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***TW – Extreme Incompetence ***


The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority are on eternally vigilant for dread items such as this:


or this:


Obviously items depicted above are a clear and present danger to yourself, your fellow passengers, the airplane, and Western Civilization(!).  Trying to get either types of these items past airport security gets you this:



Recently though, at the Edmonton International Airport someone decided to bring another item in carry on luggage.  It looked like this:


This is the very security photo from the Edmonton Airport.  Observe cylindrical object on left.

This is the security photo from the Edmonton Airport. Observe cylindrical object on left.

Let’s get another view of said item.

Hmmm.  Smells like a pipe bomb to me.

Hmmm. Smells like a pipe bomb to me.

Our intrepid CATSA security screeners responded like this:

CATSA AGENT - Lol Whut?  It's only a pipe bomb.  Carry on with your flight sir, oh AND DID YOU WANT YOUR PIPE BOMB BACK?

CATSA AGENT – Lol Whut? It’s only a pipe bomb. Carry on with your flight sir, oh AND DID YOU WANT YOUR PIPE BOMB BACK?

Thankfully, the passenger in question, did not want his pipe bomb back and insisted, to the properly mollified airport screeners, that the pipe bomb should remain in the hands of airport security.  Our watchful guardians then sat on the pipe bomb for four days before they notified the police (RCMP).

This story broke and everyone who has heard it since has been like this:




I have nothing really more to say on the subject as my mind is blown.  If you’d like the full story, please see these three CBC articles linked below detailing how a dude brought a pipe bomb to the Edmonton Airport, got caught in airport security, had security GIVE THE PIPE BOMB BACK, and then have him insist they take it, and then board his flight despite having  brought a bomb in his carry-on luggage

I heard he had a great vacation.

CBC News Article 1

CBC News Article 2

CBC News Article 3




This post from The Bewilderness explains the low prevalence of false rape accusations.

“Anon asked: Tonight I was speaking with a female coworker about rape culture and how terrifying it is to live with fear of knowing that if I was raped, it’s a high possibility that no one would believe me or take me seriously. She then said that she doesn’t have a problem with that because “most girls lie about being raped”. What would you say in response to that? I’ve heard many people say that but I have no idea how to respond.”

And the response – (TW Rape)

Your female co-worker doesn’t know anything. I hate that she said that.

There is zero benefit to “crying rape”. There was a study out last year, I believe, that cited of all rape accusations, .5% of them were false accusations.

The reason? Because once again, there is zero benefit in doing so. When you claim someone has raped you, what that means is you are about to get dragged through the mud. Every decision you’ve ever made, “relevant” or otherwise will be questioned. You will be called horrific names, so on and so forth.

And that’s why so many women and girls who are raped choose not to come forward. In doing so, they are re-traumatized, and they will likely have nothing to show for it; meaning, no one will believe them, and their loved ones will often turn on them.

Rape is a kind of horror, but the aftermath of it within a rape culture, is another beast all together. xx

That is the way the myth is created.

If you report a rape they don’t believe you because denial is the first response to bad news.

Then they bargain. Maybe it wasn’t really rape because you weren’t beaten half to death by a stranger. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding.

Misdirected anger comes next for you saying such a terrible thing about such a “nice guy” or famous guy or friendly guy. And what were you wearing, you probably were asking for it.

By now the rape victim has usually been silenced. They sure as hell won’t be talking to you about it ever again.

So it must have been a lie they told for sympathy, or meanness, or attention, or any one of the many reasons for lying that we ascribe to victims of abuse for having the unmitigated gall to speak of the abuse they suffer.

So they repeat the myth that most girls lie and that perpetuates the myth that most girls lie.

It never seems to occur to them that most boys lie, most men lie, most rapists lie.

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