life. 

This is biological sexual attraction, and if you don’t understand that then you are either a sex addict who has been exposed to sex so much that you’ve become desensitized to it or some asexual person who had almost no sex drive to begin with.

Ah, so why aren’t you out killing some meat for your clan in the jungle?  What is it with dudes trying to use biology to justify their shitty behaviour?  We live in this thing called society and is marginally civilized if you can’t handle that shit, then leave. 

To what I think is a normal male, it’s like an itch that needs to be scratched.

venn.pptx     Funny how your idea of “normal” coincides with what you believe to be true.  Almost like it is a self-reinforcing cycle of ignorance and stupidity.  You need to meet these guys – Dunning-Kruger – you’d get along smashingly.  

Sexual frustration in turn can tempt a person to engage in unhealthy and desperate behavior such as impulsive forms of consensual sex, porn addiction, or solicitation of prostitution.  Most of this is legal in some sense or another (depending on your geography), but it’s all arguably a form of humiliation, and tight/revealing clothing indirectly promotes it.  In other words, women and girls who dress like sluts indirectly harm other women.

Wow how about you take a step out of the cradle and claim your agency instead of blaming women for all of your problems.  

Second, there’s the issue of blame.  I actually believe that, objectively, tight/revealing clothing will increase a woman’s chances of being raped. It’s simply a combination of biological sexual attraction and self-control that some men lack.  “Feminists” who advise women and girls to dress as slutty as they want and not care what people think are really doing them a disservice and endangering them.  I am not “blaming” victims, but I am trying to give them some advice.

Wow, thanks but no thanks.  Women hear shit like this everyday – and it is shit – because it places the onus on them for being raped as opposed to those who are responsible – the fucking rapists.  Of course, blaming the victim is nothing new under the sun. 

Finally, there’s the heart of the issue, the practical aspect of “blame”, which is how to deal with rapists.  I actually don’t think even a slutty woman deserves to be raped.  Rape is way too harsh a punishment for any behavior, no matter how foolish or irresponsible.

Redemption?  No cookie for you!  Saying rape is bad at the end an article that blames women for being raped wins you nothing but scorn and contempt. 

No one deserves to be traumatized like that, which is why the rapist must still be punished.  If the rapist were not punished, then he or future rapists might be encouraged to try to repeat the same horrible act (which I just said should not be allowed to happen to anyone regardless of how reckless her behavior was).

  How magnanimous of you. 

So, I say:  (a) punish the perpetrator, (b) advise the victim to be more careful in the future, and (c) continue to criticize women and girls who dress or act sluttishly because this last point is really a separate problem. 

One out of three is still a fail. 

I’m not on the side of “rape culture”, but I’m not on the side of “feminism” either.  I instead choose what I think is a realistic and sensible medium to encourage a more peaceful society.

Oh yah, you and rape culture are bros, dude; let me assure you of that.   What you “think” is usually weapons grade bullshite with a heaping side of misogyny that attempts to make women responsible for shitty male behaviour.   Let me know when that tune changes; then we can start talking about realistic and sensible.

It is a new year.  Some small sliver of optimism remains –

If you look at the world and say “Yes, there are enough homes for people, yes, there is enough food for people, but if we give it away for free they won’t have earned it and the economy will collapse.” Then you have chosen money (a constructed medium of exchange) over living beings who only want to continue living in peace and safety.

And I have no qualms telling you, that is the wrong choice, and you have been brainwashed by this destructive, exploitative system.

From markusbones on Tumblr.

Olympicfail   The very notion that we are spending money on an assortment of rubber disk chasers, gravity assisted sled-fanatics and dancers-on-frozen water angers me.   What infuriates me is the notion that throwing money at this motley crew will somehow enhance Canada’s standing as a nation and that “owning the podium” will bring us international regard.

What a pile of feel good nationalistic hoo-haa.

Canada should be spending its money on improving the living conditions of its people.  When our First Nations have a safe and clean water supply our international standing will grow.  When our homeless do not freeze to death in the streets our international standing will rise.  When we eliminate child poverty our standing will increase.

Spending money to win a shiny metal disk for a 7 second soundbite on the world stage is not only stupid, it is irresponsible.


As with most biblical examinations – Trigger Warning for Rape, Violence, and Profanity.

Isn’t it cute when Christians ask atheists how they can be moral without god, when actually the converse is the correct question? :)


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